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Friday, 16 May 2014


Almost a century ago, the capital was moved from St. Petersburg back to Moscow, but the reputation of a trendsetter city on the Neva never fade. Fashion Week in St. Petersburg Aurora Fashion Week, the official partner of the cosmetic company Oriflame made - another confirmation.
Everyone knows: Petersburg - city cloudy and windy. Therefore autumn collection here fully comply with seasonality: no weightless fabrics and micro-shorts, local fashionistas appreciate comfort. And that's what they will walk along Nevsky Prospect with the onset of cold weather.

Lovers of luxury fur coats in our country, the risk of suffering from armed cans of paint animal advocates far less than in Europe. But we look in the direction of artificial fur, which is not worse than the present warm. And now fashionable looks!

Several years ago when Chanel brought to the podium "coat of Cheburashka" fashionable society met their unexpected delight. Now take over the baton of our designers. Colored coats and wide scarves under the throat not only look great, but spared the family budget.

continue the list of "warming" trend: next fall in your wardrobe should be sure to dress warm appear unusual textures - of coarse wool. Dense fabric of which typically make coat unexpectedly profitable underlines the fragility of the female figure. Another trendy option - maxi dress with fur cuffs.

In the new color
absolute favorite next season will be orange - in a variety of shades. To count all the "tangerine" outputs at Fashion Week, do not have enough fingers and toes. So add to shopping list "little orange dress."

History repeats itself and makeup: most designers at the shows we saw shades of terracotta and coral on the lips of models. Image equilibrated marked eyebrows and 'clean' eyes, slightly accented ink.

Designers recommend clothed in radiant color from head to toe - for example, choose a dress shirt to mid-calf. If you're not afraid of fashion misses, try to master the technique of color blocking («color blocks"). Add a touch of turquoise and ocher drop let the main components of the image will be black and colored - only accents. If you can pick the right outfit, ready to take an avalanche of compliments.

Ideal smooth hair - a terrific alternative to the lush curls. This hairstyle will emphasize meticulously

Tighten tight ponytail. Grind a little between your palms and smooth styling products beaten out strands. Top certainly apply the product for extra shine hair - such as serum.

who closed Aurora Fashion Week show brand Walk of Shame, known for his ability to surprise. In the final show on the podium went topless model with phones in their hands. Girls having fun filming their faces to the front camera smartphone, thereby stating the audience that they are no longer silent clothes hangers. Collection was entrusted not only show a very tall skinny, but curvy girls with poportsiyami - the idea of designers extol the beauty of the female body of any size is good!

Allow yourself to be selfish, take care of yourself - this is the main trend we recommend that you borrow from the catwalks of Fashion Week in St. Petersburg today, without waiting for the autumn-winter 2015!

researched makeup, extravagant pullover or new earrings. However, with the usual office attire will look slightly dull.

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