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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Great eye makeup and a beautifully shaped face - who does not dream about that? Read more here and learn how to create Kardashian-inspired eyes and shapes the face, making you look even more beautiful.

1 Glistening eyeshadow

Start by applying a shimmery eye shadow to the entire lid. Use a light golden hue. The next step is to apply a light brown shade from the upper lash line to crease.

2 Apply a little drama

Now for the third and final eyeshadow. This shade should be dark or completely black. Eye shadow is used along the outer corner of the eye to give a dramatic look.

3 Frame the eye with eyeliner

Use a black eyeliner along the upper and lower lash line. Do it before you get mascara on the lashes. The more layers the better.

4 Shape Your Face

Getting a light concealer under the eye, then make shade with a matte bronzer or blush. Finish by getting glowing bronzer on top of the cheekbone, on the forehead and mouth at the inner corner of the eye

4 Easy Steps to a delicious Kardashian-inspired look.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


The current and personal style blogger Elsa Ekman is the face of Oriflame's latest makeup campaign Very You. Elsa has picked out their favorite products based on three different looker: Pink by Elsa, Red by Elsa and Nude by Elsa.

Get inspiration from Elsa Ekman and get a makeup look that exudes glamor. Black eyeliner and seductive red lips create the ultimate femme fatale look that is perfect for all the season's festivities!


A captivating season of colors and contrasts, autumn offers an abundance of inspiration for your fashion and beauty style.
Step out in the magical autumn air, look around and experience a myriad of colors, textures and patterns. Falling leaves in beautiful golden hues of yellow, orange and burgundy, pale shades of misty mornings and vibrant colors of a beautiful sunrise. The dew-veiled landscape glistens in the soft autumn light, and creates a nice contrast to the clear sky and the crispy leaves. inspired by autumn's beautiful contrasts and adds a warm autumn feel to your fashion and beauty style.     Renewing your fashion and beauty palette by combining subtle seasonal shades with rich autumn tones and vibrant colors. Update your fashion or beauty style in an easy way and get into a sleek and sophisticated style. Take for fall's finest colors and combine them with some of the season's hottest trends.

12 phony tan tricks-- essential pointers you should review prior to using

Sure, you've exfoliated and plan to militantly moisturise however have you tried THESE suggestions for a remarkable tan? Perhaps not.

DO N'T do an Anne Hathaway in 'New bride Wars'. Do this:.

Self-tan expert James Harknett understands all the techniques of the trade - he designed the majority of them! Below he shares his techniques so you can tan like a professional (and no person will certainly recognize you're devising).

1. Eliminate your deodorant.
Ensure your underarms are antiperspirant free of cost and take out any type of perfume from your wrist as solutions could respond with the tanning agents. If you do not, they might go environment-friendly. Seriously.

2. Restriction these 3 things.
Before you tan: Stay away from making use of any sort of oil based products for a couple of days just before self-tanning as they could leaves indications on the skin which create streaking. After tanning: Stay clear of insect repellents and swimming pools which can remove the tan off in pieces.

3. Mix your products for particular areas.
Mix your item with a little bit of moisturiser for tackling tanning your hands and feet. This thins out the item, ensuring it doesn't 'grab' to hard and completely dry locations such as the knuckles, toes and heels. The exact same trick helps elbows.

4. Don't stain your nails.
After self-tanning, clean your finger and toe nails with a cleansing rub to avoid obtaining yellow spots.

5. Blur wrist lines with moisturiser.
Stay away from a 'tide line' by moisturising your hands and around the wrist location. Sweep the product from scratch of the inner arm downwards so when you reach the wrist there will certainly be much less item. Then blur to the wrist with an additional bit of moisturiser.

6. Shield your hairline.
To stop tan clogging your hairlines and eyebrows (or tinting fair hairs orange, eek!), utilize a cotton bud to use a percentage of moisturiser or Vaseline to these areas.

7. Apply with latex.
If you don't have a tanning mitt wear latex gloves. They let you smooth the item onto the skin easily, without staining your palms.

8. Tan on your own slim.
When tanning your upper body, sweep your hand across your belly, making use of a curved activity. This gives a slimming impact. Result!

9. The towel technique for your back.
To tan your back solo, take a dark hand towel and squirt a reasonable amount of tanning mousse in the center of it. Then clean the towel backwards and forwards around the back, virtually like you're drying it. This will certainly cover those tough to obtain to establishments.

10. Avoid toothpaste rings.
Face your head down when brushing your teeth to prevent it marking the tan around the mouth.

11. Tackle perspiration with talc.
After tanning on a cozy night, dirt some talc on the underarms, inner elbows, back of knees and between the breast location. This stops dampness and sweating having an effect on the tan activation.

12. Take cold showers.
When you're using self-tan try and keep your showers cool down as hot water could stimulate the tan to break up much faster.

Monday, 19 May 2014

"Swedish style"

Which brand comes to your mind at the mention of "Swedish style"? We - Acne.Jeanswear brand began with a creative experiment. A group of young designers has developed a new design of jeans, and the first one hundred pairs were given to friends and relatives. Models relished their environment and become more orders. Today fashion brand stores can be found in every city in Europe! Oriflame - from Sweden with love!

Friday, 16 May 2014


The latest research methodologies Oriflame help define the visual signs of aging to effectively maintain youthful skin.

In fact that we get older, there are a lot of pluses. As you get older, we become wiser and more

If age has no effect on our appearance, and in particular - on the condition of skin! Quite impossible to stop this process, but significantly slow him and keep skin youthful for a long time - it is possible and necessary. Moreover, to the extent of how the modern science, do it becomes easier.

Here's what the experts say: Oriflame Skincare Holly Grenfell: "In every woman's life after 35 years once the day comes when she sees on her face what had not noticed before. Of course, these changes do not occur in one second, but we can do everything in our power to minimize damage to the age of collagen in the skin, to stimulate its production and reduce the severity of first wrinkles. "

Speaking of aging skin, we usually mean the outward signs. Size wrinkles, their depth, dry skin, which increases with age, redness, uneven complexion or dark spots. It is these signs we see from them and strive to get rid of at any cost.

Scientific approach to the care of the skin is to first find out exactly what the signs of aging are most influenced by the appearance and visually make us older. It is necessary to further targeted to influence them through some means or procedures for skin care.

Behind Oriflame - more than 45 years of scientific research and innovation. At the disposal of the company - not only the richness of the natural world and the latest trends in fashion and beauty, but also the latest technology. With its own research center, located in Dublin, Ireland, Oriflame is conducting research to create effective products for skin care.

To determine exactly what the signs of aging make us visually older Oriflame specialists have

Thus, having knowledge about the real age of women, as well as placing the results of focus groups and expert assessment, Oriflame experts were able to determine exactly what the signs of aging have the strongest impact on the visual perception of age and use this knowledge to develop new innovative and effective antiaging solutions skincare.

One of the priorities of the research center Oriflame is to work in the field of plant stem cells. Here is what this director of the Center for Research Mavon skin Allen: "In the course of research, we found that plant stem cells have potent effects on the skin. We have developed innovative complex contains peptides - amino acid molecules - that penetrate the skin and trigger the synthesis of collagen. The result is a double-acting product on the one hand, it increases the skin collagen production by 200% (scientifically proven!), And on the other - to prevent the destruction of collagen in cells, pushing the wrinkles from within. "

The ultimate goal of studies like Age Reflect - to ensure that any woman could find care product that is right for her. Using the latest technology, Oriflame creates products that allow women to look younger than 8 years (according to an independent evaluation of the focus group). So, enjoy all the positive aspects of age, without fear of the signs of skin aging.
developed an innovative research method for visual assessment of women age Age Reflect. The study took place in three stages. At the first stage pictures were taken of women's faces close-up with the apparatus Visia, which is used for the integrated analysis of the skin and complexion, but also helps to reveal the typical signs of aging. Then, each image is evaluated by experts in order to determine the signs of aging and age of the participants. Finally, the last stage of the same images were evaluated independent jury members to determine the age of the women in the photo.

experienced. In addition to age, we are less dependent on estimates and opinions of others,  and therefore it is easier to focus on what is really important to us .


Stylish, fashionable, figure reminiscent of Pippi Longstocking, she passionately committed to the ideas of conservation. Meet Vice President Oriflame quality and sustainable development Antonia Simon-Stenberg.

As the beauty industry coexists with the concept of sustainable development? The answer to this question knows Antonia Simon-Stenberg. Her job is to every day to prove: you can look great and do not feel guilty for the harm caused to the environment. Her work connects two of the world that are equally close to her: serious science and radiant glamor. Of course, this could not interest us, and we asked Anthony about her approach to beauty.

Connected between a beauty and sustainable development?

- Inseparable! We have just finished developing a new strategy for sustainable development, which involves the creation of a responsible approach to cosmetics. Our client should only think that what cosmetics she needs, and not worry about the ingredients that make up the moisturizer or lipstick.

Why did you decide to make a career in the beauty industry?

- I like the glamorous side of the business, as well as enjoy its mix of serious scientific and technical developments.

Success came quickly for Antonia, despite the fact that sustainable development - a project far from complete. But there is one achievement of the company Oriflame, which Antonia is particularly proud of:

- Recently we launched the first beauty brand that received certificates of all the world's leading independent organizations dealing with sustainable development (we are talking about a brand Ekobyuti - approx. Ed.). Inspiration nature and respect for the environment - the key to our product philosophy.

Tell us how you care for your skin

- Flawless skin - my main goal. And since I have already selected to the 40, I need so much care of the skin, which involves intense hydration. Of the products that I use constantly, I can name a mild remedy for cleansing, moisturizing day cream, nourishing night cream. I also regularly use a serum to improve skin tone and make her shine.


Almost a century ago, the capital was moved from St. Petersburg back to Moscow, but the reputation of a trendsetter city on the Neva never fade. Fashion Week in St. Petersburg Aurora Fashion Week, the official partner of the cosmetic company Oriflame made - another confirmation.
Everyone knows: Petersburg - city cloudy and windy. Therefore autumn collection here fully comply with seasonality: no weightless fabrics and micro-shorts, local fashionistas appreciate comfort. And that's what they will walk along Nevsky Prospect with the onset of cold weather.

Lovers of luxury fur coats in our country, the risk of suffering from armed cans of paint animal advocates far less than in Europe. But we look in the direction of artificial fur, which is not worse than the present warm. And now fashionable looks!

Several years ago when Chanel brought to the podium "coat of Cheburashka" fashionable society met their unexpected delight. Now take over the baton of our designers. Colored coats and wide scarves under the throat not only look great, but spared the family budget.

continue the list of "warming" trend: next fall in your wardrobe should be sure to dress warm appear unusual textures - of coarse wool. Dense fabric of which typically make coat unexpectedly profitable underlines the fragility of the female figure. Another trendy option - maxi dress with fur cuffs.

In the new color
absolute favorite next season will be orange - in a variety of shades. To count all the "tangerine" outputs at Fashion Week, do not have enough fingers and toes. So add to shopping list "little orange dress."

History repeats itself and makeup: most designers at the shows we saw shades of terracotta and coral on the lips of models. Image equilibrated marked eyebrows and 'clean' eyes, slightly accented ink.

Designers recommend clothed in radiant color from head to toe - for example, choose a dress shirt to mid-calf. If you're not afraid of fashion misses, try to master the technique of color blocking («color blocks"). Add a touch of turquoise and ocher drop let the main components of the image will be black and colored - only accents. If you can pick the right outfit, ready to take an avalanche of compliments.

Ideal smooth hair - a terrific alternative to the lush curls. This hairstyle will emphasize meticulously

Tighten tight ponytail. Grind a little between your palms and smooth styling products beaten out strands. Top certainly apply the product for extra shine hair - such as serum.

who closed Aurora Fashion Week show brand Walk of Shame, known for his ability to surprise. In the final show on the podium went topless model with phones in their hands. Girls having fun filming their faces to the front camera smartphone, thereby stating the audience that they are no longer silent clothes hangers. Collection was entrusted not only show a very tall skinny, but curvy girls with poportsiyami - the idea of designers extol the beauty of the female body of any size is good!

Allow yourself to be selfish, take care of yourself - this is the main trend we recommend that you borrow from the catwalks of Fashion Week in St. Petersburg today, without waiting for the autumn-winter 2015!

researched makeup, extravagant pullover or new earrings. However, with the usual office attire will look slightly dull.

NEW! Skin Optimals Energy By Oriflame

Give dull and tired looking skin an infusion of Vitamin C!

Regain your energy and radiance! Give dull and tired looking skin an infusion of Vitamin C.

It is proved that the new range of products for day Optimals Skin Energy helps skin regain its energy and radiance in just two weeks.

The products are based on the power of nature and science. One of the main ingredients is 50:50 Lingon ™, which neutralize the effects of oxidative stress caused by the environment, helping the skin to be more resilient and healthy, antioxidant protection because three times they offer.

50:50 Lingon Skin Energy combines Vitamin C, which has a role in preventing dehydration and boosting energy levels, default brightness.

Here's your little secret that will save these refreshing spring months:

Optimals Skin Day Cream SPF 10 Energy code 30649

Energy Skin Night Cream Optimals code 30650

Monday, 5 May 2014


Catching Fire is filled with inspiring looks. The natural beauty, and Capitol's darling, Karissa Evergreen give you inspiration for spring's hottest trends.

Karissa love braids, and either have your hair braided to one side or ranking in the shape of a crown on his head - a look that also appeared on the season views of Valentino and Viktor & Rolf. The trendy tresses will not go away in a hurry when we also got to see them on Mochinos spring and summer show for 2014, so load up with a few bottles of hairspray - this legendary look is one of spring's hottest.

Karissa' Capitols til "in Catching Fire, consists of a blackened eye makeup with a hint of metallic. Fortunately, we see lighter versions of the same style to spring and summer fashion show of Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Lanvin - applying an eyeshadow on the eyelid with a soft brush and a darker eye shadow along the upper and lower lash line, lower eyelid and the corner of his eye with an angled brush . Finish by dabbing a shimmering metallic eyeshadow on middle of lid with finger tips.

In comparison to the Capitol's outlandish makeup styles, is Karissa beauty look natural and simple-just like her personality. Jennifer Lawrence is known for its fresh and youthful appearance privately too. Her secret? Shimmering highlighter. Swipe gently over the brows and cheekbones.

Effie Trinket may not be everyone's beauty icon, but her creative nails inspire us. From shiny metallic nails to jeweled nail art. To get to the two-colored nail the look, start by painting your nails with a base color and then use a makeup sponge to apply a different color to the nail predictors. Piece of cake!



New England is praised for its timeless beauty that really shines up in the fall when the sun's gentle rays lit up the picturesque coastline and the fine trees with beautiful fall colors.
This is the birth place of the refined American style and in the fall, it looks like a perfect painting.

New England offers the most spectacular landscapes, towering trees with lush foliage that turns into a kaleidoscope of colors. Vibrant tones of red, gold, purple and orange glow over the landscape, which adds a deep sense of warmth to the cold climate. Locals trips elegantly down the streets in a classic fashion style inspiration from stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, or fashion brands Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Lexington. Just as beautiful as the region itself, their venerable style is characterized by the perfect fit, pretty dresses, classic chinos and natural makeup.

Be inspired by New England and its inhabitants in the fall for a simple yet sophisticated fashion and beauty style. By keeping the style simple choice, you can also achieve the timeless beauty that this region is so famous for.


The artistic minds behind the cult science-fiction films have created iconic styles with innovative interpretations of futuristic hair and makeup.
Jane Fonda seduces us with his hypnotic eyes, peach lips and her big hair like the heroine of the cult classic Barbarella of 1968. Her sexy style is a stark contrast to the somewhat strange appearance by Price (Daryll Hannah) in Blade Runner, with its glowing eyes and tousled bleach hair exudes her genuine cyberpunk.

The creative forces behind The Fifth Element showed us a similar vision with Leeloo's (Milla Jovovich). Her neon orange hair, innocent and enchanting coral eyeshadow, apricot-colored lips and glowing skin, resulting in one of the most captivating style of science fictions history.

We usually download inspiration for our fashion and beauty style from the past, but why not look ahead in time? The options are endless and there are no limits, so experiment with dramatic eyes, metallic shades and bold colors, and unleash your inner intergalactic goddess!


This month we celebrate this season's hottest color - pink. Feminine and sweet at the same time.
In autumn views were several designers who chose to focus on pink, but it was two shades that stuck out on the catwalk: pale powder pink and strong fuchsia. Whichever shade you choose, pink ultra feminine color that is definitely light up the dark autumn evenings.

Wear the color from head to toe - it will be the finest on the pink tones may go in the same color scale. Remember to mix different materials to create exciting contrasts and get the color to stand out. Pair the sugar-sweet color with light gray or black for a sleek and feminine fall style.

The best way to bring out the pink color is to select either the cheeks or lips.

Choose a strong pink color to give your cheeks a beautiful rosy effect. Apply blush with a small brush on the cheek highest point to get the perfect feeling that you have been out in the crisp autumn air. To give cheeks color and shape, apply a pale pink shade just below the cheekbone. Start at the ear and draw a sharp line forward, squeeze the blush brush and blend the blush.

Pink lips in combination with a neutral makeup gives a sober and sweet impression. Choose a baby pink shade in the day and a bright pink in the evening.

Tip! Choose pink in October! Pink ribbon will be your finest accessories - except that you are trendy supports also the important fight against breast cancer!


How does the modern man look like in the fall? Compatible Jonas Wramell, Oriflame's Global Beauty Artistic Director, brings you the hottest trends in male beauty.
What we look for trends in male grooming?
- The biggest trend is to take care of himself. The man is becoming more and more aware and concerned about their appearance and personally think it is fun to feel fresh and stylish. Interest in male skin care is increasing every season and beauty has become an important part of the daily routine. The man should be masculine, preferably with beard stubble and casually tousled, but whacked hair.

How does the modern man look like in the fall?
- We are inspired by a conscious, healthy and athletic man who lets his wild side shine through in the form of beard and messy hair. The modern man is well dressed and conscious at the same time he has a relaxed beauty style.

What characterizes the modern man?
- He has a personal style that he feels comfortable in, but he also likes to stand out. He is well aware that the inside and outside go hand in hand.

What are the key beauty products that a man should have in her makeup bag?
- In the fall when the skin gets a little drier, there are three key products if you want to look fresh and awake out, to get rid of dead skin cells, moisturizing face cream and eye cream for a soft and supple complexion. Also remember to replace the light summer perfume against a warm autumn scent that matches your personality. A concealer is never wrong to have in their land, perfect to get to if you want to cover red spots and dark circles under the eyes.

What fashion style is hottest in the fall?
- The ultimate garment in autumn is a thin black leather jacket, it allows you to match everything up!


Matching seasonal fashion style with spring's finest makeup looks. We've selected our favorites, now it's time for you to choose!
Now that you've updated vårgarderoben it's time to bring out the most important accessory to your new style: makeup! But what catwalk trends will you choose? Check out our guide to spring and summer's hottest beauty trends to suit you and your outfit.

leather, sequins and metal applications provides the rock-chic look a luxurious update - take this wet-look finish to your smoky eye makeup. Apply a steel gray eyeshadow closest to the lower lash line, on the eyelid and blur all edges and lines. Top off the look with some metallic shimmery eye shadow that you apply at the center of the eyelid and the closest to the inner corner. Exit eye makeup with black mascara.

Whether it's a classic Brigitte Bardot look or a rockier version, so each season offers an updated version of the graphic eyeliner. This spring we see a minimalist version, inspired by the season's simple silhouettes and lovely fabrics. Such a bold look requires a flawless base - base with a light foundation - and a really nice liquid eyeliner with a pen-like applicator. Start halfway across the eyelid, close to the lash line and finish with a blunt, slightly square-tipped.

The perfect makeup look to your bohemian maxi dresses, a girly look with a pastel pink eyeshadow for a beautiful impression. Sweep a matte pink eyeshadow all over the lid and blend upwards towards the crease. Wear with a light blush on the cheeks and a light pink lipstick. Check out our makeup video for a step by step by step guide to the perfect pastel look.

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Expert tips skin  beaming from head to toe. Here are the tricks that create the summer's most beautiful skin.
Beautiful clothes, icy strawberry drinks and freckles on her nose - Summer is coming! To give your skin the best possible start to the season we enlisted the help of Holly Grenfell, Skin expert at Oriflame, She  provides five simple but oh so effective tips on how we prepare for sun and skirt!


"When it gets hot it  increases both the skin's natural oil production and the flow of blood rushing to the skin and helps the body to cool down. This is when we sweat," explains Holly. "Sweating is good for the skin because the body is drained of excess fluids. But you need to wash them away. Otherwise there is a risk of clogged pores, acne, abnormal PH balance and inflammation," she explains, pointing out that sweat also increases the risk of sun damage. Opt for gentle cleaning products and pat skin dry.


"In addition to a waterproof sunscreen so is a lighter moisturizer good, happy with moisturizing hyaluronic acid" advises Holly. "Also try day creams for normal to combination / oily skin because they balance your skin when you sweat." Although the skin is perceived as fatter when it's hot, do not skip either the day or night moisturizer. "It is important to have a proper skin care routine to keep your skin in balance," says Holly.

Use a facial scrub and body scrub once a week to prevent the pores from clogging and to increase circulation. A cellulite creme thoroughly massaged into the thighs and buttocks, which may operate


Feet and hands need extra care when flat sandals and discount digging begins. Massage a hand or foot scrub and follow with a nourishing cream. And do not forget your lips. "Always carry a lip balm with SPF and use it often. This also applies to guys' tips Holly. If you swim in the pool so it is good to rub you with a richer cream. "The chlorine can break down vitamin E in the skin and dries out," she explained. Make it a habit to finish happy days with a shower and nourishing cream.


UV rays trigger pigmentation that causes the skin tone feels dull and gray. Investing smart in a face cream with SPF and always use sunscreen on exposed areas. For a safe burn is brown-tan top!
Today's versions quickly brings a natural and fresh shade. Lubricate the brows and hairline with a rich cream before so you will not have discolored hairs.

Clever sun care TIPS! while on holiday

Use proper sunscreen and enjoy the fresh suntan.

The ultimate proof of a successful holiday is measured, strangely enough, often through the tan. What we forget is that we cause skin damage and that, for every moment in the sun increases the risk of skin cancer and accelerate aging. Fortunately, there are many good sunscreens - for the usual skincare needs backup in the summer!

Holly Grenfell, dermatologist and with the Oriflame expert panel , have an eye on what Sun care we should look out for.

"Clouds do not protect against UV rays and both sand and water reflect the sun. If you are at heights or in countries near the equator where the distance to the sun is shorter increases the exposure of radiation," she explains

Sunscreens  protect against both UVA and UVB. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin and causes such as skin cancer and UVB gives the superficial damage on the skin. SPF only indicates protection against UVB.

"A double factor does not double protection. SPF 30 protects up to 96% against UVB, while SPF 50 protects up to 98%" says Holly. The sunshade will also have both a chemical and physical protection, thus both reflect the rays and prevent their absorption.

Today  more men than women have related skin cancer. "One reason is that they do not rub as much sun zone  as women," explains Holly. Creams can for the untrained perceived as difficult to get into evenly across the body. The sun zone is perfect. It is not sticky and does not stick to body hair.

Do not be stingy with the amount when you rub you.
"Customize it according to your size, but you can say a shot glass of cream for a normal built person.

If an accident occurs Holly has good tips. "Take a cold bath with oats and allow the skin to dry, lubricate yourself with pure aloe vera or bathe with cold black tea. Greek yogurt will give you 10% take down on redness and it heals."

Overdoing you that you will end up at a good level then we often take too little," said Holly. Smear yourself every one or two hours and more often if you are swimming or sweating.

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