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Sunday, 13 July 2014


In these hot summer days, we met with a stylist and fashion blogger Sophie Eliseevoj to talk about inspiration, beauty procedures required during the holidays, as well as future trends in the autumn.
Sophies avenue you blog more than three years. This is quite a long time, but nevertheless, your project is gaining momentum. What do you consider the most attractive in the life of a fashion blogger?
- Attractive enough parties. Constant trips to new cities and countries, talented people, one of the first opportunity to get acquainted with the stunning collections, shooting, visiting interesting events, exhibitions, participation in projects aimed at creating a style for girls, master classes, which give me inexpressible emotions and much more.

Where do you find inspiration for new images and filming?
- Inspiration comes from everywhere. This strit stayl and old movies, and painting, where you can always find new and unusual combination of colors, and a collection of talented designers, while viewing that focus I spend searching for new stylistic devices, or the mix of new silhouettes. Shooting for the world of glossy magazines are no exception. Your top 5 fall fashion trends? - Appeal to the 60th - Sophisticated and vibrant color combinations - this is what I love, regardless of fashion trends - cozy sweaters and volume combined with skirts midi or maxi flying from light fabrics - Poncho with various ornaments and coats-Cape - Velvet pants suit your favorite daytime and evening makeup. - Eye makeup is the arrow, ink, perfect tone and lip balm, and for evening I add bright lipstick. Red lipstick - out of competition. August-September the holidays. Your recipe and beauty-care tip for those who are on a journey. - I prefer not to sunbathe and use creams with high protection factor. Of course, I like tanned body, but, in my opinion, young looking skin much more effectively out of season. Therefore, bronzer and creams - my favorite companions on vacation. What is your ideal vacation? - Perfect vacation - one that I can spend with your family. Sea, the sun and the time that I can devote to them, not thinking about work. Which products are always in your cosmetic bag? - Concealer takes pride of first place, as well as volume mascara, eyeliner and highlighter that instantly refreshes and texture of the face . In the photo, by the way, as in life, it looks fine.

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