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Sunday, 27 April 2014


We love the Australian actress Margot Robbie feminine style. Learn how to get to her natural makeup look.
Martin Scorsese's film The Wolf of Wall Street is undoubtedly the winter's most anticipated movie - so what could be more fitting than to celebrate the New Year with beauty inspiration from the female protagonist? Australian Margot Robbie plays the irresistible love of Jordan Belfort - played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a celebration cheerful financier and fraudsters who swindled Wall Street on several million during the 1900s.

Robbie changed his beauty style for his role as the seductive Naomi, but private is her beauty style simple and sexy with a focus on strong eyebrows, attractive lips and flawless skin. To get to Robbie's style is femme-fatale meets girl-next-door, we talked with the London baserade makeup artist Maxine Leonard, who works with Hollywood stars like Keira Knightley and Jennifer Aniston.


Are you jealous of Robbie's bold eyebrows which is a perfect contrast to her blonde hair all? "Use a brow shadow or pencil to fill in eyebrows," says Leonard. "Comb then eyebrows with a brush to blend out the product and make use of a wax to ensure that brynens shape stays in place."

When it comes to lipstick tends Robbie to avoid Hollywood's most common color: bright red. We often see her kissable lips in shades of pink. Leonard recommended that we use strong pink colors this time of year, when it looks softer against the winter's pale complexion.

Speaking of skin so we celebrate Robbie's flawless complexion that certainly depends on a good skin care routine, but you can get far with a little concealer! Apply to the cheekbones, nose and just below the chin. "This opens up the face and accentuates your best features in a natural way," said Leonard. "It's an easy way to freshen up tired vinterhy and is definitely the key to Robbie's delicious look."

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