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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Nina Hamrén who daily develops Oriflame Beauty Reward program has a happier stomach, feels healthier and has lost the extra pounds on her waistline, as she has for years been trying to get rid of. All thanks to Oriflame's wellness program and a diet consisting of more vegetables and less meat.
In March 2010,  Nina took the opportunity to participate in Oriflame's wellness program. Nina had often thought about changing his diet, but the motivation was not there. 'The diet, I was introduced to in 2010, it feels right for me and now I know what to eat to feel comfortable, explains Nina. 'I did not want to diet ! Fortunately wellness program is not a cure, but the road to a healthier lifestyle. I love fruit, vegetables and nuts, so it was not hard for me to eat less meat, which is an important part of the program '.

All participants in the wellness program receive thorough instruction on how often they should eat and what to eat in order to get better. The program focuses on cutting down on meat and manage able up for the daily intake of fruit and vegetables. This way of eating is also called 'flexitarian' - giving you the freedom to eat meat if you wish, without fruit and vegetables omitted from the daily diet. Along with a change in diet, participants in the wellness program asked to drink shakes that have slimming properties. Daily intake of shakes meant that Nina is no longer snacking, eating too large main meals and consume too with junk food. She has changed all that out with shakes, long walks and exercise.

'I've never had it so good that I have at the moment, says Nina. After only a few weeks with the new lifestyle it struck me that I no longer had a stomach ache. More vegetables have simply made my

Nina also noted that she was thinking more about what she ate. 'Wellness program has made me aware of what I'm doing well. In Sweden, the main ingredient is meat and vegetables just accessories. When I did the vegetables for the main ingredient and meat for accessories, I felt much better! I imagined, that I would lose 20 pounds. It's just the kind that happens in women's magazine end. If I had known how much better I would get it, and how easy it really was, so I had become flexitarian long ago ', says Nina.
belly! '

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