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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Containing Nature’s SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT!

It is widely known fact that antioxidants present for our body a very strong defensive shield, which is protecting us from thе various illnesses and diseases and they do this primarily by neutralizing the very wide effect of the free radicals and also by preventing oxidative stress as well as the damage. To illustrate the oxidative damage, imagine an apple cut in two halves, and left out in the air, to rot. The inevitable eventual decomposition of this apple is directly caused by the “work” of the free radicals. In other words, the free radicals are the “one &true culprits” :-) because this lovely fruit is rotting.
          Pretty much the same process of the cellular degradation occurs within the human body, when there is no enough amounts of the powerful antioxidants to neutralize all “hard work” of the free radicals. That's the main reason, why we should include in our daily diet, as much food as we could, which contains a large number of this quality and powerful antioxidants. That supposes to be essential, if we want to be and stay healthy. Almost in all of the natural food, we can find these very useful antioxidants, but still need to take the various top quality antioxidant supplements.
But, What are Free Radicals? - I can hear your thoughts :-)

          Let me explain to you… You are the most probably, known the scientific fact that each stable of the atom, in our body, is consisting of eight electrons in their outer shell, right? But, when is the case that an atom is missing one or more electrons, it, by instant, becomes unstable and, automatically, that atom is considered to be a free radical. If that’s clear, we can move forward…
We are also, very much aware of the fact that, the crucial role of the each atom, in our body, is to bond with other atoms. The problem occurs when the free radical gives or takes electrons from the healthy, stable atoms, thereby creating more and more free radicals. This presents a very beginning of the long chain reactions, which, the most often, result in the very severe infections, various diseases, advance premature aging, and can cause, in some cases, even a cancer. And that’s why we should take, this whole story about antioxidants, very serious! Pretty amazing thing related to these antioxidants, is that their atoms remain stable, even with fewer electrons in their outer shells (from it follows that the free radicals freely can take away an electron (or two, according to its wishes :-)) from an antioxidant atom, and it won’t become destabilized or become a free radical!).  Awesome, right? :-). There are thousands of different types of antioxidants in nature, but very few of them have a great impact on human health. In the first place, there is certainly the most powerful of all, astaxanthin and then are following the list: Vitamins A, C, and E, Selenium, Lutein, Coenzyme Q10, Beta-carotene and so on.
          I assume that you hear for the astaxanthin for the very first time in your life! :-) Don’t be ashamed, neither did I hear, until recently. So, let start from a very beginning.
Although, astaxanthin exists for centuries now, until recently very few people knew for his super-antioxidant effect. It presents pigment of the vivid red color and its present, predominantly, in the animals from the sea (such as salmon, shrimp, lobster and many other sea organisms). Astaxanthin is 10 to 100 times more powerful than the other “regular” antioxidants (that’s why is called SUPER-antioxidant). In addition to all his “awesomeness: -)”, it doesn’t become pro-oxidant in the body (unlike the others, “no so cool” ones :-)), due to this, it is so powerful and potent.
Astaxanthin has many other, pretty awesome, properties, like: it has natural anti-inflammatory properties, has been well known for its powerful UV-blocking properties, natural forms of this antioxidant also provide for people the increased amount of strength, while, at the same time, offering very fast recovery from exhaustion and strenuous exercises… But, for me to best benefit of all, is that astaxanthin has also been shown as a miracle worker, when it comes to reducing deep wrinkles, and to improving our skin moisture levels overall.
          If for no other reason, because of the beauty of our skin, it should be included in the daily diet. But, these amounts, which can’t be taken from food, we should use from top quality antioxidant supplements on a daily basis.

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