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Monday, 2 June 2014


We have carefully studied the last image of David Beckham and found in it the elements that will help every man look more stylish and feel more confident.
Strong, brave heroes have always been a role model for us, including in all that relates to the style and grooming. David Beckham - the icon of the fashion world and the epitome of masculinity XXI century. His undeniable attraction is the result of the ability to combine classic images with current trends, in effect creating a unique style that sets the tone for men's fashion. Not surprisingly, the whole world is following with interest every modern idea David.

In 2014, David chose the image of a "modern classic." Neat haircut - short on the sides and moderately long hair on top, arranged with the help of tools for styling, a small beard groomed, healthy skin of the face, hands neat and stylish masculine fragrance. This gentleman set Beckham is available to everyone by simple means - we are happy to tell you which ones.

Age is no obstacle
Youth - it's not just age. Youth - a way of life, and we can extend it, including by means of modern cosmetics and care. Important not just to mask your age, for example, tinting gray hair, but do everything possible to delay aging. Everyone knows that an active lifestyle and moderate load perpetuate tone and health. And in order to eliminate the visual signs of aging, there are special cosmetic products. Among them, cleansing and moisturizing products for the face cream for sensitive skin around the eyes, which eliminates the darkening of the skin and reduces wrinkles, moisturizing and protecting agents for hands and tools with SPF-factor protecting against the harmful effects of sunlight, for example, required at any time of the year protective lip balm.

look forward strength is well-known women: no wonder the lion's share tips on makeup boils down to how to emphasize your eyes on the face of it. This is not just a mirror of the soul, but also an important communication tool, and it would be a mistake not to enjoy all its benefits. No, we do not suggest you draw arrows. But tidy eyebrows you simply must! Just brush, put a wax finally ask you to help in the beauty salon - the way one chooses for himself. The main rule: eyebrows should look natural, but in any case not neglect. Grooming - that's the key word of the season. A brush eyebrows - such as the desired object, like a hairbrush hair.

Warms in COLD
According to the classical theory of economics, demand creates supply, and hence opening in major cities of Russia Barber shop items - male beauty salons specializing in, among other things, trimming beards - does not happen just like that, but because you have long inspired image harsh Canadian lumberjack. But even if you are not so brutal, and just want to stand out from the crowd, the easiest way to do it, joining the army of bearded. Types and variants of beards there are innumerable, only one David Beckham beard devoted a lot of magazine pages, but we want to warn you: bearded fashion is fickle, and in 2014 in the trend display neat classic hairy face.

Modern Classic
Fragrance - a kind of autograph personality, concise expression of how we perceive ourselves and how would like to be perceived others. Smell plays an important role, because it sets the mood - the smell is the finishing touch image. The main trend of men's fashion this summer - ideally a combination of modern and traditional approaches to the creation of his style. This trend organically finds expression in men's fragrance: in fashion bright and alluring flavors with fresh notes of energetic, woody, citrus and spicy.


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