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Monday, 29 July 2013

Oriflame’s brand promise to fulfill dreams!

Oriflame’s new brand promise has its basis in the founding principle of Jonas and Robert af Jochnick when they started the company – to fulfill dreams!

A brand promise encapsulates what is unique about a company, so you can quickly understand
what the company stands for.
During the course of 2013, Oriflame launches a new brand promise of Your Dreams –

Our Inspiration™ that will permeate the entire business.
We asked ourselves “what does Oriflame stand for?” And quickly came to the conclusion that it is
about the will to fulfil people’s dreams. It is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and dates back to
the 1960s, the time when Jonas and Robert af Jochnick founded the company.
“With the new brand promise we will take your dreams to the next level,” says Linda Voltaire, Marketing Project Director at Oriflame, responsible for the branding project.

Whether you dream of being able to develop a career, earn more money, travel to your favourite
destinations, look younger, live a healthy life or access beautiful beaches, Oriflame aim to help you
understand and fulfil your dreams. These dreams will continue to inspire Oriflame to develop both
products and operations.

In the year 2013, people will join together from all around the world to share and discuss their dreams.
At the Diamond Conference in late January, we launched “Share Your Dream,” an online tool where
consultants and managers can share dreams with each other. During the year, we will also launch our
“Dream Visualiser” where people can choose inspiring images and display them in social media.

With the brand promise “Your Dreams – Our Inspiration ™” in mind, Oriflame approaches the creation of new products with a focus on four
main areas:
1. Natural and Durable
2. Research and Innovation
3. News and Trends
4. Wellness and Wellbeing

We hope that this can create a clearer range of products that make it easier for our customers to
choose. The ‘Dream’ theme will permeate and inspire the business and maybe your dreams can
also inspire some of our new products.
“All companies say that their focus is on the customer, but we truly believe that we are closer than other traditional retailers to our customers and their dreams. This is because we have direct contact with our three million members.
We know that our corporate culture is open to new ideas, that we listen and take ideas seriously.
The Internet is always offering new opportunities to interact with our customers, which makes the
process even easier, and this is something that we will continue to develop,” says Linda Voltaire.
With the new brand promise, Oriflame wants to be the best company at understanding people’s

What do you dream of ?
Sandra & Frank Brennan
“Our aspiration has always been to manage and develop a business together and to work with a team of similiar minded people who are as passionate, focused and dedicated as we are. We care deeply for the people we work with and want to help them to fulfil their dreams. We strongly believe Oriflame
provides us with this opportunity.”

Iwona Wikar
“I love the opportunity that Oriflame has given me and my family. I also love showing
my friends and family all the great products that this company has in its wonderful catalogues. It has meant that my passion for cosmetics and meeting new people has become my dream job too.”

Lyn Arnull
“I work very hard and long, and want more people to come and belong
I want everyone else to try, and see how far they can fly. With my money in my pocket,
my business can only rocket, Oriflame gives me such great recognition New success for all is my mission!

Did you know that…?

This year is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King giving his famous speech: “I have a dream”, in front of 200 000 people.
• One of Sigmund Freud’s most famous works is ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’, in which he argues that dreams can be interpreted and understood.
• There is a cookie called Dreams, baked sugar, butter and flour.
• A Dream Catcher is a magical artifact from the North American Indian culture, which is hung at the bedside to attract bad dreams and nightmares, so you can sleep well and enjoy good dreams

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Oriflame Catalogue a year from concept – to printed catalogue

It takes roughly a year from when the Oriflame catalogue is planned, to a copy arriving in your hand.
Production of the catalogue is a long and painstaking process involving over 120 people.

STEP 1 The development of the Swedish catalogue involves three offices: Group Support Office
in Stockholm, the Regional Office in Warsaw and the Swedish Sales Office in Stockholm.
One year before the launch of a catalogue, the regional planners in Warsaw start the process by developing ideas for the catalogue theme and content, working with trend analysis and new product launches.

STEP 2- Using the cataogue outline, the team in Warsaw then sends a creative brief for the catalogue’s theme, a dummy and a detailed plan of the products and the offers that will be included in the catalogue to the creation team in Stockholm. The sketches are then sent back to Warsaw for feedback and are updated until both the regional planners and the creation team in Stockholm are pleased with the outcome. The sketches are then passed on to editing and final production. All images, whether they be product or model images, are processed and retouched.

STEP 3 When the layouts of the catalogue pages are produced, the creation team works with
a Basic English template. This template is sent to different countries for translation into local languages.

“Proofreading and approval of catalogue sketches are done digitally.
Even if we rarely see each other, the process between regional planners in Warsaw and the creation
team in Stockholm work very well.” Helen Löhr Production Coordinator, Stockholm Office

STEP 4 When all 136 pages are translated, a text editor makes sure that the translations are incorporated into the layouts, so that local language versions mimic the basic template. Price planners in Warsaw set the prices of products and decide which offers will be included. When finished text and final prices are in place, the catalogue is sent to the printers.

STEP 5 Oriflame’s work with the catalogue does not end just because the catalogue is sent to the printer; a colour proof is sent to the printers in Poland before the presses start. A print coordinator from Oriflame is on location at the printing press for each printing period. The print coordinator’s role includes activities such as checking that the prints correspond to desired colours and that try-the-fragrance-labels and scratch-and sniff contain the correct scents. Once the catalogues are printed, they are transported to the various markets. One year on, the regional office in Warsaw start the process of making sure the catalogue ends up in your hand, ready for you to pick and choose from all our exciting products!


Oriflame prints 150 million catalogues* yearly worldwide?
• There are 40 different catalogue versions?
• 9,500 catalogue pages are printed every three weeks?
• Approximately 120 people work within catalogue production at Oriflame?
Oriflame’s goal is that the wood fibres used in paper and packaging in 2020 will come from 100 percent recycled materials or from credible certified sources?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The direct sales business model - Oriflame

There are a variety of methods of direct selling but for Oriflame, it is fundamentally the same as when the company was started in 1967. Our business model has evolved and been updated, not least when it comes to communication.

The “direct sales” business model has been around for over 200 years, and has gone from
being travelling sellers in rural society, to door-to door vacuum cleaner salesmen and is now an established business model that delivers products and a world-class service.

A “home party” is probably what many associate with direct selling; an event in the home to which
a host or hostess invites friends and family for them to sample and get a feel for the products, under the guidance of a trained consultant, who works with, or for the company in question.

Yes, this is an image that corresponds well with direct selling as it looked during the swinging 60’s. However, direct selling has developed and renewed itself in line with the new millennium and the
advances in digital technology.
Today, direct selling is much more than a home party and knocking on doors. The combination of socializing and product displays in a friend’s living room has been complemented by major events that attract more people.
Today, you also have every opportunity to grow your business and work more online. Reasons for
becoming a consultant range from it being a smart career move to being a smarter way to shop for
beauty – it’s your choice!

Whatever your ambitions, as a beauty consultant today, you can find a level of involvement that suits
you and your lifestyle.

The evidence suggests that personal recommendations are still playing an important role in the
purchase of beauty products.

 The focus is on highlighting personal experiences and tips.
One of the big differences is that today we also communicate with existing and potential consultants through digital channels. In this way, we reach more people and they can decide where and how they want to be part of Oriflame.
The core of the business model is the same the network is still the key to success!
Direct selling in 2013 – It is cost-effective, easy and fun!


Why Join Oriflame?

High Quality Affordable Products
- Established 40 Years and Trusted
- Opportunity Open to All
- Fabulous Incentives + Recognition
- No-Obligation once Joined
- Fun + Home Based Way to Earn

How to Make Money

- Sell Products via Catalogue - Hold Beauty Demonstrations - Hold Opportunity Presentations - Build a Team of Consultants - Earn Commission

Personal Development

As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!