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Thursday, 12 June 2014


 Come in balance and cleanse the body with a detox - meet summer with a healthier body and a renewed mind.Lifestyle Mentor Trine Berge inspire us with their healthy lifestyle. She runs the Super Women Blog and founder of the firm Super nature, Scandinavia's largest on super foods. We asked Trine to share their best tips that give you more energy and a health boost to summer. How do I prepare for a detox? - The best thing you can do is to cut down on both processed and difficult to digest foods such as meat, grains, dairy products and soy. Cut out coffee, black tea, sugar and alcohol. Drink lots of water, eat lots of raw vegan food and drink herbal tea. Cuts out all at once instead of doing it gradually, you may experience more discomfort with both digestion and you get a headache, the latter most often when you cut out coffee. If you drink several cups of coffee a day, you should gradually go down with a cup per day to avoid the worst headache! Is there any side effect by making a detox? - It is quite common to experience some detoxification symptoms such as low energy , blemished skin, headaches and lighter digestive discomfort. This usually goes fast and the worst is the 3rd or 4th day. Gradually turn this and you will experience the opposite - ie more energy, glow, smoother skin, better immune system, etc. How I preserve the effect of a detoxkur? - Everything in life is about having balance, and if you do more of what is healthy and build up your body will give you profits. Eat more vegetables and add the happy raw food in your diet. Simple things you can do in life is to make good supersmoothies and fresh vegetable juices. What can I eat to get more energy? - Food not stodgy gives you more energy. Raw food and superfoods that are not processed or heated above 42 degrees, contains a lot of nutrients and enzymes that help the body to both record industry and break down food more easily. Always choose good ingredients and preferably organic. Health is the most valuable thing you can invest in. An added bonus is that you both feel younger and more beautiful!

How often do you recommend to train if you want to stay in shape?
- 4 times a week or more is recommended if you want to get in top shape. I like to have a variety of training where I do yoga and exercise both strength training and cardo. If you are traveling or do not get to the gym you can make a simple exercise program, or find online, which you can use wherever you are. Find out what kind of workout you like, what you want to achieve and how to pave the way for your planned training week. I have found some favorite instructors that I know will get me off the couch and into the gym. What to do to keep exercise routines once during the summer? - Be creative and find out what suits to do where you are, and what you may need to take with you on holiday. Do you feel a need to calm down and recharge your batteries you should not force yourself to jog, but rather choose simple yoga exercises, or simple strength training. Are you on vacation, it's easy to do some exercises on the beach or lawn, such as situps, plank or take a brisk jog. You get far with 30 minute workouts to keep fit and to not slide completely out of the good routines. How forces I my health during the summer? - Start the day with a vegetable of summer's delicious vegetables or a super smoothie with fresh freshly picked berries. Remember berries have less sugar and more nutrients than fruit! Take the time to 20 minutes yogurt with breathing exercises and focus on the joy of life! Mastered this is a perfect base to enjoy the summer and create memories for a lifetime! Can you give us some additional tips for a healthier and more energetic life? - Besides eating healthy and keep moving, so it's best health tip to have a good life filled with joy and an open mind. Do not be too concerned with perfection, but learn to appreciate everything that works in your life, and the small pleasures in life. Balance and gratitude is my religion!

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