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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Exercise that raises your motivation.

Let 2014 be your strongest and healthiest year! Tanja Djelevic, health coach and personal trainer, will share their best exercise that raises your motivation.
Tanja left Sweden and traveled to Los Angeles to finish her ​​psychology studies. Several years later, she works instead as a health coach and personal trainer. She has written training books, trained some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities and coached the Swedish Biggest Loser participants. "Exercise, dance and movement has always been in my life ever since I was very little., I did not think it was going to be my job, but I'm glad it happened," says Tanja. Training is first and foremost a form of therapy for me! I move every day which makes me feel good, feel strong and healthy. Also, I can help others to become strong and stay healthy. Right now there is a strong health trend, training and living healthy is now a given. "I think it's trendy because we actually are becoming sicker than ever. It's like a pendulum effect but hopefully we will be able to get into good balance," explains Tania.

What are the hottest health and fitness trends for 2014?
- Next year we will be seeing more hardcore workouts. Unfortunately, it can lead people to hurt themselves and then we can begin to see a wave of rehab training! A hot health trend superfoods! Raw materials with a high nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. They can help us to fight infections and slow the aging process.

Many have training as their New Year's resolution, how can they boost the motivation to really get started with training in January?
- I think it's important to realize that an investment in their health requires more than the motivation for the new year. It requires a dedication that extends beyond the end of January. You need support, new information, and a guide. The key may actually be to start walking AWAY New Year promises, and start making a full year commitment.

How do I find time to exercise?
- It is important to prioritize and plan their training!

Tips on good winter training?
- When I'm in Sweden I like to call power walks, interspersed with hot bikram yoga. I think it's a good break from muscle building.

Share your best training tips!
- You must have fun when you exercise! Book into your workouts with yourself, then it will be done! Set milestones and bigger goals, and put a plan on how to get there. Without a map, you will not finish! Just because half the neighborhood practicing CrossFit so it does not mean that you have to do it. Find your own thing! Train smart, meaningful and passionate!

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