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Monday, 21 July 2014

Gently Nurture AND NOURISH!

It’s widely known fact that our skin the most important part of our body. And the most essential part of our beauty, as well. If it is soft and fresh, looks fresh and radiant, we would be looking far more attractive and feel comfortable in our own skin. And, you’ll agree (hopefully :-)) here with me that is the most important thing in the world!
In addition to this “dream come true”, we all desire to look younger, to slow down (a bit) the process of aging. In order to achieve that goal, the “secret weapon” we should use is the top quality (suitably, of course, to our skin type and skin shape) night cream. Nowadays, night creams have come as a real blessing to every woman who tend to keep themselves beautiful as much as long.
    In case, you’re still be wondering how do these night creams work? Are they good enough? Are they even better than day creams? Let me try to give some of the answers to your questions.
Firstly, to be completely honest with you, based on my personal experience (although, I’m only 27), these night creams really do wonders! And they are worth every single penny I’ve paid for them. That’s the way, isn’t any fuss to me to spend a sizable  amount of money in order to buy a quality night cream (I’m completely aware of the fact that they are a little bit expensive, but (as I already have stressed out) they are worth every single penny. Let put the things this way- it costs less money, than for example, a Botox injections (and not as painful or intensive). Night creams fully repair and deeply moisturize your skin. The main reason, they are called “night”, because you need to apply them before you go to bed, in order to see the first results when you wake up. You are gonna find your skin refreshed and illuminated. But, night creams are a bit thicker than their day’s ”companions” (daily creams), in order to penetrate much deeper inside your skin and moisturize it in full.
Night creams nourish the skin as well with their “healthy” ingredients such are the various vitamins and snit- aging components, which are of a great help in order to your skin look younger and wrinkle-free. And also, while we are sleeping, the deep-breathing helps our skin with producing the new cells, which also helps in achieving our primary goal (looking younger).
Tip+ Don’t apply your night cream around your eye area (especially not on your upper lids), because you’ll find (when you wake up) your eyes look swollen and puffy (and THIS ISN’T ATTRACTIVE AT ALL!)
     In the perfect world, there (the most probably, though :-)) wouldn’t be any pollution, no fear of UV damage of any kind, nor plenty of negative ions from natural settings and, in addition to this perfect world :-), our skin complexion would be just perfect, in top condition (and shape), the most beautiful, hydrated, properly nourished, smooth, very supple and highly soft. And let my imagination run wild :-) - we won’t be absolutely needed to use creams (or any other beauty product, whatsoever) for our face). Ah, if dreams were reality, everything would be much more easier (and less expensive, too :-)). But, the reality is much more different- every single day we are bombarded with free radicals (which have as a result, our skin looks stressed and highly sensitive and also all the environmental damages and pollutions as well as the harsh sun rays cause premature aging)!
 Do you still need the reasons why you have to consider adding a night cream to your daily beauty regime or you got the point? :-) I hope that you did understand this whole scenario and that you are determined to do everything in your power, to prevent to your skin to become (premature) lifeless, full of deep wrinkles and sagging!

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