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Saturday, 26 April 2014


We love the sun, it kicks off vitamin D production and make us more alert, but the sun's beautiful rays can also have a negative effect on our health. With our sunscreen guide, you can be confident and really enjoy the warm summer days.
According to the Radiation Safety is our sun habits probably the main reason why more and more affected by skin cancer. But it is possible to enjoy the sun while protecting against the sun's harmful UV radiation. We have talked to Dean Hickey, Oriflame Principal Scientist, to find out how you can be sunsmart.

Is the sun good for us?
Absolutely, to enjoy the sun in moderation does us good, it gives us energy and helps the body's production of vitamin D supplements. Unfortunately, the sun can also have negative effects on our skin, such as increased risk of wrinkles and pigmentation spots and, at worst, an increased risk of skin cancer.

How can I protect myself in the best way?
There are simple but important rules that we all must remember. First and foremost, make sure to limit time in the sun when it is strongest, at 11-15. Use protective clothing and a hat with a brim and sunglasses to protect your face and your eyes. And most importantly, use a reliable sunscreen every time you're out in the sun.

How do I choose the right sunscreen?
When it comes to choosing the right sunscreen is important to consider the following factors:

Time of day: you need the highest SPF between 11-15 o'clock when the sun is strongest.
Environment: snow, sand and water reflect up to 90% of the sunlight and amplifies the sun's harmful potential.
Skin type: if you have sun-sensitive skin or are very light, you should be careful in the sun and use a high SPF.
Weather: do not be fooled by the wind has a cooling effect, or cloud to pass a large portion of UV radiation. Use sunscreen!
Is it true that I need special sunscreen to your face?
Yeah, it's tailor-made sun protection for the delicate skin of the face. They contain nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and also has anti-aging benefits.

How do I apply sunscreen correctly?
apply suncream 20 minutes before going out in the sun - to allow the product to be absorbed and start working. Use a handful amount (about 30 ml) to cover the whole body. Protect especially ears, neck, hands and feet as well as areas that are rarely exposed to sun exposure.

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