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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


With winter behind us and a warming spring sun on your face, it made ​​for an update on the toilet bag. Replace doomsday colored eyeshadow. Maybe it feels overwhelming (and expensive ...) to invest in completely new? Psst! With professional advice, you can keep favorites and invest smart in products that make you company both in the spring and during the following summer and fall, very handy!

Start by emptying your toilet bag and add up everything in front of you. What do you use daily? What products will only take up unnecessary space? For an ultimate seasonal makeup bag dots you of these products:

Moisturizing face cream;

Softening all-in-allo-balm that fixes dry skin, lips and cuticles;

Light-reflecting, thin foundation;
Concealer to brighten under the eyes and cover blemishes;
 Bronze Powder.

Inspect your mascara and lip products. Smell the musty? Time to invest in a new. Mascara lasts about

Maybe you have a perfume perfect for winter with heavier and sweeter notes. Complete with a lighter variant that smells of summer flowers, for example, you have started your so-called "fragrance wardrobe". Perfumes last for years as long as you keep them cool and dark.

Time for a manicure! Dark shades are all very well, but now is a bright red, and a light pink polish a good prerequisite for nails suitable for all occasions. Fila fingernails round and coat the cuticle with a moisturizing balm for a chic hand.

3-6 months and can after that cause allergic reactions. Each time you open the sleeve will set oxygen dries out the product (avoid pumping the brush up and down). Lip products stay fresh for about six months, then change the color and bacteria collect in the sleeve. Tip! Before the warmer months is a glossy pink mouth matched at maxed volume lashes a hit!


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