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Thursday, 12 June 2014


With joy and beauty big ... Celebrate summer with a romantic fashion and beauty style and one of the summer's hottest trend - the flowers.
Spring and summer views were really the catwalk to blossom. The designs showcased beautiful garment with hand painted floral, graphic floral patterns and cool 3D effects. Raf Simons, creative director for the French fashion house Dior, also used the flowers as decoration during the show and invited guests to a dreamy flower country.

This season, even hair and makeup artists inspired by the flowers in the form of colorful eye shadows in blue and purple and lipstick in pink and orange. These colors shines strong in the summer and perfect for a sun-kissed complexion. Get the perfect midsummer look by capturing the colors of midsummer wreath. Bet on the lips, or eyes in combination with a dew healthy skin, nyponrosiga cheeks and a bohemian hairstyle.

Accentuate your eyes with a cornflower-colored cream eyeshadow; a hot trend this summer. To get an extra intense and shimmery results begin with founding with an eye shadow in the same shade and then apply cream eye shadow. You do not want so much color but still want to try on the blue trend, you can apply a blue eyeliner pencil in the inner lash line so it will not be as dominant. Exit eye make up with a storage volume mascara.

Highlight your lips with a creamy lipstick in a pink or coral colored tint that evokes a groovy rose. Dutta on the lipstick with your fingers for a relaxed impression or shallow with a lip pencil and then apply the lipstick with a brush for a more intense color. The mouth feel free to stand in splendid isolation; beyond a dewy complexion and highlighted the brow is not needed so much more.

Take to the bohemian style and go for relaxed but tidy hair with rolling waves. Blow dry with a styling lotion for texture and gloss. Attracting thin hair  with a curler but not all the way to the scalp. Pull out the curls with your fingers and finish with hairspray. Do you prefer her hair up, we propose a sloppy bun or a braid. Finally, adorn your hair with midsummer day's hottest hair accessory - flowers.


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