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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Win Friends in Oriflame and Influence People with Feel, Felt, Found

Have you ever got into a tough debate or situation where you just could not get your point across? In other words, you could NOT sell it? Yeah, me too!  Anyway, have you ever heard of the FEEL, FELT, FOUND approach?

If you have not, check it out.  It can really help! Here’s how it works……

    First empathize with them, telling the other person that you understand how they feel.
    Then tell them about somebody who felt the same way.
    Then tell them how that other person found that things were not so bad and that when they did what you want the this person to do they found that it was actually a very good thing to do.


If your new Consultant remarks that ‘Avon etc are very
popular in the area’, turn it into a positive: eg: “I know how
you feel. I felt the same way but I found that people were glad
to see an alternative. ‘Avon’ customers are used to buying from a
catalogue and they will probably look through it to compare.”.

How it works

By empathizing with how they feel, you are building harmony with them to create rapport. When you talk about how somebody else felt, you move the focus to a more objective place which they are likely to trust more. This also makes them a part of a group such that they do not feel alone. When they are attached to that group, then you move the whole group by telling how the person in the group changed their mind. The buyer, being attached to the group, should change their mind at the same time.

Hope this helps

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