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Friday, 11 April 2014

6 Ways How to Sell Oriflame for Easter

These are a few ideas about how to sell Oriflame by capitalising on Easter.  It's a great time of year - and you can use it to your advantage to boost YOUR sales.
I like to work on the KISS model - Keep It Simple Stupid  - so these ideas are simple, inexpensive to do and easy to copy

1.  What are you doing for Easter?
This is a great question to ask your customers.  This is an ice-breaker - even if you are relatively new to doing ORIFLAME.  Find out about what your customers are doing - it's a great way to build relationships and get to know your customers.
If they are going on holiday - why not say - "We've got these great new Sun creams and lots of toiletries - great for taking on your holidays"

2.  Check out the local school Easter Fairs.
If a local school or group are doing an Easter Fundraiser - why not donate a raffle prize of Oriflame goodies.  It need not be expensive, but a nice selection of products.  You can put your name/advertising details on the prize. 

3.  Easter Offers/Promotions
Why not do a special promotion to your customers for Easter - perhaps a "Spend £20 and get a free gift" or something similar.  There are loads of great ideas on our team wall or on my blog.  This will keep your customers happy and loyal to you.

4.  "Spring Clean your Make-Up bag"
Why not highlight to your customers (either chatting to them or in a short newsletter) about Spring Cleaning their Make-Up Bag - highlight things like "creating a fresh new look" or "get your feet ready for summer" or "the benefits of changing your mascara every 3 months or so."  Easter is a time where we think about spring - spring cleaning - and this does apply to make-up too.

5.  "I don't want a chocolate Easter Egg or Flowers this year!"
Instead of buying Easter Eggs/Flowers for teenagers/adults - why not give them an Chocolate wellness shake or chocolate snack bars?  Recommend this to your customers too.  Apart from the obvious benefit of Wellness products are fantastic.....they are not fattening (unlike chocolate unfortunately) and they don't wilt after a week (like flowers).  There is great for Men and children/teenagers alike.  Just think of a different slant - "LOVE Easter - LOVE Health"

6. “Place a sticker on the front of your catalogue / brochure with”
Show this brochure to your Family and friends, get a total of £130.00 in orders and you get a FREE Cleanser & Toner plus (current offer product) and £39 cash.

Hope that gets the old creative juices flowing or gives you some ideas for How to sell Oriflame at Easter.

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