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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Dr Emma Kearney, Principal Scientist at Oriflame share their best expert advice on how to moisturize and take care of your skin during the summer to prevent premature aging.
As educated and intelligent woman, I have learned that even though the sun's rays make me - and the rest of the world - happy, they are harmful to the skin. Sunbathing can age the skin (and, since I'm closer to 40 than 30, so this is really not what I want). I also know that a really deep tan has gone out of fashion - but I still yearn for the golden sheen. The good news is that it is possible to have a sun-kissed skin that is healthy. We asked Dr. Emma Kearney about her top tips on how to take care of their skin all summer.

How to prevent premature aging:
"Use a cream with SPF 15 or higher and UVA protection. Use sunscreen 30 minutes before going out and reapply every two hours - more often if you are swimming or sweating, "suggests Emma.

How to prevent premature aging:
"Daily sun protection is important, use a moisturizer that contains SPF - and apply generously!"

How to prevent premature aging:
"Do not skimp on sun c ream ; use it day and night to keep the skin moisturized. "

"Cover the skin, staying in the shade, protect the eyes, and moisturize from the inside by drinking lots of water and eat well."

Monday, 28 July 2014


We had a chat with the performer Chloe Lloyd, from Storm Model Management, during the filming of our makeup video in London. Find out how Chloe keeps their skin in tip-top condition and where she finds inspiration for her makeup.
How did you become a model?
, I was discovered when I was really young but then I did not want to work as a model.

But when I was 16, my mom reported me to a modeling contest without asking me. In the end I won the whole competition and it was a major fashion campaign. I used these images to join a modeling agency. When I was 18 I started working as a model full-time.

What is it like working as a model?
- I love it! I get to travel the world and meet lot of people. It's so funny!

Speaking of traveling, what is your best beauty tips when you are traveling?
, I have really dry skin so I use a lot of moisturizer. I make up myself never when I'll fly far without applying a moisturizing mask instead. Maybe I look like a freak but I do not care, I have to do it because my skin does not become dehydrated.

Chloe on:

Products she can not live without:
Foundation, concealer and my hairbrush - my hair is always so tangled of all hair styling, so it's a must for me.

His personal makeup style:
When I go out I want to do my own makeup inspired by all the makeup artists that I work with. If I am on a shoot and get a makeup look that I like, I try to recreate it at home and do it my way. It is fun. My favorite look right now is bold lips. I also like the smoky eye makeup.

Best tipster:
My hair is really dry after all the styling I get on all shoots so I use hair oil and Hair Mask very often, and it really helps.

Their personal fashion style:
I like pretty classic pieces but then so can I match them strange. I always preferred to the craziest things in the shop that no one else wants to buy and then I'm wearing it once and never again. Strange shoes or a colorful jacket together with a plain top and pants is typically me.

His workout regime:
I walk a lot when I walk around at model casting so it's very good. Otherwise I'm really bad at exercising. I have to get going, I'm really a bad role model.

I eat well, but I'm naturally thin. Junk food is not good for the skin so I am careful. Fortunately, I like healthy food!

What I'm looking forward to:
The Vacation! Mom and I go to Portugal!

Summer's Best Beauty Tips: :
Protect your skin with SPF so that it is not damaged in the sun.

Beach Waves

Wavy hair that looks like you spent the day at the beach is feminine, stylish, and suitable for all hair types. Best of all, you do not even take a dip in the sea to get to the look! Follow our simple steps and find out how to get into a relaxed strand.

 1 Apply a heat protective hair lotion to dry hair. Attract ago 3 cm wide overpass. If you want loose, natural waves, choose a wide curling iron. Attracting large sections of the hair, wrap the coils around the curling iron and hold them in place for two minutes before releasing them. Start at the roots and work your way up.

2 To avoid the curls look too polished out, curl your hair in different directions (hold the curling iron horizontally and vertically). Use some hairspray after each section for extra stability.

3 When the hair well is attracted, tousle the curls gently drag your fingers through your hair so that it does not look too perfect. To emphasize the curls, utilize a hair mousse and finish with hairspray.

4 Final touches, take two thin locks of hair closest to the face on each side and twist up and back and secure wrap with bobby pins on the back of the head. For a more casual beach feel, pull out a few hairs on each side.

Now you have a perfect, relaxed strand!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Containing Nature’s SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT!

It is widely known fact that antioxidants present for our body a very strong defensive shield, which is protecting us from thе various illnesses and diseases and they do this primarily by neutralizing the very wide effect of the free radicals and also by preventing oxidative stress as well as the damage. To illustrate the oxidative damage, imagine an apple cut in two halves, and left out in the air, to rot. The inevitable eventual decomposition of this apple is directly caused by the “work” of the free radicals. In other words, the free radicals are the “one &true culprits” :-) because this lovely fruit is rotting.
          Pretty much the same process of the cellular degradation occurs within the human body, when there is no enough amounts of the powerful antioxidants to neutralize all “hard work” of the free radicals. That's the main reason, why we should include in our daily diet, as much food as we could, which contains a large number of this quality and powerful antioxidants. That supposes to be essential, if we want to be and stay healthy. Almost in all of the natural food, we can find these very useful antioxidants, but still need to take the various top quality antioxidant supplements.
But, What are Free Radicals? - I can hear your thoughts :-)

          Let me explain to you… You are the most probably, known the scientific fact that each stable of the atom, in our body, is consisting of eight electrons in their outer shell, right? But, when is the case that an atom is missing one or more electrons, it, by instant, becomes unstable and, automatically, that atom is considered to be a free radical. If that’s clear, we can move forward…
We are also, very much aware of the fact that, the crucial role of the each atom, in our body, is to bond with other atoms. The problem occurs when the free radical gives or takes electrons from the healthy, stable atoms, thereby creating more and more free radicals. This presents a very beginning of the long chain reactions, which, the most often, result in the very severe infections, various diseases, advance premature aging, and can cause, in some cases, even a cancer. And that’s why we should take, this whole story about antioxidants, very serious! Pretty amazing thing related to these antioxidants, is that their atoms remain stable, even with fewer electrons in their outer shells (from it follows that the free radicals freely can take away an electron (or two, according to its wishes :-)) from an antioxidant atom, and it won’t become destabilized or become a free radical!).  Awesome, right? :-). There are thousands of different types of antioxidants in nature, but very few of them have a great impact on human health. In the first place, there is certainly the most powerful of all, astaxanthin and then are following the list: Vitamins A, C, and E, Selenium, Lutein, Coenzyme Q10, Beta-carotene and so on.
          I assume that you hear for the astaxanthin for the very first time in your life! :-) Don’t be ashamed, neither did I hear, until recently. So, let start from a very beginning.
Although, astaxanthin exists for centuries now, until recently very few people knew for his super-antioxidant effect. It presents pigment of the vivid red color and its present, predominantly, in the animals from the sea (such as salmon, shrimp, lobster and many other sea organisms). Astaxanthin is 10 to 100 times more powerful than the other “regular” antioxidants (that’s why is called SUPER-antioxidant). In addition to all his “awesomeness: -)”, it doesn’t become pro-oxidant in the body (unlike the others, “no so cool” ones :-)), due to this, it is so powerful and potent.
Astaxanthin has many other, pretty awesome, properties, like: it has natural anti-inflammatory properties, has been well known for its powerful UV-blocking properties, natural forms of this antioxidant also provide for people the increased amount of strength, while, at the same time, offering very fast recovery from exhaustion and strenuous exercises… But, for me to best benefit of all, is that astaxanthin has also been shown as a miracle worker, when it comes to reducing deep wrinkles, and to improving our skin moisture levels overall.
          If for no other reason, because of the beauty of our skin, it should be included in the daily diet. But, these amounts, which can’t be taken from food, we should use from top quality antioxidant supplements on a daily basis.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


    We all have heard of the famous „regime“ (better expression is: the way of living) called Wellness. Maybe, some of us even tried to live according to Wellness and these are outstanding news :-). Well done, I’m so proud of you!
For those, who might be hearing for this expression for the very first time, let me refer you a bit better what the wellness truly are, and in the a couple of basic stuff, which matters, when it comes to wellness. Firstly, to clarify the word meaning-Wellness presents, some kind, of a truly active (and live) process, in which we are becoming fully aware of making choices (in our whole life) towards healthy and fulfilled life. It presents being free from illness, it is a truly dynamic and constant process of change and also moving forward (keep progressing and constant growth).
But, Why the Wellness Truly Matters?
    In order to reach a high quality of  life, maintaining an optimal level of our wellness, is an absolutely essential thing. Wellness truly matters, because everything that is happening in our life be it good or bad, everything that we do, every single emotion is closely related to our well-being. In return, our body (well-being) has the direct impact of all our actions and emotions, and, at the same time-it presents the ongoing and unstoppable circle of life. In the world we are living nowadays, there are a plenty of various stressful situations in which we can find ourselves in. Therefore, it is highly important to every single man (or woman) to achieve an optimal level of wellness, in order to cut down to the very low minimum, stress, and thereby reduce the risk of the various illnesses (it is worth mention here that is proven that the stress is a direct contender (or a trigger, at least) of many serious diseases such as heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, and various diseases of the endocrine glands...) and helps ensure positive interactions.
    There are seven basic dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, environmental, social, spiritual, intellectual and occupational. The crucial thing here is to fully understand, that each of these dimensions are interrelated with another and each one of them is equally important in achieving the optimum level of  health. For instance, it’s not the rare case that one can reach an optimal level of wellness, simply by fully understanding how to maintain and optimize each of the seven basic dimensions of wellness. But, we, here in this particular article, will be focused on the very first dimension of the wellness “regime”- a physical one.
    Physical wellness presents promotion of the proper (basic) care of our body, in order to achieve the main goal- the optimal level of health and functioning. Therefore, all of the many elements of physical wellness must be cared for together. Under this term, I consider the balance of all three- physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being. As we become more and more conscious of our physical health, we are becoming more able to properly assess the other elements (dimensions) in which we would like to improve.
Physical Activity
    As we all very well know, physical activity is everything about being (and maintaining) in top condition. There are the numerous benefits of being in top shape, like physical activity will keep our muscles properly strengthen, also can help in reducing risks of both-disease and stroke and, in addition to all, it allows for your whole body to boost of energy.
    When it comes to nutrition, it is highly important to, in a way, nature our body thought eating (and drinking) a properly-balanced natural diet wellness products. Feel free to fill in yourself with a variety of nutrients, as well as the various and essential vitamins from the nature. That will strengthen both, your body and soul, and not only will keep you away from the vast number of illnesses, but will raise your whole body immunity! There is nothing better than to live in harmony with nature! Be free to leave yourself in her safe hands :-)!
Mental Well-Being
This proper, and full of the essential vitamins, nutrition presents the key to improving your overall emotional wellness (not only it will clearer, shape and sharpen your emotions, thoughts and overall understanding of mankind) but, you will also be able to feel how cool and awesome feeling is to, in a way, restore your sense of self-esteem as well as a self-control.
I’m pretty sure that it is, now, much easier for you to understand this whole philosophy called wellness :-), and, while many of you, who haven’t already practiced this wellness “regime”, with the help of the this text, actually had realized the essential importance to live in harmony with both, with nature and with each other, and will start (hopefully :-)) practicing the wellness “regime”. Not only because it is now fashionable, but, mainly because it is the only true path to health.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MATTE On the Go!

I know how hard it is to have an oily skin, and how exhausting it can be to keep to the strict daily regime, in order to achieve more-or-less healthy skin. But, the beauty doesn’t have the cost, right? :-). Everything for the beauty (and other slogans :-P)! Let’s back to the subject… oily skin… right. It can also be pretty confusing to know what you suppose to do in order to get an amazing skin. This simple (step-by-step) guide, will outline both- a simple daily routine and discussing about the products, which you need to possess (or buy) if you have an oily skin.
But, before I start to stress out some facts related to oily skin, I have some good news for all of you, who have the same “issues” as me. My dermatologist once have said to me (and later I’ve read that in Cosmopolitan -so, it is a 100 % bare truth! Cosmo wouldn’t ever lie to me! :-)), I am pretty lucky because I have an oily skin! (???). The very first thought, which had occurred in my mind was:” Is she drunk? How on earth I can feel (or even worse, be) lucky because I have to, every damned day (twice  a day, actually) to consistently repeat an exhausting ritual to my facial skin, in order to even remotely resembled on something?!” Then, she’ve told me that an oily skin isn’t a fertile ground for getting wrinkles, and that my face will much longer stay youthful! "At least something good come out of all this trouble" - I thought. Indeed, while the vast majority of my friends got the first fine wrinkles, my face is still flawless, all thanks to my oily skin! :-)
Now you feel better, right? Excellent. :-) Now, where were we? Oh, yes...    No matter how hard it is, you should resist the temptation (or at least, try to) to touch your face or (much worse scenario) to squeeze and pop your pimples!
This very first step and also THE CRUCIAL ONE! And here’s why. When you touch your face, you are (unintentional, of course) transferring the countless bacteria from your hands to your face. That dirt from your fingers will get trapped in your pores, and that can lead to various inflammatory processes (like pretty unattractive and painful (not to mention, pretty ugly) pimples. If you have to touch your face, the much better solution here would be to use Face Blotting Tissues (Oriflame has these in a very practical pack of 50 wipes). This magical oils-absorbent paper will work excellent, but you will need to switch them from time to time, or you’ll transfer the oil and all that dirt back to your face. Feel free to try them out and see it for yourself (just in case, you don’t believe me: -)). AND HERE THE CRUCIAL RULE- Never, BUT NEVER  squeeze your pimples- no matter how it itches or tempting it really is. It will look even worse (and hurts like hell :-)) and it will the most probably, though, leave an ugly scar.
    If you, by any chance, don’t have them in your cosmetic bag, you’ll need to buy a highly effective cleanser, helpful facial toner, a day/night powerful moisturizer, a pack of cotton pads and a really reliable face mask, (urgently, please :-));

Caution: Pick them up according to your skin type. My reference here would be to buy them in a pharmacy or let your dermatologist prescribe for you.

  If you want to have a healthy skin, you ought to accept the fact, that you’ll have to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face skin twice a day,  for the rest of your life (in the mornings and evenings, no skipping and without any miserable excuses!);

Personally, for me, it was really the hardest thing of all, to get used to practice this “rule”. But, the good news here is, once you reconciled with it and “adopt this principle”, very soon it become a matter of habit, you even pay less attention.
A couple minutes after cleaning, you should tone your face with your toner (the best way would be by using a cotton pad) and right after that step, you are to follow the next- to moisturize your face (of course, with a cream day/night which is suitable to your skin type);
  Once or even twice a week, you should be practicing to exfoliate your face with an exfoliating face wash;

And the last “tip” from me, in this article, is: if you notice that your skin isn’t improving after a while (let’s say- a month's time), it might be the right time to switch the beauty product and try out something a bit different (the most often is quite enough to switch the company, but to stick with the vital ingredients).

Monday, 21 July 2014

Oriflame Voyager Woman Eau de Toilette 30411

We're exceptionally pleased to work with
a select few of the world's most
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Together with their expert perfumers, who
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Feijoa fl ower and fruit fi ll your heart with a mlange.
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To try the Oriflame Voyager Woman Eau de Toilette 30411

Gently Nurture AND NOURISH!

It’s widely known fact that our skin the most important part of our body. And the most essential part of our beauty, as well. If it is soft and fresh, looks fresh and radiant, we would be looking far more attractive and feel comfortable in our own skin. And, you’ll agree (hopefully :-)) here with me that is the most important thing in the world!
In addition to this “dream come true”, we all desire to look younger, to slow down (a bit) the process of aging. In order to achieve that goal, the “secret weapon” we should use is the top quality (suitably, of course, to our skin type and skin shape) night cream. Nowadays, night creams have come as a real blessing to every woman who tend to keep themselves beautiful as much as long.
    In case, you’re still be wondering how do these night creams work? Are they good enough? Are they even better than day creams? Let me try to give some of the answers to your questions.
Firstly, to be completely honest with you, based on my personal experience (although, I’m only 27), these night creams really do wonders! And they are worth every single penny I’ve paid for them. That’s the way, isn’t any fuss to me to spend a sizable  amount of money in order to buy a quality night cream (I’m completely aware of the fact that they are a little bit expensive, but (as I already have stressed out) they are worth every single penny. Let put the things this way- it costs less money, than for example, a Botox injections (and not as painful or intensive). Night creams fully repair and deeply moisturize your skin. The main reason, they are called “night”, because you need to apply them before you go to bed, in order to see the first results when you wake up. You are gonna find your skin refreshed and illuminated. But, night creams are a bit thicker than their day’s ”companions” (daily creams), in order to penetrate much deeper inside your skin and moisturize it in full.
Night creams nourish the skin as well with their “healthy” ingredients such are the various vitamins and snit- aging components, which are of a great help in order to your skin look younger and wrinkle-free. And also, while we are sleeping, the deep-breathing helps our skin with producing the new cells, which also helps in achieving our primary goal (looking younger).
Tip+ Don’t apply your night cream around your eye area (especially not on your upper lids), because you’ll find (when you wake up) your eyes look swollen and puffy (and THIS ISN’T ATTRACTIVE AT ALL!)
     In the perfect world, there (the most probably, though :-)) wouldn’t be any pollution, no fear of UV damage of any kind, nor plenty of negative ions from natural settings and, in addition to this perfect world :-), our skin complexion would be just perfect, in top condition (and shape), the most beautiful, hydrated, properly nourished, smooth, very supple and highly soft. And let my imagination run wild :-) - we won’t be absolutely needed to use creams (or any other beauty product, whatsoever) for our face). Ah, if dreams were reality, everything would be much more easier (and less expensive, too :-)). But, the reality is much more different- every single day we are bombarded with free radicals (which have as a result, our skin looks stressed and highly sensitive and also all the environmental damages and pollutions as well as the harsh sun rays cause premature aging)!
 Do you still need the reasons why you have to consider adding a night cream to your daily beauty regime or you got the point? :-) I hope that you did understand this whole scenario and that you are determined to do everything in your power, to prevent to your skin to become (premature) lifeless, full of deep wrinkles and sagging!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Quench your THIRSTY SKIN

We already have talked about the importance to keep our facial skin (as well as the entire body) healthy and properly hydrated. We, women, are in fact in the last couple of years, become an expert in this field :-).
Despite being the largest organ in the human body, the skin has pretty often taken for granted (that’s pretty unfair, is it?). To be (and to stay) healthy, we have to make some time to devote to this vital organ, of course, in a daily basis. Here, in this particular article, we will be talking about the best daily creams, which are affordable these days on the global markets and which are, at the same time, tailored to your skin type. Please, note the following: Whatever your skin type, you can create (and stick to it) a daily regimen with top quality items at affordable prices.
As we all know, the women’s skin is naturally much softer and gentler than men’s (maybe for this reason, we are called “the gentle gender” :-)). But, at the same time, as the years pass, our skin is much more subjected to drying out (from hot water, harsh soaps and long baths (which we adore, I know :-)) or our skin simply becomes drier and flakier with age. Luckily, nowadays, the worldwide market is full with the most various daily moisturizers, which are able to restore the biggest part of our lost softness that the aging took from us away. Some of the ingredients that have been, pretty often, found in facial skin products are: various peptides, retinols, and fatty acids (for example: ceramides) are also used in body creams and moisturizers. Like all the products which are related to our skin, it is crucial that they are matched with our skin type. By keeping your skin cells properly hydrated and plumped up with the top quality moisture, you can be absolutely certain that you’re holding the key of your perfect skin complexion.

You can also Find Your Own Skin-Care Routine That Really Works

And here, I’ve created, an easy to follow, daily routine (when we are talking about facial creams for the day) adjusted to four (basic) skin types:
1.     Normal or Combination Skin;
2.     Oily Skin;
3.     Dry or Mature Skin and
4.     Sensitive Skin.

1.     If you have Normal or even Combination skin (you belong to a group of very lucky few :-)), mainly because you are free of some obvious issues (like acne, deep wrinkles…) but, at the same time, your skin tends to be oily, mainly along the T-zone, and dry on the cheeks, so, in order to solve this “tiny problem”, you have to choose a facial beauty products with dual functions. The best solution here will be to pick up a very light, oil-free daily cream with an SPF factor at least 15 (preferably higher for every area of your complexion) that will solve this problem out.

2.     But, if you have an Oily Skin Complexion, your primary goal should be: to keep your pores clear (without being over dried, but shouldn’t you go to the other extreme, either (that can result in rebound greasiness)). But, at the other hand, don’t renounce the amazing and powerful moisturizing products- just be sure that they won’t cause any ugly blemishes. Oily skin, the most often, doesn’t require much extra moisture; it DOES need a proper protection of a very broad spectrum of different sunscreens during the all year round. Our advice here will be also to look up for an oil-free formula with (at least) SPF 15.   

3.     However, if you have Dry or Mature Skin Complexion the very first thing you should know that your skin longs for adding as much moisture as possible (since your skin doesn’t produce an adequate dose of natural skin oil). Therefore, you won’t go wrong, no matter how much you put your facial cream on your face, your skin will absorb it amazingly fast and, at the same time, this cream will work to repair a really vast range of age-related damage (such as deep wrinkles, ugly dark spots, skin, discoloration…). It’s a myth (believe me) that you, by age 18, have already been done all the skin damage that you can in your lifetime. These are absolute rubbish and nonsense!!! In order to forestall further wrinkles and spots, you should, on a daily basis, apply a cream with a humectants (like ceramides), plus proper factored sunscreen.

4.     And the last type- Sensitive Skin. If you have this type of the skin, you should pick up your daily creams very carefully, because your tender skin is irritated from a various kinds of ingredients. You should focus on very light formula creams, which haven’t got greasy nor sticky effect and which will provide for your tender skin properly care and, at the same time, will be nourished and left it fresher and naturally illuminated. Also, you have to pay additional attention when it comes to SPF factor, it should be, at least 20 or higher, in order to protect your sensitive skin (as we have recently talked about, sensitive skin is the most susceptible to the harmful sun rays). It is widely known fact that the people with this skin type, pretty easy are getting sun burns, and, very often, they have a problem getting (and maintaining) tan.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


 In case, you maybe wonder what toner really does for your skin, is that beauty product presents the absolutely necessity nowadays, what are the exact and noticeable benefits that we can get by its regular (daily) usage… and similar questions, you don’t have to worry, you aren’t the only one. These questions are struggling women all over the world. Let's clarify things a bit…
                   Today, on the global markets, skin toners are very popular beauty products. They can occur as a cream, as a part of the cleanser or a lotion. They all do the same job. The main function of every toner is to shrink the pores to their minimum and to rejuvenate the skin. The best thing you could do here is to include a quality toner to your skin care regime. But, in order to do so, you should be aware of some crucial benefits that they can offer to your skin and how to choose the right one.
                   The very first thing you should know, that the skin daily care routine starts with a cleanser, which is the most common, followed by a toner and then comes moisturizer (the vast majority of us, pretty often, simply skip the “toning part” and put their daily cream when they clean their face. And that’s completely wrong. Read the following text and you will be, very soon, clear why. Although, the crucial benefits of a certain toner depend on the quality ingredients in it, the main function of a quality toner should be to help improve the look of the skin. Read on (and learn a bit :-)) which toner to choose, depending on what you need for your skin:

1. Refresh

                   We already said that the main intention of an each toner should be to help remove remaining makeup or any other impurities that can occur in the skin. Note that the toners often provide a refreshing element after stepping out of a hot shower or even during the summer heats when your skin (and the whole body) is more prone to sweating. You should pick up a toner that contains vitamins and antioxidants, that will help refresh your skin, providing a boost of energy and calm. Some ingredients in a toner (like aloe vera or witch hazel) can help when it comes to tighten your skin up and also to improve its overall look.

2. Rejuvenate

              It isn’t any secret that some toners, which contain fortifying elements (such as, for example: Vitamins A, C and E) can and will help a lot in rejuvenating the skin, at the same time, this magical toner will simulate your cell production and also will reduce the damage done by free radicals. When applying regularly (on a daily basis) toner will provide a protective barrier that will help your skin retain moisture and maintain the capillary walls.
3. Shrink Pores
             In our markets we can find some toners, which contain the very useful botanical extracts that can (and will) help tighten your pores (cutting down the risk of allergies or any impurities which can occur from them. That fact will help you out to avoid miscreated and pretty painful blemishes or even ugly pimples).
Tip + Pay additional attention when you choose these kinds of toners, because it presents an astringent, which usually contains alcohol (and by alcohol, as an ingredient in your toner, your skin might be further irritated.

4. Cleanse Dead Skin

                  Many toners, these days, contain exfoliating agents that can help remove the flakes of your dead skin and, at the same time, helps your skin to maintain the natural brightness and also help to prevent ingrown hairs (the toners which are used for this purpose are the ones which have alpha hydroxyl or glycolic acids in its composition)
5. Moisturize

                  By cleaning your skin with the cleanser you will, the most likely, remove the biggest part of moisture from your skin, but you shouldn’t be worried about this fact, this all can be avoided by simply applying the adequate toner after cleanser. Toner will help you to replace this crucial amount of moisture and bind it to your skin. By using the toners with peony flower extract or royal jelly, you can be absolutely sure that your skin had been 100% protected from the removing this vital amount of moisture from your skin.
6. Balance Skin pH
                  And the very last thing, when we are talking about the benefits of picking the right toner is maintaining your skin balance (pH level). As we are already familiar with the fact, our skin normal pH level is in the range around 5-6. By regularly applying the skin toner, which will strip the natural oil and, thanks to that fact, it will help our skin to remain healthy and pure. So, in case that you may be wondering, what is the best way to maintain your skins pH levels? We'll solve this mystery for you-the answer is so obvious- USE A TONER :-)!

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