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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Oriflame Ultimate Feel the rush of a fragrance that pulses with energy and attitude

The only thing sexier than the sleek contours and refined power of a high-performance racing car is the man behind the machine. The epitome of cool, he is like a confident lion tamer in control of the steel and glass beast that moves beneath him with incredible speed and precision. Out of the car, this is a decisive individual whose bold
approach to life and ability to inspire those around him elevate his character to that of a new 21 st century archetype. Here is a contemporary man, succeeding and moving at an accelerated

The above characterisation helped Alexis Dadier, our perfumer, form the fragrance story behind the new alluring scent of Ultimate Eau de Toilette. “I thought of Gary Gabelich’s mythical Blue Flame
metal-rocket car, which he drove on salt flats to achieve the world’s land speed record in the seventies. The potent combination of the man and machine, blending with the rugged terrain around him was very evocative for me. I wanted to create an aspirational fragrance for a new kind of man”.
Our perfumer, Alexis Dadier, won the FIFI - “the Fine Fragrance Oscar” - for a prestigious French brand (Thierry Mugler) in New York.

Timut pepper is the exclusive signature ingredient conveying a fiery and dynamic character, and the basis of this scentfrom the woody aromatic family. This bright, vivid spice as the top note blends with
the salty watery heart notes before the dry ndown’s masculine accord of incense and patchouli lends an expressive, warm landing to the fragrance.
A perfect gift for your man on Valentine’s Day, here is a passionate, elegant Eau de Toilette that heralds a new generational man – one who is always ahead of the game

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