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Friday, 18 July 2014

A Fresh Routine BEGINS HERE!

There are a few, let’s call them „the lucky ones“, who have absolutely gorgeous and flawless skin and do absolutely nothing at all (to add my comment here-I’m SUPER jealous on these types of people :-)).
So, we (“the less fortunate ones”) suppose to have (and stick to it) really strict skins care every day routine, if we want to maintain our skin looking good and healthy. As we all know, the best way to start our skin care routine is with a good and reliable (quality) cleanser, which is suitable for our skin type (of course!)
          Nowadays, cleansers play the vital role in the health of your skin by keeping your skin fresh and renewed. By washing our face every morning with cleanser, we get our face fresh and ready for the new set of makeup. But, what is really important thing here is not to over clean the face. You should, generally speaking, wash your face with a suitable cleanser, twice a day (in the mornings (in order to remove all bacteria and pillow-grime, which have stocked up from the night before and, of course, to fully remove remaining oil and sebum) and in the evenings (to remove remaining makeup or sunscreen)).
Tip + In order to avoid opening your pores (when I said “pores”, I don’t mean literary, (they aren’t able to do the “opening and closing” :-)), but I mean on your capillaries on your skin. By using very hot (or very cold water), that can lead to broken capillaries (also, washing your face with a really hot water can also cause a bit drying for your face skin and might make your skin turn red)). The general conclusion here would: use room temperature water! :-).
          So, here comes the truly tough section- choosing the proper cleanser which will be suitable for your skin type… It can be (and pretty often is) very confusing!
          To keep the long story short, in generally speaking, if you have a bit dry skin, you should avoid (as much as you can) using foaming cleansers and stick to ones that are a bit more moisturizing. But, at the other hand, if you have an oily skin, you should prefer using the foaming cleansers. On the other hand, if you think that your skin is tender and highly sensitive, you should try avoiding all the cleansers which are composed of ingredients such as: various acids, fragrances, dyes, and other harsh ingredients. However, if you have an acne prone skin, you should stay away from the drying medicated washes and to stick to the a bit gentle cleansers (note this: the fact that you have an acne prone skin, doesn’t have to necessarily mean that you ought to use the harsh cleaners- the opposite, in fact, is the truth! Try with the reducing oil that can help with acne, but it might have totally the opposite effect, though. It could make them look worse. It is really important that you understand that you just can’t wash or scrub away your pimples. You can only use cleansers in order to keep your skin fresh and to help it more successfully fend off this ugly acne. And that’s all. Really, there’s absolutely no need to lift the dust around these pimples, they will pass with time, believe me :-)).

          But, whatever your skin type is and whatever cleanser that you choose to buy, it is really important- don’t use the following fact from your mind- the primary goal of every cleanser should be to help you out with all of the, let’s call them “faced dangers” :-), primarily by clearing them away (the dirt, all the grime and dead cells (thus facilitating the production and easy travels of new skin cells)). If you are able to choose the right facial cleanser (or combination of cleansers, either), your face will regain a more youthful and healthy appearance (always keeps that in mind).
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