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Monday, 30 June 2014


We have selected for you the top five hottest male grooming trends straight from the catwalk. Actual images and casual style for Spring-Summer 2015: Mota and see into their heads!
The atmosphere at the London show men's collections for spring-summer 2015 was hot: designers clearly inspired by the theme of the tropics everywhere sounded upbeat rhythms, the public and the model were in a good mood, and there were plenty of beautiful clothes.

Undeniable trend next summer - pink color, which we have seen in the collections of Burberry and Paul Smith, and shades of silver, like Jonathan Saunders and Richard Nicoll, and the most current style - Preppy-fight.


1 whole thing in her hair

More specifically, in the men's beam. Christopher Shannon on the show models came with knots on his head, almost like Gwen Stefani, styling style Britpop was noted in Topman Design, and Agi & Sam copied hairstyle Javier Bardem from the movie "Old Men." To repeat any of these images, you'll need wax or hair styling gel.

2 fresh look
Champions of perfect skin tone steel and John Smedley Lou Dalton. In order to achieve the same flawless complexion, can not do without a wetting agent with a small amount of base under makeup.

3 EYEBROWS, eyebrows, eyebrows

Preppy style, as it was served at the show Dun hill - is a clear cut and perfect eyebrow line. A good set of tweezers and care eyebrows - everything you need to stop hiding eyes (mirror of the soul, by the way), under the bushy vegetation.

4 FOCUS on the lips

Well, in those cases where the models eyes were hidden - whether points, as the shows Katie Eary, or hair like models Alexander McQueen - the focus is naturally on the lips moved. To keep them in order, you'll need a lip balm.

5 on the right foot

Like sandals lace style Jonathan Saunders, or maybe you like to go barefoot?
In this case, make sure that your feet are not deterred others: cream for feet and pumice rocks!

Thursday, 12 June 2014


With joy and beauty big ... Celebrate summer with a romantic fashion and beauty style and one of the summer's hottest trend - the flowers.
Spring and summer views were really the catwalk to blossom. The designs showcased beautiful garment with hand painted floral, graphic floral patterns and cool 3D effects. Raf Simons, creative director for the French fashion house Dior, also used the flowers as decoration during the show and invited guests to a dreamy flower country.

This season, even hair and makeup artists inspired by the flowers in the form of colorful eye shadows in blue and purple and lipstick in pink and orange. These colors shines strong in the summer and perfect for a sun-kissed complexion. Get the perfect midsummer look by capturing the colors of midsummer wreath. Bet on the lips, or eyes in combination with a dew healthy skin, nyponrosiga cheeks and a bohemian hairstyle.

Accentuate your eyes with a cornflower-colored cream eyeshadow; a hot trend this summer. To get an extra intense and shimmery results begin with founding with an eye shadow in the same shade and then apply cream eye shadow. You do not want so much color but still want to try on the blue trend, you can apply a blue eyeliner pencil in the inner lash line so it will not be as dominant. Exit eye make up with a storage volume mascara.

Highlight your lips with a creamy lipstick in a pink or coral colored tint that evokes a groovy rose. Dutta on the lipstick with your fingers for a relaxed impression or shallow with a lip pencil and then apply the lipstick with a brush for a more intense color. The mouth feel free to stand in splendid isolation; beyond a dewy complexion and highlighted the brow is not needed so much more.

Take to the bohemian style and go for relaxed but tidy hair with rolling waves. Blow dry with a styling lotion for texture and gloss. Attracting thin hair  with a curler but not all the way to the scalp. Pull out the curls with your fingers and finish with hairspray. Do you prefer her hair up, we propose a sloppy bun or a braid. Finally, adorn your hair with midsummer day's hottest hair accessory - flowers.



 Come in balance and cleanse the body with a detox - meet summer with a healthier body and a renewed mind.Lifestyle Mentor Trine Berge inspire us with their healthy lifestyle. She runs the Super Women Blog and founder of the firm Super nature, Scandinavia's largest on super foods. We asked Trine to share their best tips that give you more energy and a health boost to summer. How do I prepare for a detox? - The best thing you can do is to cut down on both processed and difficult to digest foods such as meat, grains, dairy products and soy. Cut out coffee, black tea, sugar and alcohol. Drink lots of water, eat lots of raw vegan food and drink herbal tea. Cuts out all at once instead of doing it gradually, you may experience more discomfort with both digestion and you get a headache, the latter most often when you cut out coffee. If you drink several cups of coffee a day, you should gradually go down with a cup per day to avoid the worst headache! Is there any side effect by making a detox? - It is quite common to experience some detoxification symptoms such as low energy , blemished skin, headaches and lighter digestive discomfort. This usually goes fast and the worst is the 3rd or 4th day. Gradually turn this and you will experience the opposite - ie more energy, glow, smoother skin, better immune system, etc. How I preserve the effect of a detoxkur? - Everything in life is about having balance, and if you do more of what is healthy and build up your body will give you profits. Eat more vegetables and add the happy raw food in your diet. Simple things you can do in life is to make good supersmoothies and fresh vegetable juices. What can I eat to get more energy? - Food not stodgy gives you more energy. Raw food and superfoods that are not processed or heated above 42 degrees, contains a lot of nutrients and enzymes that help the body to both record industry and break down food more easily. Always choose good ingredients and preferably organic. Health is the most valuable thing you can invest in. An added bonus is that you both feel younger and more beautiful!

How often do you recommend to train if you want to stay in shape?
- 4 times a week or more is recommended if you want to get in top shape. I like to have a variety of training where I do yoga and exercise both strength training and cardo. If you are traveling or do not get to the gym you can make a simple exercise program, or find online, which you can use wherever you are. Find out what kind of workout you like, what you want to achieve and how to pave the way for your planned training week. I have found some favorite instructors that I know will get me off the couch and into the gym. What to do to keep exercise routines once during the summer? - Be creative and find out what suits to do where you are, and what you may need to take with you on holiday. Do you feel a need to calm down and recharge your batteries you should not force yourself to jog, but rather choose simple yoga exercises, or simple strength training. Are you on vacation, it's easy to do some exercises on the beach or lawn, such as situps, plank or take a brisk jog. You get far with 30 minute workouts to keep fit and to not slide completely out of the good routines. How forces I my health during the summer? - Start the day with a vegetable of summer's delicious vegetables or a super smoothie with fresh freshly picked berries. Remember berries have less sugar and more nutrients than fruit! Take the time to 20 minutes yogurt with breathing exercises and focus on the joy of life! Mastered this is a perfect base to enjoy the summer and create memories for a lifetime! Can you give us some additional tips for a healthier and more energetic life? - Besides eating healthy and keep moving, so it's best health tip to have a good life filled with joy and an open mind. Do not be too concerned with perfection, but learn to appreciate everything that works in your life, and the small pleasures in life. Balance and gratitude is my religion!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Nina Hamrén who daily develops Oriflame Beauty Reward program has a happier stomach, feels healthier and has lost the extra pounds on her waistline, as she has for years been trying to get rid of. All thanks to Oriflame's wellness program and a diet consisting of more vegetables and less meat.
In March 2010,  Nina took the opportunity to participate in Oriflame's wellness program. Nina had often thought about changing his diet, but the motivation was not there. 'The diet, I was introduced to in 2010, it feels right for me and now I know what to eat to feel comfortable, explains Nina. 'I did not want to diet ! Fortunately wellness program is not a cure, but the road to a healthier lifestyle. I love fruit, vegetables and nuts, so it was not hard for me to eat less meat, which is an important part of the program '.

All participants in the wellness program receive thorough instruction on how often they should eat and what to eat in order to get better. The program focuses on cutting down on meat and manage able up for the daily intake of fruit and vegetables. This way of eating is also called 'flexitarian' - giving you the freedom to eat meat if you wish, without fruit and vegetables omitted from the daily diet. Along with a change in diet, participants in the wellness program asked to drink shakes that have slimming properties. Daily intake of shakes meant that Nina is no longer snacking, eating too large main meals and consume too with junk food. She has changed all that out with shakes, long walks and exercise.

'I've never had it so good that I have at the moment, says Nina. After only a few weeks with the new lifestyle it struck me that I no longer had a stomach ache. More vegetables have simply made my

Nina also noted that she was thinking more about what she ate. 'Wellness program has made me aware of what I'm doing well. In Sweden, the main ingredient is meat and vegetables just accessories. When I did the vegetables for the main ingredient and meat for accessories, I felt much better! I imagined, that I would lose 20 pounds. It's just the kind that happens in women's magazine end. If I had known how much better I would get it, and how easy it really was, so I had become flexitarian long ago ', says Nina.
belly! '


Here you will find a step-by-step guide to effective and rapid summer skin care routine that refreshes the holiday delicious glow in no time. Get the best tips right here.

This summer look is centered on a makeup au natural. You can therefore advantageously replace winter's heavy makeup with a light summer variant. A natural makeup look requires a proper skin care routine, which is actually even more important in the summer when the skin expose to air conditioning, solar and air travel.

Below you can see what your skin needs during the summer.


The most important tool in the fight against aging is sunscreen! Always use SPF 25 +. It protects against the sun's harmful UV rays, you will not be burned and the skin's natural collagen and elastin is maintained so that the skin maintain its youthful appearance longer. The sunny days of summer also means that you can benefit from switching your foundation out with a BB cream that easily conceals blemishes and protects the skin from both UV rays and dryness.


Throughout the winter, we use heavy, fatty creams to get skin for life. It is tempting to stop using a thick cream in the hot weather, but summer has your skin actually needs lots of moisture! Choose a cream that moisturizes your face and a firming body cream. The days when you've had a little too much sun, you should use after sun. It moisturizes and repairs for the skin.


Want a nice tan, but you're not crazy about the sun's harmful rays, so fake it till you make it! Before using fake tan, you should lubricate the body with body lotion. Preferably 24 hours before. Just before you apply fake tan, you should exfoliate your body from head to toe! That way you avoid dark splotches and streaks. If you find it difficult to apply self-tanner, use a glove specially designed for self-tanner. It's much easier.


Summer is finally here! The same is many summer parties! Who does not dream of a classic and glamorous look that suits many summer parties?! In this exclusive Oriflame tutorial, we have been inspired by Gisele Bündchen. Get the look here.


Come shimmering bronzer along the cheekbone and blend towards your apple cheeks. A shadow brush gives the best result. Also remember to get bronzer on the neck and decolletage. It will provide the perfect golden look. The trick is to carefully blend the bronzer.

2 Gleaming eyes

Getting a creamy golden eye shadow on the eyelids, under the arch of the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye. You can also dab a little cream shadow on the lips, nose and cheeks. It will only cause even more glow.


Use a brown eyeliner along the lower lashes. It will beautifully frame your eyes and really let them get to the right! Then come a glistening brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. This will give a glamorous finish.


The finishing touch is a lot of mascara and a transparent peach-colored lip gloss.


Meet the renowned Swedish fashion designer, Valerie Aflalo, who recently launched a new accessories collection for Oriflame.

"The first question that Valerie Aflalo ask themselves when she starts on a new collection is; What do I want? Each collection has its own style and it has been ever since Valerie started her own label in 2005. Valeries mouse is herself, which we can understand! Valerie is a strong, modern woman, a former model and mother of two wonderful kids. Her beautiful appearance is enhanced by her eclectic boho-chic style. Alongside his design business, she is a popular blogger in the Swedish magazine Ladies Värld. We have spoken to the Swedish designer and can here unveiled a few of her secrets to good style.

What is the inspiration behind your new accessories collection for Oriflame?
- I am the mother and love clothes and accessories that are easy to use. It should be easy and fast to get ready. Therefore, I created a simple tunic that you can easily apply on the beach. The perfect way to use when taking the sun or take a walk along the water.

What are your best tips to update your wardrobe to make it ready for summer?
- It should be simple! You can use everything in my collection not only when you are at the beach. You can, for example. style tunic with a cardigan and a pair trainers. So are you ready for shopping.

Can tunic used after sunset?
- Absolutely! Especially if you combine it with delicious jewelry (Eds.: Valerie's collection consists of a beach bag, a bracelet and a beautiful tunic.

What colors dominate your summer collection?
- I love pastels! From the bright carnations, light blue  mixed with white. I'm also quite a fan of the graphic black and white look - preferably combined with pastels.

How should this summer makeup look?
- I like eyeliner! Create a natural base and add lots of eyeliner, a little bit of pink lipstick and a hint of a little blush on the cheeks. It's my favorite look. Oh, and a little highlighter to freshen up a tired face!

How do you protect your skin from the sun?
- I am careful, but not overzealous. I like to get a little color, so I use SPF 20-30 in the face and SPF 20 on my body. I always lubricate my children in with SPF 30-50.


The Swedish designer Josefine Åberg, is a busy woman who works as head of design for Adidas Originals. Here she reveals the key to juggle a demanding career with a healthy lifestyle.

What is  health for you and how you take care of your body?
- Oh, it means a lot to me! I have always been an active person and love to make different things. While I was studying I danced ballet seven times a week. I wanted to be a professional dancer. Now I focus on modern dance, taekwondo and classical training.

I travel a lot and work hard. I found peace when I started running. It is meditation for me. Running is a great form of exercise, since you can always go for a run - even if you're traveling. You do not need a gym! All you need is shoes and comfortable clothing. I jog alone and I do not listen to music. I use the time to plan and develop existing and new projects. Besides exercising implements I a seven-day detox cure every year. The cure consists of lots of vegetables and antioxidants. I can really notice a difference in the body after treatment. After a week of detox, I've always wanted to change my routines, but unfortunately it takes never know!

How do you find balance between a successful career and a healthy lifestyle?
- It is important to listen to your body!

Thursday, 5 June 2014


We work hard to make products that pamper,thrill and continue to make your beauty routines feel effortless.
Our luscious hair, supple skin and revitalising bath time products will make sure you leave the house with the confidence of a movie star!

Silk Beauty Shower Cream
Cleanse yourself with this richly textured Shower Cream. With softening Silk proteins and protective Orchid extract. Luxuriously lathering, with an alluring fragrance that stays with you long after you leave the shower. 200 ml.

Silk Beauty Body Cream
Rich body cream to soften, nourish and hydrate your skin. With moisturising, conditioning Silk proteins and protective, antioxidant Orchid extract. Luxurious formulation and seductive scent. 200 ml.


Oriflame has always turned to nature when developing our cosmetics and beauty products.
We share your desire for pure and effective ingredients. This, teamed with our ceaseless scientific research and a burning quest for sustainability help to deliver you with the best quality products possible.

Organically sourced Milk Proteins and Honey Extracts add nourishment and glamorous shine.
Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo Nourishing Shampoo with organically sourced Milk and Honey extracts. Exquisite texture and fragrance. 200 ml.

Milk & Honey Gold Conditioner Nourishing, detangling Conditioner with organically sourced Milk and Honey extracts. Luxurious texture and scent. 200 ml.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

RISE TO THE LIGHT ~ Ascendant Aqua

The power of pure elemental strength and vitality, encapsulated in Ascendant Aqua. Cool, Fresh, Effervescent With the energising top notes of grapefruit, the new Ascendant Aqua Eau De Toilette is empowered by the energy of Sea Foam and the salty mineral notes of Grey Amber to deliver an extreme explosion of freshness.

Ascendant Aqua Eau de Toilette Ascendant Aqua embodies the ocean’s powerful force with the effervescent aura of energising grapefruit notes as it radiates masculine perfection. 75 ml.

The Bottle Design

The bottle retains the same masculine shape as the original top-selling fragrance, but now with its aquatic blue colour, made from frosted glass, the look and vitality of the ocean is perfectly captured.

3 Scents, 3 Personalities

Discover the perfect Ascendant fragrance for the man in your life.

1) Ascendant Pure

Discover the perfect Ascendant fragrance for the man in your life.

2) Ascendant Aqua

This is the perfect scent for the strong, elusive and dynamic male.

3) Ascendant

This is the ultimate scent for the passionate, sensual and modern male.


We love creating products that are a reflection of you, staying on-trend while still creating an aura of individuality.
Oriflame’s Youth range is ablaze with chic colour and verve but leaves plenty of room for  you to showcase your audacious moves, limitless aspirations and beautiful spontaneity.


The art of perfume making is a mysterious and highly specialised skill, coveted and perfected for
thousands of years. Oriflame has been developing bespoke fragrances since its inception, working with the finest perfumers and fragrance houses in the world creating masterpieces to make your
dreams come true and moments unforgettable.

Buying a fragrance is both an investment in your beauty and a reflection of yourpersonality. Consider these questions first and to make a more informed fragrance choice.
Who is it for?
If you’re planning on giving the scent as a gift pay careful consideration to the personality of
the person you’re treating (elegant, bold, girly, etc).
Where will you wear it?
Fragrances should be worn to suit your mood, but often it’s more appropriate to wear a lighter, less intense scent. Like when you’re at the office. Save heavier scents for nights out.
When will you wear it?
Day or night? Again, lighter scents are more suited to daytime. Especially during summer
because the hotter your skin the more intense your scent will become.
Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum?
Eau de Parfums contain a higher percentage of perfume oils, so their scent tends to be stronger which means they will last longer.
Does skin type count?
Strangely enough, yes. Fragrances tend to wear off more quickly on dry skin. A great tip to
prevent this is to apply a little petroleum jelly where you want to apply the scent and then
spray it on.

 Midsummer Woman Eau de Toilette Like a
summer’s breeze, Midsummer Woman Eau de Toilette
captures the heart of romance for her with fl oral watery
notes of grapefruit, rose and mimosa. 50 ml

Monday, 2 June 2014


We have carefully studied the last image of David Beckham and found in it the elements that will help every man look more stylish and feel more confident.
Strong, brave heroes have always been a role model for us, including in all that relates to the style and grooming. David Beckham - the icon of the fashion world and the epitome of masculinity XXI century. His undeniable attraction is the result of the ability to combine classic images with current trends, in effect creating a unique style that sets the tone for men's fashion. Not surprisingly, the whole world is following with interest every modern idea David.

In 2014, David chose the image of a "modern classic." Neat haircut - short on the sides and moderately long hair on top, arranged with the help of tools for styling, a small beard groomed, healthy skin of the face, hands neat and stylish masculine fragrance. This gentleman set Beckham is available to everyone by simple means - we are happy to tell you which ones.

Age is no obstacle
Youth - it's not just age. Youth - a way of life, and we can extend it, including by means of modern cosmetics and care. Important not just to mask your age, for example, tinting gray hair, but do everything possible to delay aging. Everyone knows that an active lifestyle and moderate load perpetuate tone and health. And in order to eliminate the visual signs of aging, there are special cosmetic products. Among them, cleansing and moisturizing products for the face cream for sensitive skin around the eyes, which eliminates the darkening of the skin and reduces wrinkles, moisturizing and protecting agents for hands and tools with SPF-factor protecting against the harmful effects of sunlight, for example, required at any time of the year protective lip balm.

look forward strength is well-known women: no wonder the lion's share tips on makeup boils down to how to emphasize your eyes on the face of it. This is not just a mirror of the soul, but also an important communication tool, and it would be a mistake not to enjoy all its benefits. No, we do not suggest you draw arrows. But tidy eyebrows you simply must! Just brush, put a wax finally ask you to help in the beauty salon - the way one chooses for himself. The main rule: eyebrows should look natural, but in any case not neglect. Grooming - that's the key word of the season. A brush eyebrows - such as the desired object, like a hairbrush hair.

Warms in COLD
According to the classical theory of economics, demand creates supply, and hence opening in major cities of Russia Barber shop items - male beauty salons specializing in, among other things, trimming beards - does not happen just like that, but because you have long inspired image harsh Canadian lumberjack. But even if you are not so brutal, and just want to stand out from the crowd, the easiest way to do it, joining the army of bearded. Types and variants of beards there are innumerable, only one David Beckham beard devoted a lot of magazine pages, but we want to warn you: bearded fashion is fickle, and in 2014 in the trend display neat classic hairy face.

Modern Classic
Fragrance - a kind of autograph personality, concise expression of how we perceive ourselves and how would like to be perceived others. Smell plays an important role, because it sets the mood - the smell is the finishing touch image. The main trend of men's fashion this summer - ideally a combination of modern and traditional approaches to the creation of his style. This trend organically finds expression in men's fragrance: in fashion bright and alluring flavors with fresh notes of energetic, woody, citrus and spicy.


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