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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Beautiful illustrations in pencil, ink and watercolors are Lina Ekstrand's artistic features. Find out more about how she transformed her art form into an exciting Oriflame Cooperation.
Lina Ekstrand's creations can be seen at art shows, wallpaper, in magazine illustrations and even the artist collaborations. She is not only active in Sweden, in recent years she has also lived and worked in Berlin, London, Mexico and New York. Right now, the red-hot illustrator Lina Ekstrand current with Lina Ekstrand Collection. A colorful collaboration with Oriflame consisting of umbrella, poncho and scarf with Linas specially designed pressure.

"We asked Lina to develop a hot print that you can still wear all year round." explains Johanna Tosi Oriflame product manager and one of those who worked closest together with Lina in the collaboration. "She's an interesting new Swedish charts with happy, playful and inviting illustrations that fit our brand. It has been so inspiring to get into a professional illustrator and also get into her creativity in our approach."

Lina Ekstrand himself explains that she created a pattern that she wants to feel like a walk in a Swedish forest. "I wanted to be under the umbrella should be able to look up and know that you are out in the forest picking mushrooms in a sea of ​​leaves, because a second later, look forward and be back in an urban environment again."

"I have looked in the old bird books and has made trips to the forest where I picked branches and plants and studied how lövmattan is constructed. Nature is my biggest inspiration. Lately, I have also begun to meditate and it gives me a great deal, in addition, able to go into my own world and collect ideas and images. "

What was it that attracted her to do just this collaboration? "For me it's been fun working with the three-dimensional." explains Lina. "I have long wanted to work with the press this way., It is a great fun way to work and a contrast to the one-dimensional drawings and illustrations I do for commercial assignments and papers., I also think that a colorful umbrella with lovely details are a nice contrast and complement to the classic colors for this autumn. "

"Something else that attracts me with Oriflame is that one can believe it because it is a beauty company only deals with the surface, but for me it is inspiring that it actually also provides women in developing countries a chance to create their own income by selling their products., I think it is a shame that not more people know about that particular bit! "


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