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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Top 10 ways to sell Oriflame and make money

The Oriflame catalogues  are a fantastic tool, and can generate sales easily in their own right. However, the catalogues are NOT the only tool available to help you sell Oriflame  products. Remember, there is a very simple equation – the more you sell, the more you earn – so use as many of these tools as you can to help propel your sales through the roof and your bank balance into happy land.

I have put together a list of the top 10 ways to sell Oriflame, but keep an eye on the blog as we will keep adding to the list in the coming months – and we are always happy to hear from other Oriflame Consultants with your own tips on how to help sell more products.
Sell MORE Oriflame. Its easy with my top 10 tips!

 Ten – Samples

    Put a sample in with your catalogue or with the customers order, and make a note in your customer record book of which sample you put in. You will see that where you have left a sample, your chance of getting an order which includes the product matching the sample is MUCH higher.

Nine – Demonstration Products

    Ordering demo products from your “product news "  not only means you get products cheaper, and one Catalogue before your customers, it also means that you are able to show your customers the actual products they are thinking of ordering. Whilst the Oriflame catalogue is an amazing tool to help you sell Oriflame nothing can beat being able to actually feel, touch, see and smell the item you would like to buy. By taking demo products with you when you are dropping off and collecting your catalogues  means you have an extra tool to help you sell Oriflame products to customers who then know that they are ordering the exact right thing. Demonstration products can also be returned (with the 90 day money back guarantee) after you have shown your customers, so it wont even cost you anything to do this!

    Eight – FaceBook

Share the online brochure which you can put directly on to your FaceBook wall can help you sell Oriflame in a number of different ways. Firstly it allow you to reach new customers – people who don’t already see your catalogue  but who may know you. Secondly it allows your customers that already see a book to have longer time with their Catalogue  We normally recommend leaving a Catalogue  with a customer for 2 to 3 days. By posting to your FaceBook wall early in the catalogue , your customers can get a preview of what is coming up and take longer deciding what to buy. And thirdly, after you have collected the catalogue  back, your online brochure allows customers to add to their order right up until the day the order goes in.

    Seven – FaceBook widgets

    There are lots of fun and useful widgets and apps you can post to your FaceBook wall that will help to both engage your customers and to boost your sales. look out for them on Google or make your own.

    Six – Oriflame parties / get togethers

    Holding an informal Oriflame party can be both fun and a great way to help sell Oriflame in a relaxed way with a group of friends. Your Oriflame party will work best if you have a good selection of samples and demonstration products, and can help you to find brand new customers from the people you already know – or friends of friends.

    Five – Incentives

    Popping an incentive in with your catalogue  is a simple, easy and incredibly effective way to help sell Oriflame to more people, and sell more Oriflame to the people who already buy. You can offer a prize draw with one entry for each £10 (or £15 or whatever level you set) spent, you can offer a loyalty scheme with free or discounted products for people who order for a certain number of consecutive catalogues , you can offer a discount for any customer who gets you a new ordering customer and so on. Be imaginative, but do figure out what the prize will cost you and make sure that the extra sales you get are more than capable of covering the cost of the prize, discount or offer. Demo products are great to offer as incentives as they tend to be a lot cheaper than buying them at full price.

    Four – Pamper Evenings, Fundraising Fairs and School Fairs

    There are almost always events being held close to you where the public come wnting to spend money. Some of our most successful Consultants are the ones who regularly attend these events. We have noticed that certain products ALWAYS sell well but make sure you have a good variety of different products to offer and definitely make sure to take a catalogue or two with plenty of order forms for people who want to order things you might not have with you on the day. Fairs and pamper evenings are normally also associated with charity fundraising, so this is also a good chance to get some positive press about your Oriflame business. ;)

    Three – Oriflame |Ori-Angels

    Do you have customers who you know work in an environment where there are lots of potential new customers for you? Or perhaps they have a large family? Either way, speak to these customers and ask for their help. You can then either give them a discount on the extra orders they bring in (i.e. either they pass the discount on to their friends and family), or they can earn by helping you to sell. This method of getting your existing customers to help you sell Oriflame to more people is incredibly effective, easy and reliable.

    Two – Questionnaires and Tips

   Annette's most successful tips !  is a questionnaire for choosing the exact skincare products for your own skin.
She wrote a questionnaire / quiz  from the new Oriflame skincare app  and include it with all of her catalogues  ,  asking customers to fill it in and giving it back to her, she would then give them a personalised skin care regime. The customers filled in their details, and she then keyed this information onto the Oriflame app , and printed off the results and gave these back to her customers. This is quite time consuming! Annette estimated in total it took her between 3 and 4 hours extra to get this done. However, the next Catalogue , her sales were up over £500! Her earnings were roughly £175, which means her four hours basically paid her over £44 per hour……. :)

    One – Tell EVERYBODY

This is one of the most commonly overlooked, but easiest ways to help you sell Oriflame to more people. Tell everybody that you meet that you are an Oriflame Consultant . Oriflame is a fairly well known brand, and people get quite upset when they lose their Consultant  and can no longer order. By letting everybody know that you are an active Oriflame consultant , you massively increase your chances of getting their order. Be passionate about the brand, and it will be returned with cash in your hand. The more people know you sell Oriflame, the more people can order from you. Simple, easy and free!

Do you have your own tips on how to sell Oriflame ?

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