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Monday, 28 July 2014


We had a chat with the performer Chloe Lloyd, from Storm Model Management, during the filming of our makeup video in London. Find out how Chloe keeps their skin in tip-top condition and where she finds inspiration for her makeup.
How did you become a model?
, I was discovered when I was really young but then I did not want to work as a model.

But when I was 16, my mom reported me to a modeling contest without asking me. In the end I won the whole competition and it was a major fashion campaign. I used these images to join a modeling agency. When I was 18 I started working as a model full-time.

What is it like working as a model?
- I love it! I get to travel the world and meet lot of people. It's so funny!

Speaking of traveling, what is your best beauty tips when you are traveling?
, I have really dry skin so I use a lot of moisturizer. I make up myself never when I'll fly far without applying a moisturizing mask instead. Maybe I look like a freak but I do not care, I have to do it because my skin does not become dehydrated.

Chloe on:

Products she can not live without:
Foundation, concealer and my hairbrush - my hair is always so tangled of all hair styling, so it's a must for me.

His personal makeup style:
When I go out I want to do my own makeup inspired by all the makeup artists that I work with. If I am on a shoot and get a makeup look that I like, I try to recreate it at home and do it my way. It is fun. My favorite look right now is bold lips. I also like the smoky eye makeup.

Best tipster:
My hair is really dry after all the styling I get on all shoots so I use hair oil and Hair Mask very often, and it really helps.

Their personal fashion style:
I like pretty classic pieces but then so can I match them strange. I always preferred to the craziest things in the shop that no one else wants to buy and then I'm wearing it once and never again. Strange shoes or a colorful jacket together with a plain top and pants is typically me.

His workout regime:
I walk a lot when I walk around at model casting so it's very good. Otherwise I'm really bad at exercising. I have to get going, I'm really a bad role model.

I eat well, but I'm naturally thin. Junk food is not good for the skin so I am careful. Fortunately, I like healthy food!

What I'm looking forward to:
The Vacation! Mom and I go to Portugal!

Summer's Best Beauty Tips: :
Protect your skin with SPF so that it is not damaged in the sun.

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