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Saturday, 26 April 2014


What is the first thing we say when someone asks us if we exercise and eat healthy? "I do not have time!" Or maybe "I'm just too busy at work!" Who has time to go to a spinning class after a long day at the office, and when the children must be picked up at preschool?
Is lack of time, the biggest challenge women face today when trying to balance work with a healthy lifestyle? Not according Oriflame nutritionist and Wellness Expert Burčák Ulmer: "You thought I'd say time, but it's really not - not if health is a priority., The key challenge is to stay organized and maintain a routine that works."

A good first step is to define what we mean by "modern welfare". It's about keeping fit and eating healthy, yes, but that's not all. As Burčák points out: "If you are depressed or unhappy for any reason, it is just as harmful to your health as anything else. Ability to grow and invest in your relationships are also crucial for your health and longevity."

But is not this just one more thing that adds to the long to-do list? Not necessarily - this is where the clever bit comes into play. It's about being smart routines and combine different activities for double benefit. "Change intercourse with your girlfriend, sister or mother to a more active form, as men do," suggests Burčák. "Go out on a long walk around town or perhaps in the woods," she says. "My mom and I usually take a yoga class together and laugh at how inflexible we are., It is an experience that brings us closer to each other while we are active."

Modern well-being is about creating balance between work, family and leisure time, rather than setting unrealistic goals (which we are prone to do) and then feel distraught when we did not have time to workout three days at the gym.

"There is no reason to feel despondent, it is not constructive!" Said Burčák. "It's best to take a step back and analyze your situation. How can you say no to? What happens if you do that?"

Getting into exercise into your daily routine is a good solution. "Bring comfortable shoes to work and take a 20 minute walk at lunch, you will come back to the office with a renewed energy," suggests Burčák. "And if you want to start working out at a gym, make sure that it is close your home or job and they offer training that you love. If you love music, dancing and similar activities, then go to a gym that does not offer it. "

Food is the last piece of this puzzle that gives you better wellbeing. Burčák suggest that you invest some time to learn about nutrition and that you plan your meals for the week so you are not tempted to eat unhealthy. If you're smart, you can save money by thinking of your health.

She suggests a blender as a smart first investment. "Make smoothies, there is an easy way to eat your vegetables, which are an important source of magnesium, folic acid, iron, and a range of anti-oxidants." Her best tip? "Add a scoop of protein powder so saturating the smoothie tremendously. A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away."

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