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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


British fashion editor Alison Taylor guides you into the exotic world of dance. Experience the feeling of passion with salsa.
I see salsa and I see red. I see the passion and fiery women. I see the steamy heat and hot moves. I look pretty dresses and red lips. , I definitely want to be involved!

After the summer, I am in need of passion - I want to get into a little more red in my life, literally and figuratively. I start by buying a new red lipstick. The next step? I want to learn to dance salsa.

I realize on the very first lesson that it is clear that we all have our reasons why we chose this Latin American dance. The shy guy who wants to get more confidence, the woman who recently broke up with her boyfriend and wants to shake off the grief, the couple who are out on their first date, and so I - who are in search of a fun way to get in shape and experience something new and exciting. This is passionate and alive, and go deep into the soul. But will succeed salsa meet all our needs?

We are around 40 people and the class is held in the basement of "The Cuba Bar" (a perfect place where salsa originated from Cuba). The class kicks off and we are starting to warm up to the music (basic forward and backward steps) with the help of three teachers. That way, they can easily see what level we are at and split up into different groups.

I'm definitely a newbie so I end up in the beginners group and we begin with "Mambo" - where we practice the forward and backward movements. I will immediately think of the movie Dirty Dancing. I come into the fort - the music is driving and it is impossible to stand still.

Teachers are telling us not to focus on our feet, but the music and rhythm - that way we get to experience real salsa. After the end of the lesson, I can the basic movements and I've got with me a lot of good tips, like taking quick but short steps, and create movement with your hips and upper body. Everything is about being as sexy as we possibly can. A feminine dress, heels and red lipstick helps me get in the mood and bring out my sexy self.

Then we are asked to pair us - there are a lot of "singles" so it's no problem finding a dance partner. I paired up with Alex, a 20 year old guy who, by his own lack confidence and hope that salsa should make him a little more confident. While we dance teachers go around and correct any obvious mistakes and give us tips. I am told that I'm taking too big steps but I have a good natural rhythm, which makes me really happy. Then we change partners - women may move to the left - this feels almost like speed dating - I thought I would hate this but it feels actually very fun and social.

The final grade? After the end of the lesson - one and a half hours literally flew by, I've met really nice people, laughed, sweated and gained an understanding of some basic steps in salsa. I already know of all the benefits with salsa, I feel warm and happy. Moreover, it is a good form of exercise, legs, buttocks and abdomen have received a round and I really feel the day after. , I will definitely go there again! I asked one of the teachers why salsa is so special and he replied that it was a blend of Latin American music and the feeling that you get when you dance: "People love salsa because they can really feel it, it's like a feeling that takes over whole body! "

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