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Monday, 24 June 2013


When you start as an Oriflame Consultant the best advice I can give you is to make sure that everyone knows that ORIFLAME is FOR SALE and YOU are the person to come to. You can like it to opening a new shop – you’d shout from the roof-tops and make sure all your friends and family were helping you promote your new shop. As an Independent ORIFLAME consultant you are running your own business – so the same rules should apply.


Write out your list of people who you can show the brochure to (Who Do You Know List) . Don’t prejudge people – the more names you get on that list the more customers you are likely to get. Then contact them as quickly as you can.

Get onto your Social Media (Facebook or Twitter) and announce that you are in business. Post the e-brochure on your facebook wall and let you friends know “ORIFlAME FOR SALE HERE inbox me to place an order” – once you’ve got the hang of this you can set up your own Oriflame facebook page and status updates.

Get texting your address book – “I’ve just started selling Oriflame, if you know anyone who would like to get a book let me know” – better still why not phone your friends and family and share the excitement of starting your own business. Always ask for referrals from them. Get them to help you launch your new business.

Pop a note or poster up in your local shop or community centre – “Oriflame FOR SALE” and leave your details where they can contact you. You need to get your name and number out there so that people know YOU are the Oriflame Consultant

Always have your promotional material with you at all times – whether that be a spare brochure and order forms, business cards, leaflets etc. You never know when there will be an opportunity to talk ORIFLAME and leave your details. Don’t get caught short!

These are just a few handy hints and tips to get you off to the best possible start with ORIFLAME hope this helps -mike

Why Join Oriflame?

High Quality Affordable Products
- Established 40 Years and Trusted
- Opportunity Open to All
- Fabulous Incentives + Recognition
- No-Obligation once Joined
- Fun + Home Based Way to Earn

How to Make Money

- Sell Products via Catalogue - Hold Beauty Demonstrations - Hold Opportunity Presentations - Build a Team of Consultants - Earn Commission

Personal Development

As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!