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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Meet the renowned Swedish fashion designer, Valerie Aflalo, who recently launched a new accessories collection for Oriflame.

"The first question that Valerie Aflalo ask themselves when she starts on a new collection is; What do I want? Each collection has its own style and it has been ever since Valerie started her own label in 2005. Valeries mouse is herself, which we can understand! Valerie is a strong, modern woman, a former model and mother of two wonderful kids. Her beautiful appearance is enhanced by her eclectic boho-chic style. Alongside his design business, she is a popular blogger in the Swedish magazine Ladies Värld. We have spoken to the Swedish designer and can here unveiled a few of her secrets to good style.

What is the inspiration behind your new accessories collection for Oriflame?
- I am the mother and love clothes and accessories that are easy to use. It should be easy and fast to get ready. Therefore, I created a simple tunic that you can easily apply on the beach. The perfect way to use when taking the sun or take a walk along the water.

What are your best tips to update your wardrobe to make it ready for summer?
- It should be simple! You can use everything in my collection not only when you are at the beach. You can, for example. style tunic with a cardigan and a pair trainers. So are you ready for shopping.

Can tunic used after sunset?
- Absolutely! Especially if you combine it with delicious jewelry (Eds.: Valerie's collection consists of a beach bag, a bracelet and a beautiful tunic.

What colors dominate your summer collection?
- I love pastels! From the bright carnations, light blue  mixed with white. I'm also quite a fan of the graphic black and white look - preferably combined with pastels.

How should this summer makeup look?
- I like eyeliner! Create a natural base and add lots of eyeliner, a little bit of pink lipstick and a hint of a little blush on the cheeks. It's my favorite look. Oh, and a little highlighter to freshen up a tired face!

How do you protect your skin from the sun?
- I am careful, but not overzealous. I like to get a little color, so I use SPF 20-30 in the face and SPF 20 on my body. I always lubricate my children in with SPF 30-50.

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