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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


The colors you choose, from the color of your hair to the color of your socks, revealing more than you think. Here we investigate how different colors can affect your everyday life.
"Roses are red ..." so begins the famous love poem, which plays on the color that is associated with lust, passion and romance. But where exactly will these associations from, and how powerful are they? A few years ago, a research team at the University British Columbia an investigation to find out how color affects our way of thinking, and the result was striking.

People who performed the tasks in front of a blue background showed a more creative thought process, while those who were tested against a red background was more attention to detail and accuracy, rather than outward thinking. It is easy to link these results to the everyday cultural associations: Red is not just the color of love, it's also the color of alarm and danger, making us alert and aware. Blue and the other side is the calm color of the sea and sky on a beautiful summer day.

But according to Angela Wright, acclaimed color psychologist, consultant and author of The
Beginner's Guide to Colour Psychology, so is the color so much more than the eye can see. She reminds us that "Color is light, it is universal, not culturally, and the learned reactions are relatively superficial." We thought it was time to explore how color can influence our mood and behavior, and how we can make use of color to enhance our lives.


There is no "wrong" color when it comes to well-being - it's all about how you match it. Bring vibrant red for example: is it exciting or hostile, passionate or angry? It's all about the context in which you put it in.

"The history of red is that it is physically stimulating," explains Wright. "It raises blood pressure, gives the impression that time passes more quickly, and the temperature may rise." So whether you find the color red as energizing and exciting, aggressive and demanding, you can easily personalize the appearance of your color choice by experimenting with smart combinations. "People often choose strong color combinations on your clothes just because they want to stand out and be seen," says Wright. "But they do not realize that this may affect their well-being." So why not combine the fiery red dress with a rich, warm blue color instead of a cold, black color? Or take inspiration from Mother Earth and try to match the green color - a calm and sedate color - with vibrant blood red lips to give your color palette, a new energy. 


Our color selection may reflect a subconscious reaction to what is happening around us - how we

If gray is your natural state of mind, there are plenty of simple tricks that you can use if you want to lighten the mood a bit: bright lipstick and vibrant hair color brightens up. "When women go through an intense time color we often hair blonde, it's a natural impulse that acts as a counterpoint to the sadness," explains Wright. "And when a fiery woman feels that she does not get attention as the colors she often hair red!" Wright also suggest that you use neon colors if you want to feel a little more optimistic. "Synthetic colors can be a way to gain control over a chaotic time," she says. Get more energy with a festive nail polish or intense lipstick.
decorate our homes and the color of our clothes change from recession to periods of optimism, from gloomy winter days to warm summer days. Have you noticed that on display in shops are starting to get a dimmed mood lately, there's an explanation for it: "Gray is the color of restraint," said Wright. "The human instinct is the same as in the physical world: when our environment becomes gray, we would like to go to sleep." Wright does not think you are going to decorate the office in the somber tone: "You will only create an atmosphere that makes your staff feel sleepy!"


We often hear that we should eat food in all its colors to enhance our overall health - a mix of colorful vegetables, orange and red fruits together with brown and white in the form of cereals and milk products. Similarly, the colorful food to be the best for your emotional and physical well-being. "All our waking hours, we adapt psychologically to all the colors that we have in our environment and the color of our clothes," said Wright. "The eye can only perceive light of certain wavelengths, but we are in need of the colors in the entire color spectrum."

To get a real health boost, look through your makeup bag and wardrobe: there are colors from the entire color group, or you are stuck in a monochromatic color scheme? Do you feel that this season's bright colors are not quite your thing, you need not worry: it's not about to replace all of your dark clothes but simply adding a few colorful details.

"When we say that black is a safe bet, so it's not just that it can be paired with everything," explains Wright. "Black is the ultimate security solution. It absorbs all the energy coming towards you, and can literally protect you."

So, you should set off at a party where you do not know so many people can a black outfit really improve your self esteem. But Wright suggests that you can still add a touch of color - even if others can not see it so it can make a difference: "The simplest and easiest way is to use colorful lingerie to lighten up the heavy and dark energy as an all black wardrobe provides. "


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