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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


The art of perfume making is a mysterious and highly specialised skill, coveted and perfected for
thousands of years. Oriflame has been developing bespoke fragrances since its inception, working with the finest perfumers and fragrance houses in the world creating masterpieces to make your
dreams come true and moments unforgettable.

Buying a fragrance is both an investment in your beauty and a reflection of yourpersonality. Consider these questions first and to make a more informed fragrance choice.
Who is it for?
If you’re planning on giving the scent as a gift pay careful consideration to the personality of
the person you’re treating (elegant, bold, girly, etc).
Where will you wear it?
Fragrances should be worn to suit your mood, but often it’s more appropriate to wear a lighter, less intense scent. Like when you’re at the office. Save heavier scents for nights out.
When will you wear it?
Day or night? Again, lighter scents are more suited to daytime. Especially during summer
because the hotter your skin the more intense your scent will become.
Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum?
Eau de Parfums contain a higher percentage of perfume oils, so their scent tends to be stronger which means they will last longer.
Does skin type count?
Strangely enough, yes. Fragrances tend to wear off more quickly on dry skin. A great tip to
prevent this is to apply a little petroleum jelly where you want to apply the scent and then
spray it on.

 Midsummer Woman Eau de Toilette Like a
summer’s breeze, Midsummer Woman Eau de Toilette
captures the heart of romance for her with fl oral watery
notes of grapefruit, rose and mimosa. 50 ml


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