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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Right now we are inspired by the boho-chic, wavy, slightly messy swell à la Jane Birkin and Marianne Faithful from the sixties. At Pucci's autumn catwalk we saw hairstyle including the IT model Cara Delevingne. In addition, the views include Kate Moss and Sienna Miller paparazzi pictures everywhere in the same nonchalant chic hair either long, thick bangs or with a center parting where the bangs grown out to frame the face.

To create the look:
1. Start by washing your hair with a volume shampoo. If you have thin hair you can have in a volume mousse in your hair when it is wet to get to the little rufsigare look.

2nd Blow dry your hair dry, but use a heat protecting product to avoid damaging your hair, attract the sedan with a large curling iron, hold the rod up and down parallel to the hair. In this way, you create soft loose curls with cases.

3rd When you attracted full hair can take a spray over it and then gently brush through the entire hair. Then use your fingertips to tousle your hair in a relaxed way. The loose waves need not be ruffled, but should also not fall perfectly.

4th Finish with a shine spray to give your hair the extra shine. Voilà!

Extra tip:
For the coming festivities, we combine the look with a marked eyeliner and nature partly lipstick!


The colors you choose, from the color of your hair to the color of your socks, revealing more than you think. Here we investigate how different colors can affect your everyday life.
"Roses are red ..." so begins the famous love poem, which plays on the color that is associated with lust, passion and romance. But where exactly will these associations from, and how powerful are they? A few years ago, a research team at the University British Columbia an investigation to find out how color affects our way of thinking, and the result was striking.

People who performed the tasks in front of a blue background showed a more creative thought process, while those who were tested against a red background was more attention to detail and accuracy, rather than outward thinking. It is easy to link these results to the everyday cultural associations: Red is not just the color of love, it's also the color of alarm and danger, making us alert and aware. Blue and the other side is the calm color of the sea and sky on a beautiful summer day.

But according to Angela Wright, acclaimed color psychologist, consultant and author of The
Beginner's Guide to Colour Psychology, so is the color so much more than the eye can see. She reminds us that "Color is light, it is universal, not culturally, and the learned reactions are relatively superficial." We thought it was time to explore how color can influence our mood and behavior, and how we can make use of color to enhance our lives.


There is no "wrong" color when it comes to well-being - it's all about how you match it. Bring vibrant red for example: is it exciting or hostile, passionate or angry? It's all about the context in which you put it in.

"The history of red is that it is physically stimulating," explains Wright. "It raises blood pressure, gives the impression that time passes more quickly, and the temperature may rise." So whether you find the color red as energizing and exciting, aggressive and demanding, you can easily personalize the appearance of your color choice by experimenting with smart combinations. "People often choose strong color combinations on your clothes just because they want to stand out and be seen," says Wright. "But they do not realize that this may affect their well-being." So why not combine the fiery red dress with a rich, warm blue color instead of a cold, black color? Or take inspiration from Mother Earth and try to match the green color - a calm and sedate color - with vibrant blood red lips to give your color palette, a new energy. 


Our color selection may reflect a subconscious reaction to what is happening around us - how we

If gray is your natural state of mind, there are plenty of simple tricks that you can use if you want to lighten the mood a bit: bright lipstick and vibrant hair color brightens up. "When women go through an intense time color we often hair blonde, it's a natural impulse that acts as a counterpoint to the sadness," explains Wright. "And when a fiery woman feels that she does not get attention as the colors she often hair red!" Wright also suggest that you use neon colors if you want to feel a little more optimistic. "Synthetic colors can be a way to gain control over a chaotic time," she says. Get more energy with a festive nail polish or intense lipstick.
decorate our homes and the color of our clothes change from recession to periods of optimism, from gloomy winter days to warm summer days. Have you noticed that on display in shops are starting to get a dimmed mood lately, there's an explanation for it: "Gray is the color of restraint," said Wright. "The human instinct is the same as in the physical world: when our environment becomes gray, we would like to go to sleep." Wright does not think you are going to decorate the office in the somber tone: "You will only create an atmosphere that makes your staff feel sleepy!"


We often hear that we should eat food in all its colors to enhance our overall health - a mix of colorful vegetables, orange and red fruits together with brown and white in the form of cereals and milk products. Similarly, the colorful food to be the best for your emotional and physical well-being. "All our waking hours, we adapt psychologically to all the colors that we have in our environment and the color of our clothes," said Wright. "The eye can only perceive light of certain wavelengths, but we are in need of the colors in the entire color spectrum."

To get a real health boost, look through your makeup bag and wardrobe: there are colors from the entire color group, or you are stuck in a monochromatic color scheme? Do you feel that this season's bright colors are not quite your thing, you need not worry: it's not about to replace all of your dark clothes but simply adding a few colorful details.

"When we say that black is a safe bet, so it's not just that it can be paired with everything," explains Wright. "Black is the ultimate security solution. It absorbs all the energy coming towards you, and can literally protect you."

So, you should set off at a party where you do not know so many people can a black outfit really improve your self esteem. But Wright suggests that you can still add a touch of color - even if others can not see it so it can make a difference: "The simplest and easiest way is to use colorful lingerie to lighten up the heavy and dark energy as an all black wardrobe provides. "


British fashion editor Alison Taylor guides you into the exotic world of dance. Experience the feeling of passion with salsa.
I see salsa and I see red. I see the passion and fiery women. I see the steamy heat and hot moves. I look pretty dresses and red lips. , I definitely want to be involved!

After the summer, I am in need of passion - I want to get into a little more red in my life, literally and figuratively. I start by buying a new red lipstick. The next step? I want to learn to dance salsa.

I realize on the very first lesson that it is clear that we all have our reasons why we chose this Latin American dance. The shy guy who wants to get more confidence, the woman who recently broke up with her boyfriend and wants to shake off the grief, the couple who are out on their first date, and so I - who are in search of a fun way to get in shape and experience something new and exciting. This is passionate and alive, and go deep into the soul. But will succeed salsa meet all our needs?

We are around 40 people and the class is held in the basement of "The Cuba Bar" (a perfect place where salsa originated from Cuba). The class kicks off and we are starting to warm up to the music (basic forward and backward steps) with the help of three teachers. That way, they can easily see what level we are at and split up into different groups.

I'm definitely a newbie so I end up in the beginners group and we begin with "Mambo" - where we practice the forward and backward movements. I will immediately think of the movie Dirty Dancing. I come into the fort - the music is driving and it is impossible to stand still.

Teachers are telling us not to focus on our feet, but the music and rhythm - that way we get to experience real salsa. After the end of the lesson, I can the basic movements and I've got with me a lot of good tips, like taking quick but short steps, and create movement with your hips and upper body. Everything is about being as sexy as we possibly can. A feminine dress, heels and red lipstick helps me get in the mood and bring out my sexy self.

Then we are asked to pair us - there are a lot of "singles" so it's no problem finding a dance partner. I paired up with Alex, a 20 year old guy who, by his own lack confidence and hope that salsa should make him a little more confident. While we dance teachers go around and correct any obvious mistakes and give us tips. I am told that I'm taking too big steps but I have a good natural rhythm, which makes me really happy. Then we change partners - women may move to the left - this feels almost like speed dating - I thought I would hate this but it feels actually very fun and social.

The final grade? After the end of the lesson - one and a half hours literally flew by, I've met really nice people, laughed, sweated and gained an understanding of some basic steps in salsa. I already know of all the benefits with salsa, I feel warm and happy. Moreover, it is a good form of exercise, legs, buttocks and abdomen have received a round and I really feel the day after. , I will definitely go there again! I asked one of the teachers why salsa is so special and he replied that it was a blend of Latin American music and the feeling that you get when you dance: "People love salsa because they can really feel it, it's like a feeling that takes over whole body! "



Learn the best tricks to easily reach your health goals for the new year.
Ahead of the New Year many of us are dreaming about a new healthier life. But for most of us it is difficult to change our lifestyle and additionally retain our new habits. Often we get tired targets that are too high and the dream falls apart faster than we can see some changes.
- With small changes, we can actually feel better, have more energy and look better for the new year, without feeling that we Sacrificing our entire lifestyle in the process, says Dr. Elizabeth Nordstrom, Wellness Nutritionist at Oriflame.


Elizabeth recommends: Drink plenty of water and take supplements!
- Beauty comes literally from the inside. A small step in everyday life is to use vitamins together with the meal. The only living part of your hair is the root. Imagine a plant, where the roots do not get nutrition; when the plant dies and leaves wilt.


Dietary supplement with iron, L-lysine and procyanidin give your hair and your nails best prospects for the new year.
Omega-3 from fish oil moisturizes and creates elasticity from the inside.
Try the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin (6000 times stronger than vitamin C). You also get built-in sun protection from the inside.


Elizabeth recommends: Take a break from everyday life!
- Many of us have sedentary jobs and forget to move us in everyday life. Try to walk 15 minutes during lunch. You get natural light, fresh air, and exercise that actually plays into the rest of today's well-being and effectiveness.


Set your mobile so you get reminders every hour. Write reminders that suits you, such as "Straighten Up", "Pause", "Take your legs," or "Drink a glass of water."
Choose the stairs instead of the elevator. Make it a habit.
Should you have a meeting? Take a walk together!


Elizabeth recommends: Eat Right!
- Eating right and provide the body with the right kind of energy is important whether your goal is to reach a certain weight, get stronger, faster, healthier, or just feel better!


Drink water instead of soda, beer, wine, juice, juice, milk, or soft drink.
Opt out white pasta, white rice and white bread, and instead choose whole grain products that provide long-lasting satiety and contains more vitamins and minerals.
Drink a shake between meals or when you feel cravings. It also helps to keep your energy levels up.
Most important, is to not give up, advises Elizabeth. Remember to note your successes, even if they are small.

Exercise that raises your motivation.

Let 2014 be your strongest and healthiest year! Tanja Djelevic, health coach and personal trainer, will share their best exercise that raises your motivation.
Tanja left Sweden and traveled to Los Angeles to finish her ​​psychology studies. Several years later, she works instead as a health coach and personal trainer. She has written training books, trained some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities and coached the Swedish Biggest Loser participants. "Exercise, dance and movement has always been in my life ever since I was very little., I did not think it was going to be my job, but I'm glad it happened," says Tanja. Training is first and foremost a form of therapy for me! I move every day which makes me feel good, feel strong and healthy. Also, I can help others to become strong and stay healthy. Right now there is a strong health trend, training and living healthy is now a given. "I think it's trendy because we actually are becoming sicker than ever. It's like a pendulum effect but hopefully we will be able to get into good balance," explains Tania.

What are the hottest health and fitness trends for 2014?
- Next year we will be seeing more hardcore workouts. Unfortunately, it can lead people to hurt themselves and then we can begin to see a wave of rehab training! A hot health trend superfoods! Raw materials with a high nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. They can help us to fight infections and slow the aging process.

Many have training as their New Year's resolution, how can they boost the motivation to really get started with training in January?
- I think it's important to realize that an investment in their health requires more than the motivation for the new year. It requires a dedication that extends beyond the end of January. You need support, new information, and a guide. The key may actually be to start walking AWAY New Year promises, and start making a full year commitment.

How do I find time to exercise?
- It is important to prioritize and plan their training!

Tips on good winter training?
- When I'm in Sweden I like to call power walks, interspersed with hot bikram yoga. I think it's a good break from muscle building.

Share your best training tips!
- You must have fun when you exercise! Book into your workouts with yourself, then it will be done! Set milestones and bigger goals, and put a plan on how to get there. Without a map, you will not finish! Just because half the neighborhood practicing CrossFit so it does not mean that you have to do it. Find your own thing! Train smart, meaningful and passionate!

Monday, 28 April 2014


Tennis star of the WTA share with us the secrets of professional body care.
As you know, professional athletes have always been a source of inspiration for the world of fashion and beauty. No one was surprised by the fact that Stella McCartney has breathed new life into Adidas - as the fact that a professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is constantly expanding the boundaries of the possible, speaking in posh tennis dresses Adidas by Stella McCartney.

But every woman is at the peak of physical fitness should help your body cope with stress. Hectic schedules trips, climate change, tap water, dried skin ... Even those of us who are not professional athletes agree that modern lifestyle affects the skin. But unlike athletes, we, ordinary people, more often suffer from lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet.

What we can compensate for these harmful effects? By binding the morning and evening cleansing procedures necessary to add moisture - and then taking care of the skin will result, says Tatiana Borges, senior brand manager Oriflame borrow care. She recommends products containing glycerin - one of the best moisturizers - and refreshing oil.

"Glycerine improves skin, making it smooth, soft and moisturizing it - in short, makes your skin beautiful. Peppermint oil gives a feeling of freshness and a boost of energy, and also helps to hydrate the skin. "

Since 2011, Oriflame is an official partner of the WTA. Let's see what the stars say about their tennis treatments.

Sora  Cirstea (Romania)

- To my skin was hydrated, I use a refreshing shower gels, creams and rich body oils. I'm a big fan of the spa, and when I have some free time, I like to try new kinds of massages, wraps, scrubs, well, or just go for a manicure and pedicure.

NASTASIA Pavlyuchenkova (Russia)

- For me, care consists of three simple things: scrub, sauna or hammam and body lotion!

PETER Kvitova (Czech Republic)

- My secret - healthy eating (or at least I try to), and, of course, cleansing and moisturizing the skin. In the morning I use a moisturizer for the face, and before bedtime always cleanse your face and nanoshu soothing night cream.

CATHERINE Makarova (Russia)

- For me important is a good shower gel and body lotion!

CAROLYN  Wozniacki (Denmark)

- I travel a lot and often take a shower, so I need products that take good care of my skin. My choice - care cream fragrant shower that gives me a burst of energy and gently cleanses the skin.

DOMINICA Cibulkova (Slovakia)

- I am concerned about the consequences of exposure to the sun. I always use sunscreen with a high SPF factor.

Sunday, 27 April 2014


We love the Australian actress Margot Robbie feminine style. Learn how to get to her natural makeup look.
Martin Scorsese's film The Wolf of Wall Street is undoubtedly the winter's most anticipated movie - so what could be more fitting than to celebrate the New Year with beauty inspiration from the female protagonist? Australian Margot Robbie plays the irresistible love of Jordan Belfort - played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a celebration cheerful financier and fraudsters who swindled Wall Street on several million during the 1900s.

Robbie changed his beauty style for his role as the seductive Naomi, but private is her beauty style simple and sexy with a focus on strong eyebrows, attractive lips and flawless skin. To get to Robbie's style is femme-fatale meets girl-next-door, we talked with the London baserade makeup artist Maxine Leonard, who works with Hollywood stars like Keira Knightley and Jennifer Aniston.


Are you jealous of Robbie's bold eyebrows which is a perfect contrast to her blonde hair all? "Use a brow shadow or pencil to fill in eyebrows," says Leonard. "Comb then eyebrows with a brush to blend out the product and make use of a wax to ensure that brynens shape stays in place."

When it comes to lipstick tends Robbie to avoid Hollywood's most common color: bright red. We often see her kissable lips in shades of pink. Leonard recommended that we use strong pink colors this time of year, when it looks softer against the winter's pale complexion.

Speaking of skin so we celebrate Robbie's flawless complexion that certainly depends on a good skin care routine, but you can get far with a little concealer! Apply to the cheekbones, nose and just below the chin. "This opens up the face and accentuates your best features in a natural way," said Leonard. "It's an easy way to freshen up tired vinterhy and is definitely the key to Robbie's delicious look."

Saturday, 26 April 2014


What is the first thing we say when someone asks us if we exercise and eat healthy? "I do not have time!" Or maybe "I'm just too busy at work!" Who has time to go to a spinning class after a long day at the office, and when the children must be picked up at preschool?
Is lack of time, the biggest challenge women face today when trying to balance work with a healthy lifestyle? Not according Oriflame nutritionist and Wellness Expert Burčák Ulmer: "You thought I'd say time, but it's really not - not if health is a priority., The key challenge is to stay organized and maintain a routine that works."

A good first step is to define what we mean by "modern welfare". It's about keeping fit and eating healthy, yes, but that's not all. As Burčák points out: "If you are depressed or unhappy for any reason, it is just as harmful to your health as anything else. Ability to grow and invest in your relationships are also crucial for your health and longevity."

But is not this just one more thing that adds to the long to-do list? Not necessarily - this is where the clever bit comes into play. It's about being smart routines and combine different activities for double benefit. "Change intercourse with your girlfriend, sister or mother to a more active form, as men do," suggests Burčák. "Go out on a long walk around town or perhaps in the woods," she says. "My mom and I usually take a yoga class together and laugh at how inflexible we are., It is an experience that brings us closer to each other while we are active."

Modern well-being is about creating balance between work, family and leisure time, rather than setting unrealistic goals (which we are prone to do) and then feel distraught when we did not have time to workout three days at the gym.

"There is no reason to feel despondent, it is not constructive!" Said Burčák. "It's best to take a step back and analyze your situation. How can you say no to? What happens if you do that?"

Getting into exercise into your daily routine is a good solution. "Bring comfortable shoes to work and take a 20 minute walk at lunch, you will come back to the office with a renewed energy," suggests Burčák. "And if you want to start working out at a gym, make sure that it is close your home or job and they offer training that you love. If you love music, dancing and similar activities, then go to a gym that does not offer it. "

Food is the last piece of this puzzle that gives you better wellbeing. Burčák suggest that you invest some time to learn about nutrition and that you plan your meals for the week so you are not tempted to eat unhealthy. If you're smart, you can save money by thinking of your health.

She suggests a blender as a smart first investment. "Make smoothies, there is an easy way to eat your vegetables, which are an important source of magnesium, folic acid, iron, and a range of anti-oxidants." Her best tip? "Add a scoop of protein powder so saturating the smoothie tremendously. A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away."


We love the sun, it kicks off vitamin D production and make us more alert, but the sun's beautiful rays can also have a negative effect on our health. With our sunscreen guide, you can be confident and really enjoy the warm summer days.
According to the Radiation Safety is our sun habits probably the main reason why more and more affected by skin cancer. But it is possible to enjoy the sun while protecting against the sun's harmful UV radiation. We have talked to Dean Hickey, Oriflame Principal Scientist, to find out how you can be sunsmart.

Is the sun good for us?
Absolutely, to enjoy the sun in moderation does us good, it gives us energy and helps the body's production of vitamin D supplements. Unfortunately, the sun can also have negative effects on our skin, such as increased risk of wrinkles and pigmentation spots and, at worst, an increased risk of skin cancer.

How can I protect myself in the best way?
There are simple but important rules that we all must remember. First and foremost, make sure to limit time in the sun when it is strongest, at 11-15. Use protective clothing and a hat with a brim and sunglasses to protect your face and your eyes. And most importantly, use a reliable sunscreen every time you're out in the sun.

How do I choose the right sunscreen?
When it comes to choosing the right sunscreen is important to consider the following factors:

Time of day: you need the highest SPF between 11-15 o'clock when the sun is strongest.
Environment: snow, sand and water reflect up to 90% of the sunlight and amplifies the sun's harmful potential.
Skin type: if you have sun-sensitive skin or are very light, you should be careful in the sun and use a high SPF.
Weather: do not be fooled by the wind has a cooling effect, or cloud to pass a large portion of UV radiation. Use sunscreen!
Is it true that I need special sunscreen to your face?
Yeah, it's tailor-made sun protection for the delicate skin of the face. They contain nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and also has anti-aging benefits.

How do I apply sunscreen correctly?
apply suncream 20 minutes before going out in the sun - to allow the product to be absorbed and start working. Use a handful amount (about 30 ml) to cover the whole body. Protect especially ears, neck, hands and feet as well as areas that are rarely exposed to sun exposure.


Strong and bright colors ruled the 90s. Twenty years later, the brilliant colors a strong comeback.
The unforgettable neon trend got the powerful colors in rainbow hues that dominate the fashion and beauty world in the early 90s. The period is characterized by strong pink lips, neon colored nails and powerful electric colors.

In the late 90's got the neon trend yield to the casual grunge look with monochrome shades which made the brilliant colors became a distant memory. Purple, smoke gray and rich brown tones pioneered the minimalist beauty style à la Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in the popular television sitcom Friends.

Neon colors is comeback lights up the dark autumn evenings! Dare to revamp your wardrobe and makeup palette with bright, bold and unexpected colors. Balancing the strong colors with subtle shades for a fresh and updated version of the 90s.


In spring, the fresh and natural complexion in the spotlight and this makeup look is perfect for the new season. Glowing complexion, rosy cheeks and kissable pink lips. Learn more about the look in our step-by-step guide.


Start by applying a thin layer of BB Cream on your skin - it's easier than foundation and perfect for hot summer days when it evens out skin tone but allows the skin's natural radiance shine through

2 COLOR cheeks

Make use of a lovely and warm pink blush, sweep over the cheeks to give them a subtle summer glow.


It's also nice to dab a highlighter on the cheekbones to open up the face and defining your bone structure on a soft and elegant manner.


Apply a shimmery lipstick in a bright pink tone to complete this beautiful look that is perfect for spring


Be inspired by some of the best looks from London Fashion Week autumn / winter 2014 and learn how you get them home.

Natural and simple minimalism was one of the biggest trends, with flawless skin and natural, almost invisible makeup. But there were also more daring trends, playful versions of classics like the smoky eye makeup and red lips. The hair was simple and combed into side parting, with either a glossy or tousled finish.

1 Daks showed off a simple but elegant and minimalist look with shiny hair and natural makeup. Apply moisturizing foundation and define your cheekbones with a bronzer and highlighter. Paint a white eye pencil on the lower waterline to create a more awake look (perfect a Monday morning!) Finish with mascara and pink lip gloss. Pull your hair back and put it behind your ears and finish with a serum or hairspray.

2 Instead of using black House of Holland green or metallic blue shimmering eye shadow to give the smoky eye makeup a bold party look. Use a metallic shimmering eyeshadow and put all the focus on the inner and outer corner of the eye. Complete the look with black eyeliner and mascara.

3 No AW without red lips! Matthew Williamson showed off the best looking variant with glossy, dark red lips. Together with a light bronze eyeshadow and a glossy ponytail. Recreate the look with a burgundy lipstick and transparent lip gloss. Apply a bronze colored eye shadow, and frame your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil. Flat steam your hair (do not forget the heat!) And place it in a low ponytail, get a smooth surface with the help of a little hårserum. Which trend will you fall for? Description: Lovisa Rousu Photo: Getty Images

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Be inspired by our favorites and create the perfect party look. We have picked out the winners directly from the Red Carpet!
It was surprisingly much skin at the MTV Movie Awards - and we're not just talking about Zac Efron in a shirtless. Besides a natural makeup look, it was the shimmering complexion who ruled. The key words were less is more, which otherwise is so rare in Hollywood. Glamorous Hollywood Glamour with curly hair swept to the side also played a big role. Here are our five favorite trends:


Jessica Alba was beautiful in her sun-kissed look, while Rihanna showed off bronsig makeup, long legs and long, long fringes. Bronze Powder and volume mascara is a must if you want to get into a powerful look this season.


Holland Roden invested in fuchsia and Kat Graham shone in bright tangerine. Bold lips are not necessarily colorful - find your signature shade that complements your colors and your personality.


Ellie Gouldings natural makeup look was a winner. Start with a sheer foundation and apply a nude


All shades of gray dominated this evening. Mila Kunis and Katie Upton went for a bold sooty eye makeup and Lupita Nyong'o wore a shimmering silver shadow that fitted perfectly to her colorful Chanel dress. Choose a cream eyeshadow to get the right effect.


Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, and - somewhat surprisingly - Snooki was all polished to perfection. Although a perfect hairdo looks good on the red carpet is a little more disheveled and casual look more portable outside the limelight.

Makeup deluxe or naturally - which is your favorite?


The concept of power dressing was coined in the 80's when successful women claimed their place in the business world by making use of their style of dress to signal their power.
Someone who was well aware of the power dressing was England's first and only female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. She was not only a pioneer in politics but also in vogue. She ruled the country with her signature genomic bubbly - bespoke suit with padded shoulders, pearl necklaces and tie blouse. She really set the bar for how successful women in leadership positions now dress to accentuate their power.

Another woman who was thought to be fashion-forward for its time was Princess Diana. She made an own interpretation of power dressing and chose a modern and youthful style that made her a style icon that we still inspired.

TV shows like Dallas and Dynasty and the film Working Girl really showed a clear relationship between fashion and power.

The suit still serves as a marker of power, and this season powersuiten reigned on the catwalk. 

Dress to Impress!


One beauty trend that return every spring and summer is the minimalist and
natural makeup look. This season is stronger than ever! Get Inspired by actress Rebecca Ferguson, supermodel Mini Andén and Let's Dance-current Kenza Zouiten who cottoned on to the trend.
The secret to this look is to accentuate their natural beauty and apply makeup in a way that makes it look almost unflinching out. Jonas Wramell, Oriflame's Global Beauty Artistic Director, reveal the tricks that fixes the look!

FACE. foundations for the natural look is a flawless complexion with radiance. Make use of a sheer foundation or a light BB cream and apply only on the areas you want to cover. Hide dark circles and blemishes with a concealer, apply even a little on the eyelids to neutralize the skin tone. Choose a shade just a bit lighter than your own skin tone. Apply concealer using a brush for minimal coverage. Finally, apply a little cream blush to the cheek highest point, choose a pink or peach shade that gives the skin a natural freshness.


EYES. Emphasize your eyes with an eyeliner pencil that you paint thinly closest to the lash line. The trick is to use a brown eye pencil instead of black, it gives a more toned-down and unpainted impression. To give your eyes some depth, you can apply a taupe eyeshadow on the eyelid. Bend the lashes with an eyelash curler and finish with a little mascara. Brush the brows and fill them as needed with an eyebrow shadow. For that little extra - apply a white eyeliner pencil inside the lashes on the lower lid for a spirited and alert eyes.

LIPS. Get to soft, well-groomed lips. Begin by scrubbing them gently with a damp towel, then apply a lip balm for a smooth and easy impression. Want some more intensity, you can garnish with a lipstick that matches the natural color of the lips, dab on with your fingers for a subtle sheen.

While the hair should look relaxed out. We propose naturally released with a few drops of oil sheen in the tops for a nice sheen.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Learn how to get to this spring's feminine and romantic makeup look! We met Frédérique Jacqmarts, the chic French Brand manager for our makeup brand Very Me, which will guide you to this season's romantic look ... with a personal touch.
Tell us about your background.
- I studied in France, then I moved to London, where I lived for two years. I worked for Oriflame for some years as Product Manager for Oriflame Beauty ( Now The ONE), and when Oriflame opened an office in Stockholm, I decided to accept the challenge. Stockholm has a very good reputation when it comes to trends and design!

What is the charm of this spring's romantic look?
- It's a feminine, romantic mix with a modern touch.

Which shades to choose?
- This spring is all about getting into a soft and feminine look. You can really see this trend emerging on the catwalk! Opt for pale pink, plum shades and shimmering blue tones.

How do I get to the perfect romantic makeup look?
- Create a consistent basis with a light moisturizer and a foundation with SPF to even out skin tone and add radiance. Apply a thin layer of light powder over the nose, cheeks, forehead and jaw line to fix the makeup. For the eyes I choose a soft sweeping. Finish with mascara and pink glossy lips. One of my favorite products is a glossy and moisturizing lip gloss. (Editor's Picks: The ONE Power Shine Lip Gloss in Soft Pink). Apply gloss on the center of your lower lip with an applicator and press his lips together. This gives you the perfect amount of gloss on the lips What beauty products can you not live without?
- All the products I mentioned above ... I like to keep my skin healthy as long as possible. I tend to use more highlighter or bronzer to accentuate the facial structures - it gives a healthy look.

We can make use of makeup to accentuate our personality?
- Naturally! To me, makeup is the perfect tool for that. You can enhance your personality and customize and change your look to suit your mood and situation


Beautiful illustrations in pencil, ink and watercolors are Lina Ekstrand's artistic features. Find out more about how she transformed her art form into an exciting Oriflame Cooperation.
Lina Ekstrand's creations can be seen at art shows, wallpaper, in magazine illustrations and even the artist collaborations. She is not only active in Sweden, in recent years she has also lived and worked in Berlin, London, Mexico and New York. Right now, the red-hot illustrator Lina Ekstrand current with Lina Ekstrand Collection. A colorful collaboration with Oriflame consisting of umbrella, poncho and scarf with Linas specially designed pressure.

"We asked Lina to develop a hot print that you can still wear all year round." explains Johanna Tosi Oriflame product manager and one of those who worked closest together with Lina in the collaboration. "She's an interesting new Swedish charts with happy, playful and inviting illustrations that fit our brand. It has been so inspiring to get into a professional illustrator and also get into her creativity in our approach."

Lina Ekstrand himself explains that she created a pattern that she wants to feel like a walk in a Swedish forest. "I wanted to be under the umbrella should be able to look up and know that you are out in the forest picking mushrooms in a sea of ​​leaves, because a second later, look forward and be back in an urban environment again."

"I have looked in the old bird books and has made trips to the forest where I picked branches and plants and studied how lövmattan is constructed. Nature is my biggest inspiration. Lately, I have also begun to meditate and it gives me a great deal, in addition, able to go into my own world and collect ideas and images. "

What was it that attracted her to do just this collaboration? "For me it's been fun working with the three-dimensional." explains Lina. "I have long wanted to work with the press this way., It is a great fun way to work and a contrast to the one-dimensional drawings and illustrations I do for commercial assignments and papers., I also think that a colorful umbrella with lovely details are a nice contrast and complement to the classic colors for this autumn. "

"Something else that attracts me with Oriflame is that one can believe it because it is a beauty company only deals with the surface, but for me it is inspiring that it actually also provides women in developing countries a chance to create their own income by selling their products., I think it is a shame that not more people know about that particular bit! "



Which mascara brush fixes the neatest lashes? Here is the guide that will give you your dream rockers.

The almighty product is and remains perhaps the mascara. , Now available in hundreds of shapes and provides countless effects so it's time to check out the brush that does exactly what. And you! To get the most out of all kinds of mascaras, do not forget to curl the lashes before you paint them and avoid eye cream on bristles that make it difficult for the pigment to adhere. (Editor's choice: Eyelash pliers ).

Long tassels with fan effect. The lashes are separated and distributed in all directions and lashes look denser out. A bit like Jasmine in Aladdin !

One that catches all lashes and curl them by having long / short spikes each other in a sort of screw shape which is wider at the bottom and narrows at the top. It provides a denser, longer impression and spread the lashes upward / outward and inward (Editor's choice: GG Lash Mascara Panorama ).

Thick, retro fringed with volume. The mascara is built on multiple layers and the effect becomes intense color with thicker lashes. Swinging 60's!

A variant with many between long conical spikes. It will capture every single lash and make room for a lot of product to provide great with blacks and "verve" ( Picks: The ONE Volume Blast Mascara ).

Long lashes that are separated from one another and open up the eye.

A with short spikes on one side that you first brush lashes with (give bend and lift) and long on the other as you finish with the length. Brush upwards and outwards towards the temple. Imagine a beautiful beings with long lashes that still feels au naturel (Editor's choice: OB Wonder Lash Mascara ).


1 Place the brush close to the lash roots. Zigzag outward toward the top to work it into the mascara properly.

 2 For lump-free for lashes (yes we can!) You dab mascara on a smaller eyeshadow brush and paints eyelashes with it.

Tip !

If the lashes often comes off when you wash your face or if you had a period with a lot of stress / illness, you can obtain a nourishing lash serum or a mascara with extra nutrients to make them grow stronger and longer. The result is seen in about four weeks


With winter behind us and a warming spring sun on your face, it made ​​for an update on the toilet bag. Replace doomsday colored eyeshadow. Maybe it feels overwhelming (and expensive ...) to invest in completely new? Psst! With professional advice, you can keep favorites and invest smart in products that make you company both in the spring and during the following summer and fall, very handy!

Start by emptying your toilet bag and add up everything in front of you. What do you use daily? What products will only take up unnecessary space? For an ultimate seasonal makeup bag dots you of these products:

Moisturizing face cream;

Softening all-in-allo-balm that fixes dry skin, lips and cuticles;

Light-reflecting, thin foundation;
Concealer to brighten under the eyes and cover blemishes;
 Bronze Powder.

Inspect your mascara and lip products. Smell the musty? Time to invest in a new. Mascara lasts about

Maybe you have a perfume perfect for winter with heavier and sweeter notes. Complete with a lighter variant that smells of summer flowers, for example, you have started your so-called "fragrance wardrobe". Perfumes last for years as long as you keep them cool and dark.

Time for a manicure! Dark shades are all very well, but now is a bright red, and a light pink polish a good prerequisite for nails suitable for all occasions. Fila fingernails round and coat the cuticle with a moisturizing balm for a chic hand.

3-6 months and can after that cause allergic reactions. Each time you open the sleeve will set oxygen dries out the product (avoid pumping the brush up and down). Lip products stay fresh for about six months, then change the color and bacteria collect in the sleeve. Tip! Before the warmer months is a glossy pink mouth matched at maxed volume lashes a hit!


In late March, we turn the clock ahead and refilling for the spring season with a brand-new updated elegance appearance. Go with a natural freshness and brilliance with sheer shades that evoke bloom of springtime to life. Jonas Wramell, Oriflame's International Elegance Artistic Supervisor, will certainly discuss their finest suggestions that will make you ready to encounter the brand-new period.

During the wintertime it was the carpet who ruled, yet in the spring we grab a sheer foundation with light-reflecting pigments that give the skin a wonderful glow. Apply from the middle of the face and work your way outward. Amplify the impact with a highlighter in the very same color as your complexion, use on cheekbone highest point. Hide dark circles and blemishes with a concealer.

There is gold fever in the spring! Dazzle your environments with a gold shiny eye makeup. Use a gold eyeshadow to the entire eyelid, for ideal impact, with a light shade closest to the internal edge and an eclipse of the eyelid. Finish with a slightly mascara on the lashes and hold the rest of the makeup simple with just a slightly lip balm on your lips.

For a simple and sheer look it behaves to accentuate lips with a creamy lipstick in a trendy pink tone evocative a gorgeous tulip bouquet. Put on the lipstick with your fingers for a relaxed perception or shallow with a lip pencil and afterwards use the lipstick with a brush for a more intense shade.

After a long, dark winter require your winter dull cheeks a slightly color and revived energy. It repairs easily with a coral tinted lotion blush that gives the skin an organic, stunning glow. Apply blush on the cheek acme of utilizing your fingers to the sensation that you have actually simply been for a stroll outside in the beautiful spring weather condition.

Our watchwords are wonderfully cleaned nails, in timeless natural hues such as dull pink and beige.

After a long, dark winter, we intend to make use of every sunbeam that spring needs to offer. However the sun can be actually strong the first couple of days of spring season so make certain to shield your winter months dull skin with a sunlight cream or a BB lotion with a higher SPF that protects as well as out complexion.

Spring period means not just a re-makeup look, even fragrance wardrobe needs to be changed. Accept your womanhood with an elegant fragrance that has clear citrus notes in the leading, floral mid-tones and a base with timber components. Timeless and sophisticated!

However, placing the long winter of their tracks and nails require a little additional treatment. Relax follicles with a nourishing nail oil, apply a building up nail gloss on the nails and renew your hands with a hand lotion.

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