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Friday, 16 May 2014


The latest research methodologies Oriflame help define the visual signs of aging to effectively maintain youthful skin.

In fact that we get older, there are a lot of pluses. As you get older, we become wiser and more

If age has no effect on our appearance, and in particular - on the condition of skin! Quite impossible to stop this process, but significantly slow him and keep skin youthful for a long time - it is possible and necessary. Moreover, to the extent of how the modern science, do it becomes easier.

Here's what the experts say: Oriflame Skincare Holly Grenfell: "In every woman's life after 35 years once the day comes when she sees on her face what had not noticed before. Of course, these changes do not occur in one second, but we can do everything in our power to minimize damage to the age of collagen in the skin, to stimulate its production and reduce the severity of first wrinkles. "

Speaking of aging skin, we usually mean the outward signs. Size wrinkles, their depth, dry skin, which increases with age, redness, uneven complexion or dark spots. It is these signs we see from them and strive to get rid of at any cost.

Scientific approach to the care of the skin is to first find out exactly what the signs of aging are most influenced by the appearance and visually make us older. It is necessary to further targeted to influence them through some means or procedures for skin care.

Behind Oriflame - more than 45 years of scientific research and innovation. At the disposal of the company - not only the richness of the natural world and the latest trends in fashion and beauty, but also the latest technology. With its own research center, located in Dublin, Ireland, Oriflame is conducting research to create effective products for skin care.

To determine exactly what the signs of aging make us visually older Oriflame specialists have

Thus, having knowledge about the real age of women, as well as placing the results of focus groups and expert assessment, Oriflame experts were able to determine exactly what the signs of aging have the strongest impact on the visual perception of age and use this knowledge to develop new innovative and effective antiaging solutions skincare.

One of the priorities of the research center Oriflame is to work in the field of plant stem cells. Here is what this director of the Center for Research Mavon skin Allen: "In the course of research, we found that plant stem cells have potent effects on the skin. We have developed innovative complex contains peptides - amino acid molecules - that penetrate the skin and trigger the synthesis of collagen. The result is a double-acting product on the one hand, it increases the skin collagen production by 200% (scientifically proven!), And on the other - to prevent the destruction of collagen in cells, pushing the wrinkles from within. "

The ultimate goal of studies like Age Reflect - to ensure that any woman could find care product that is right for her. Using the latest technology, Oriflame creates products that allow women to look younger than 8 years (according to an independent evaluation of the focus group). So, enjoy all the positive aspects of age, without fear of the signs of skin aging.
developed an innovative research method for visual assessment of women age Age Reflect. The study took place in three stages. At the first stage pictures were taken of women's faces close-up with the apparatus Visia, which is used for the integrated analysis of the skin and complexion, but also helps to reveal the typical signs of aging. Then, each image is evaluated by experts in order to determine the signs of aging and age of the participants. Finally, the last stage of the same images were evaluated independent jury members to determine the age of the women in the photo.

experienced. In addition to age, we are less dependent on estimates and opinions of others,  and therefore it is easier to focus on what is really important to us .

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