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Wednesday, 23 April 2014



Which mascara brush fixes the neatest lashes? Here is the guide that will give you your dream rockers.

The almighty product is and remains perhaps the mascara. , Now available in hundreds of shapes and provides countless effects so it's time to check out the brush that does exactly what. And you! To get the most out of all kinds of mascaras, do not forget to curl the lashes before you paint them and avoid eye cream on bristles that make it difficult for the pigment to adhere. (Editor's choice: Eyelash pliers ).

Long tassels with fan effect. The lashes are separated and distributed in all directions and lashes look denser out. A bit like Jasmine in Aladdin !

One that catches all lashes and curl them by having long / short spikes each other in a sort of screw shape which is wider at the bottom and narrows at the top. It provides a denser, longer impression and spread the lashes upward / outward and inward (Editor's choice: GG Lash Mascara Panorama ).

Thick, retro fringed with volume. The mascara is built on multiple layers and the effect becomes intense color with thicker lashes. Swinging 60's!

A variant with many between long conical spikes. It will capture every single lash and make room for a lot of product to provide great with blacks and "verve" ( Picks: The ONE Volume Blast Mascara ).

Long lashes that are separated from one another and open up the eye.

A with short spikes on one side that you first brush lashes with (give bend and lift) and long on the other as you finish with the length. Brush upwards and outwards towards the temple. Imagine a beautiful beings with long lashes that still feels au naturel (Editor's choice: OB Wonder Lash Mascara ).


1 Place the brush close to the lash roots. Zigzag outward toward the top to work it into the mascara properly.

 2 For lump-free for lashes (yes we can!) You dab mascara on a smaller eyeshadow brush and paints eyelashes with it.

Tip !

If the lashes often comes off when you wash your face or if you had a period with a lot of stress / illness, you can obtain a nourishing lash serum or a mascara with extra nutrients to make them grow stronger and longer. The result is seen in about four weeks

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