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Monday, 28 July 2014

Beach Waves

Wavy hair that looks like you spent the day at the beach is feminine, stylish, and suitable for all hair types. Best of all, you do not even take a dip in the sea to get to the look! Follow our simple steps and find out how to get into a relaxed strand.

 1 Apply a heat protective hair lotion to dry hair. Attract ago 3 cm wide overpass. If you want loose, natural waves, choose a wide curling iron. Attracting large sections of the hair, wrap the coils around the curling iron and hold them in place for two minutes before releasing them. Start at the roots and work your way up.

2 To avoid the curls look too polished out, curl your hair in different directions (hold the curling iron horizontally and vertically). Use some hairspray after each section for extra stability.

3 When the hair well is attracted, tousle the curls gently drag your fingers through your hair so that it does not look too perfect. To emphasize the curls, utilize a hair mousse and finish with hairspray.

4 Final touches, take two thin locks of hair closest to the face on each side and twist up and back and secure wrap with bobby pins on the back of the head. For a more casual beach feel, pull out a few hairs on each side.

Now you have a perfect, relaxed strand!

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