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Monday, 31 March 2014

The Perfect Physical body is within reach!

Reclaim your confidence!

Stretch marks could definitely influence the method you feel approximately
your physical body. Yet with Perfect Body Anti-Stretch Mark Serum,.
you could win the battle and once more dropped happy in the skin you are in!".
shares Emma Kearney, POSTGRADUATE DEGREE.

What can Perfect Body Anti Stretch Mark Cream carry out you?

Strict professional examination has actually shown that Perfect Body.
Anti-Stretch Mark Lotion could noticeably lessen alreadying existing stretch marks. Their size.
is decreased and their color faded.

How does the cream work to decrease the stretch marks?

This lavish lotion includes our special Ori-Repair Complex, superior with.
the following crucial ingredients:.

- Phytokine to smoothen and mend stretch marks.

- Sugary food almond oil to assist secure and nourish. your skin.

- Shea butter to leave your skin feeling soft and. smooth.

How you can utilize?

Use the serum everyday to locations most likely to be influenced.
(stomach, busts, upper legs, hips). Appropriate for usage additionally when expectant.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Trendy watch, extra long length pink coloured,

Fashionable watch, added long size pink tinted, imitation leather strap and glass housing.

Pink is among the declaration colours of this season. You could
view it everywhere, from coats, skirts to bags, devices you call it.

If you are a charm and style abuser, then this watch is
for you. Strappy watches are also extremely hip this period, and having it in pick
is the perfect suit.

The contemporary white face features sleek, raised hr markers.
The watch crown, likewise in silver, could be made use of to readjust the moment. The synthetic leather strap
is expertly side-stitched and includes a safe clasp.

The colourful watch is the ideal spring season accessory that could
make any type of clothing pop, and now can be yours for simply £7.95 with a £20 spend

Flexibility is vital for any mums wanting to go back to function.

Flexibility is vital for any mums wanting to go back to function.

"New mums wish to go back to function and have a career but alone terms, baseding on a questionnaire for the global elegance business Oriflame.".

The questionnaire found that a function that is pliable is a crucial element for any woman choosing about part-time work after having children. Nine from ten stated they wanted to earn money, leave your home, be independent however also have time to invest with their youngsters.

Oriflame regional manager, and mum-of-two, Wendy Rogers shared:.

"I left my work working full-time in a bank, making good money, when I was 29 weeks expectant. I made the choice not to return and to work to become a regional manager with Oriflame to ensure that I could match work around my family. After I had my infant, I had 3 weeks off and then placed her in the car and off we went. By the end of the year I was a regional manager and was gaining the same money I had actually been earning at the bank.".

Oriflame-- the Swedish beauty firm-- is motivating brand-new mums and women who now want to go back to function to think about coming to be a professional in direct sales as the job enables self employment, functioning the hrs you identify and also it allows them to offer to their area.

The heading lookings for from the survey:.

90 per cent thought that flexible working would certainly urge brand-new mums to return to collaborate with 52 each cent claiming more assistance from companies would certainly be a crucial element.

86 each cent shared that the most significant consideration they offered to going back to work was a pliable role that matched their commitments in the home.

58 per cent do not assume there is currently more than enough assistance offered to assist mums return to work.

60 each cent share pliable hours would certainly be the most crucial versatile working factor in urging them to return to deal with 17 per cent claiming working from residence was crucial.

Jaime Fouché, of Oriflame included: "It's clear from our findings that exactly what is avoiding many brand-new mums from returning into the workplace is the inflexibility of duties not a disinclination to function. Many intend to work in some ability yet find that traditional employment is not prepared for this. "Our very own figures reveal that part-time parts like direct selling are ending up being progressively preferred as an alternative income source thanks to the adaptability they offer-- individuals can function the hrs they wish suitable it around their youngsters and various other dedications. Several of our professionals like Wendy have made an effective lasting profession from it whereas others prefer to gain an additional earnings on a short-lived basis until their youngsters start institution."

Oriflame Perfumes/Fragrances/Scents

Oriflame Perfumes/Fragrances/Scents

"Perfume or parfum is a combination of great smelling important oils or fragrance substances, fixatives and solvents utilized to give the human body an enjoyable scent."-- Baseding on Wikipedia.

A scent could set off a smile, make you fall in love or establish the state of mind. Your preferred fragrance could whip you away on an emotional journey and transport you back to your most treasured memories. The selection of Oriflames fragrances suggests you'll never ever have to do without the ideal scent for the ideal celebration.

Oriflame is committed to top quality which means that every fragrance is the creation of the world's finest and most reputable perfumers, that make use of simply the finest essences and vital oils.

Oriflame perfumes won 3 FIRST PLACES' at the International Perfumery Awards 2008 beating off competitors from the globes leading perfume houses. They were Amethyst Fatale, Petal Quartz and Diamond Musk perfumes.

Oriflame produce Female's, Men's, Youthful and Limited Fragrances. Oriflames Limited Life fragrances are readily available momentarily as exclusive deals, enthusiast's versions or seasonal items.

Wellness by Oriflame-- Boost your gaining prospective with Wellness items

All of us want to be healthy, enthusiastic and favorable however in today's culture it could be very challenging to have the lifestyle and the diet which our bodies are developed for. In order to enhance our quality of life and also our lifetime and also protect against conditions we have to have an active way of life and a highly nourishing reduced calorie diet regimen. Nutrients are as essential as standard elegance products for keeping skin beauty and counteracting the ageing procedure as well as supporting basic wellness. Along with world-renowned leading Swedish experts and dietary specialists, Oriflame have created Health to aid the modern-day individual to attain this equilibrium. Health by Oriflame is an unique assortment of nutritional supplements.

All items and suppliers have actually globally set up and identified high quality credentials and therefore you could be guaranteed of the highest quality and proven safety of all Health items.
5 points you may not know concerning Wellness by Oriflame

Health by Oriflame items are now sold in 44 countries around the world.
WellnessPack Female recently ended up being Oriflame's very popular item.
A Wellness product is purchased every 5 secs-- with over 6 million sold in the last year alone.
Health has increased much faster over the last 5 years compared to any other rival in the wellness world.
This is simply the starting !!!

The Wellness Item Variety

Natural Balance Shake
The Natural Harmony Shake is the result of greater than 8 years of comprehensive research by leading experts in Sweden concentrated on boosting patients' recuperations after lung or heart transplants. The shakes are scientifically verified to assist fat loss and weight maintenance when used with the Health Roadmap (The roadmap is a system based around organic equilibrium trembles and way of living referrals which has actually been technically examined for over 3 years with effective and durable outcomes). It helps lower appetite, cravings and sugar yearnings, whilst assisting healthy and balanced weight-loss and gives maintained power. The shakes are made with all-natural nutritional ingredients which are abundant in fiber, high in healthy protein and Omega 3 and low GI.

WellnessPack Female & WellnessPack Man
The WellnessPack is all of your everyday nutrient supplements in one convenient sachet. It consists of complete multivitamin pills and minerals adapted to the daily needs of Women and Man as well as high-quality omega-3 providing essential omega 3. It also features astaxanthin which is an incredibly highly effective antioxidant with unique anti-ageing effects from algae located in the Swedish Islands and blueberry extract which is rich in anthocyanins (another one-of-a-kind antioxidant with proven health results). The primary advantages include:.

Improved Skin moisture and flexibility.
Improved heart wellness and cholesterol degrees.
Vitality-- Minimized exhaustion and tiredness.
Muscular tissues and Joints-- better stamina and durability, lessened swelling and soreness.
Immune device-- enhanced immune defenses and decreased irritation.
Vision-- raised UV defense and much less worn out eyes.

The All-natural Harmony Soup.
The All-natural Balance Soup is a scrumptious, hot and healthy and balanced treat made from ONE HUNDRED % all-natural components established to give superior nutrition. There are two primary objectives for making use of the soup-- Weight reduction and Health. The soup offers ideal sustenance with marginal calories. It is a reduced GI snack which assists stabilise blood glucose levels which in turn lowers sugar yearnings and appetite.

WellnessKids Multivitamins and Minerals, Omega 3.
WellnessKids products intend to aid you ensure your youngster acquires the everyday nourishment they should create. The Multivitamin pill and mineral tablets are created baseding on the World Wellness Organisation's recommended daily consumption for kids. The omega 3 oil gives the whole range of useful greasy acids found in omega-3. They feature no fabricated tastes, colors or chemicals.

Not simply is Wellness a remarkable assortment of dietary products however it is likewise an excellent opportunity for an Oriflame specialist to boost their earning possibility.

Wellness additionally provides men which would not typically feel comfy marketing healthy skin care and cosmetics the possibility to offer an excellent quality array of dietary items.

Oriflame's Skin Expert Panel

Oriflame have been establishing skin care for over 45 years and today create skin treatment products for every skin kind and need. They have actually now launched the Oriflame Skin Treatment Specialist Panel which contains a team of international specialists from different scientific fields like study, items advancement, clinical developments and skin biology. Their duty is to assist establish even better items and overview you to the products most ideal for you and to give you important skin care assistance.

Holly Grenfell-- Natural skin care Science
Holly has more than 30 years' encounter working in the cosmetics company. She is a worldwide well-known Dermato-Cosmetic Scientist and European Safety and security Inspector.

Dr. Alain Mavon-- Advanced Research
Alain Mavon, Ph. D, with 20 years of encounter in cosmetic study, is the Research Director of the Oriflame Skin Research Principle. Together with his group, they create the future technologies and patented actives that power Oriflame's items.

Dr. Emma Kearney-- Skin care Effectiveness Testing
Emma Kearney, PhD, is the Principal Researcher of Clinical Screening, Study & Development center. She utilizes the most recent technologies to find and understand the perks of skin treatment on every layer of the skin.

Linda Hölling-- Professional Training
Linda Hölling, has more than 10 years of experience in skin consultations, trains and accomplishes professional therapies at the Oriflame concept shop in the heart of Stockholm.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Create the Smokey Eye Oriflame Cosmetics

 Gary Cockerill created that high-impact Hollywood  look.
In summary the aim here is to have a flawless complexion coupled with a classic smoky eye,
achieved by using jewel-toned colours and dressed up with an unusual striking lip.
You may not believe that it is possible to combine this powerful eye with the impactful lip colour,
but keep reading to see Gary’s secret revealed.

Create the Smokey Eye

Use a translucent powder under the eye to protect the skin and prevent any fall-out.

1. Fill the inner corner of the eye with a light eye shadow to create a good base and brighten the eye.It’s important to use a wide brush for application. 
 2. Fill the middle colour over the centre of the eyelid and feed it into the crease, taking care to
keep it classic, try not to go too high up under the eyebrow bone.
3. Add definition and depth by adding a dark shade to the outer corner of the eye and create balance by bringing the colour slightly beneath the eye.

 4. Apply eyeliner to the uppereyelid taking it the whole length and then keep working it on the lower-lash line starting from the outer corner.

 5. Finish off with a black-khol pencil in the waterline to add real drama. Ensure to coat the line well, so as to avoid any skin coloured spaces.
6. Finish the eye with volumising mascara. Ensure to apply the mascara to the root of the eyelash by slowly pulling the colour to the tips of the lashes.

7. It is important to remember that less is more here. The cheeks only need a bare dusting of colour
just to slightly emphasize the area just beneath the cheek bones


 On the bottom lashes use a tissue to prevent any smudging.
  Try not to pump your mascara as it will fill with air and dry it out.

1 Oriflame Beauty Perfect Blush - Fresh Pink 21649
2 Kohl Pencil - Black 23858
3 Professional Concealer/Lip Brush 24144
4 Professional Powder Brush 24150
5 Professional Blending Brush 24146
6 GG Lash Panorama Mascara 27093
7 Oriflame Beauty Conceal Kit 15033
8 OB Studio Artist Loose Powder 24079
9 Foundation Wedges 24860
Just some of the products used please do visit our shop to purchase these or why not become a consultant your self


Exciting times lie ahead for the world of Oriflame in the UK and ROI, as Gary Cockerill joins the Oriflame team!

This experienced and gifted artist will bring a wealth of experience and an extra touch of glamour to our lives in
the field.

Gary’s philosophy is simple, “external beauty promotes inner confidence” and “external beauty starts within”. Whoever his
subject, he strives to make his clients feel and look breathtaking – bringing out, enhancing and promoting every element of their natural beauty.

 Gary is well known for his work with celebrities and models from across the world, including Eva Longoria, David Beckham, Jude Law, Priscilla Presley, Melanie Griffiths, Kelly Brook, Anna Friel, Jerry Hall, Cat Deeley, Katie Price Barbara Windsor and Melanie Sykes!

In an interview Gary explained how he is thrilled to be an Oriflame Ambassador and spokesperson. It will give us all an
opportunity to learn tips and tricks from a cosmetics hero. What many may not know is that Gary is completely
self-taught and he has incredible artistry with an eye for detail.

From Coal Dust to Star Dust…
A rise to fame is often underestimated and never more so than in Gary’s case.
He was born in the early hours of the morning on a street in Balby, Yorkshire and grew up as the younger brother of an
inspirational sister in a working-class family. There is a brilliant moment in his autobiography that describes how his obsession with making people look beautiful, led to him
drawing eye-liner and lipstick on anything he managed to get his hands on, including his parent’s LP covers!

He lived out his dreams of getting on stage and into the spot light and from an early age wowed the crowds with his dazzling charm. It was a sad moment when his self confidence failed him and he began to understand the types of challenges he would face along his journey.Moving on to a few years later and almost in a Ben Stiller like
moment we see the young lad exit from the sooty depths of a hard-working coal mine, earning his keep and ensuring the
livelihood of his family.

However, it was not the life to be. Gary had inherited an innate artistic gift from his dedicated father and moved to the capital where he managed to put it to good use in a mannequin factory
in West London. His talent and resilience eventually led to him becoming a makeup artist and confidante to the stars. Gary has continued to rise to giddy heights, where he has made friends with some of the UK’s best-known names. He is called upon regularly by clients to help them achieve their dreams of feeling and looking great.
Gary is living proof that setting goals, working hard and fulfilling dreams is what makes life truly worth living.
He is a true inspiration to our corporate promise - Your Dreams - Our Inspirationtm. For an interesting read you can pick up the latest copy of From Coal Dust to Stardust.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


NEW Bioclinic Anticellulite Reductor

Oriflame is proud to launch NEW Bioclinic Lumpy and bumpy skin Reductor-- its anti-cellulite solution medically proven to lower dimply skin and slim upper legs by approximately 2.2 cm within four weeks \*. With a Cellu-Light TM patented formula having Baltic algae and retinol actively educes lumpy skin and slim and improve curves of the physical body. Massager with steel rounds assists applying the item and improves the microcirculation of the blood in the cells.

Product which took 6 years of scientific study to develop contains a brand-new trademarked technology called Cellu-Light TM integrating the dual effect: visibly decrease the effect of lumpy and bumpy skin and thinning the contour of the areas vulnerable to cellulite such as the upper legs and hips.

Cellu-Light Tm technology is a powerful combination of pure Retinol, high levels of caffeine and exclusive Baltic algae, functions by skillfully targeting the failure of fat deposits cells and enhancing collagen to firm the skin, leading to dramatically slimmer thighs.

Keep up with 4 EASY EXCERSICES you can do in the home.

It's a justification numerous of us have actually heard or even stated ourselves: I wish to get in good condition, but I can't manage a health club subscription. While a health club could be a wonderful area to exercise, it's not the only method to get in good condition. Actually, you can take pleasure in a range of different exercises in your home or outdoors that are extremely affordable and occasionally also cost-free! this training was prpeared by Kaylin McClain - Health Sales Supervisor and ex-proffessional dancer.

Stay up to date with VERY EASY EXCERSICE you could do in your home:.

If you wish for  perfectly shaped legs there's absolutely nothing better than this Butt Kicks exercise! Base on your hands and knees and slowly raise your leg-- keeping the knee bent all the while. Go, go, go!

It's an excuse numerous of us have actually listened to or even shared ourselves: I wish to obtain in shape, but I can not manage a gym membership. While a health club could be a great spot to work out, it's not the only way to obtain in good condition. Actually, you can delight in a variety of various exercises in your home or outdoors that are remarkably affordable and sometimes even complimentary!

8 mins HEAT UP.

Take a light jog, or dancing to your preferred songs for 8 minutes. It is very important to obtain your heart rate up and heat up your muscles.

Butt Kicks-- do 15 kicks on each leg 4 times.

If you want magnificently formed legs there's nothing better compared to this Butt Kicks exercise! Base on your hands and knees and gradually lift your leg-- keeping the knee bent all the while. Go, go, go!

30 sec of Bike Crunches.

Lay on the flooring and touch your elbows to the other knees. Use a bike movement as you turn back and forth. A wonderful Ab exercise.

3 collection of 20 squats.

Stand with your feet a little broader compared to shoulder-width. Place your hands behind your head (to keep your back straight) and bend your knees.

Allow your hips sink less than your knees if you can. Then return to a standing placement and repeat.

That had not been so tough, was it?


Gary Cockerill, our local celebrity will proudly represent us as one of our top one hundred social
magnets during 2014. He will officially be an active member of a group known as The One Collective that will promote and publicise the brand and the products.

The One is a group of the top influencers from across the world. Sourced from the world’s best of journalism, blogging, beauty, fashion and creativity. Brought together to create a grassroots effect on a worldwide scale.
January saw the launch of this strong, exciting brand, with Oriflame being thrown into the spotlight as the official make-up sponsor of the Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week. Cameras flashed and shoulders were rubbed as

The One and Oriflame were placed in front of expectant global media. Members of the collective were introduced to each other and to the media and were given an exclusive insight into the formulation and development of the products that are to be launched in the year.


For this look, skin will be pale and translucent and eyes will be
simply defined. On the cheeks and lips, Gary works with soft fusia to highlight the spirit of spring and then accentuates the eyes with mint green shades

1. Start with an ultra-light sheer foundation to even out the skin tone, applying it over the whole face to get an even finish.

2. Using a broad, soft brush, add a soft pink blush to the apples of the cheeks.

3. Before applying the eye shadow, use a pale, matt shade to neautralise the lid. It establishes a good base and keeps the colour true.

4. Use a soft mint green to apply a wash to the lid, starting at the inner corners and working outwards.

5. To the outer corners, use a darker shade for definition,
blending this into the crease. Ensure you blend well to avoid any harsh lines.

 6. Highlighting under the brow bone will help to lift the eye.

7. Line the bottom lash line and upper, outer corner to add extra depth.

8. Finish the eye with lashings of defining and lengthening mascara.

8. Define the lips with a lip liner to add shape to the lips and to provide a good base.

9. For this spring look we need to use a fresh pink lipstick shade. Apply with a soft brush for a more precise application for the
finishing touch, on this classic look!

Why not recreate Gary’s ‘Spring Look’ using some of our favourite products!

1. Professional Concealer /Lip Brush 24144
2. Professional Blending Brush 24146
3. Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Cream Blush Soft Peach 26533
4. Pure Colour Eye Shadow Palette Sand & Green 24809
5. Giordani Gold Lip Pencil Rose 23813
6. The ONE Power Shine Lipstick Rose 30434
7. The ONE Volume Blast Mascara Black 30460
8. Blush Brush 23255
9. The ONE IlluSkin Foundation Porcelain 30596

All available at on our line Oriflame Shop

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Norah Chain Tote 27294

A sophisticated looking black replica leather shoulder bag with stylish silver toned chain details. The each event bag this particular season. Size: 48 x 33 x 10.5 cm. Fashionable bag in black imitation leather finished with particulars in silver. Excellent for any event
To buy this product go to

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As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!