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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Create the Smokey Eye Oriflame Cosmetics

 Gary Cockerill created that high-impact Hollywood  look.
In summary the aim here is to have a flawless complexion coupled with a classic smoky eye,
achieved by using jewel-toned colours and dressed up with an unusual striking lip.
You may not believe that it is possible to combine this powerful eye with the impactful lip colour,
but keep reading to see Gary’s secret revealed.

Create the Smokey Eye

Use a translucent powder under the eye to protect the skin and prevent any fall-out.

1. Fill the inner corner of the eye with a light eye shadow to create a good base and brighten the eye.It’s important to use a wide brush for application. 
 2. Fill the middle colour over the centre of the eyelid and feed it into the crease, taking care to
keep it classic, try not to go too high up under the eyebrow bone.
3. Add definition and depth by adding a dark shade to the outer corner of the eye and create balance by bringing the colour slightly beneath the eye.

 4. Apply eyeliner to the uppereyelid taking it the whole length and then keep working it on the lower-lash line starting from the outer corner.

 5. Finish off with a black-khol pencil in the waterline to add real drama. Ensure to coat the line well, so as to avoid any skin coloured spaces.
6. Finish the eye with volumising mascara. Ensure to apply the mascara to the root of the eyelash by slowly pulling the colour to the tips of the lashes.

7. It is important to remember that less is more here. The cheeks only need a bare dusting of colour
just to slightly emphasize the area just beneath the cheek bones


 On the bottom lashes use a tissue to prevent any smudging.
  Try not to pump your mascara as it will fill with air and dry it out.

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