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Monday, 27 May 2013

Setting Up a Google Adwords Account for Generating Oriflame Leads

I have found the Google Adwords system to be a very useful way of producing excellent quality leads at a very reasonable price. Google Adwords uses a “pay per click” system that allows you to advertise in the sponsored links column on the right hand side of Google search engine pages.

For any advert it allows you to target specific keywords, that when searched for, brings up your advert on the right of the page.

The quality of the leads seems to be excellent compared to that of Big Advertising or similar generic web advert generated leads.

This system should be used in addition to the usual “off line” activities as a “top-up” and not by itself, just the same as the other lead generating activities.

The number of clicks you can get for your website is entirely up to you, as you personally set your daily budget and the “cost per click” value. The way the system works is the higher your “cost per click” price, the closer to the top your advert will appear.

The technique is to find a balance between getting your advert in the top 10, so it appears on the first page of any particular keyword and setting your “cost per click” price to an amount that would generate enough clicks to produce a lead within your daily budget.

As a rough guide, depending on which keywords you use, you can expect to produce about 1 lead for every 7 or 8 clicks. As a guide, some keywords that are working well for me are:

part time work, evening work, network marketing, part time job.

These are just the ones that I have been experimenting with, feel free to try out other combinations and see what results you get.

For these keywords I use a “cost per click” price of about 22p each with a daily budget of £1.50. This produces approx 1 lead a day on average.

Over a month this would generate around 30 leads and cost around £45, which could be paid for by your profit from approx 200 catalogues dropped.

The advert needs to be 3 lines, with a title and two lines of max 30 characters on each line. Something like:

Major 2nd Income
An extra income Full or Part-Time
From home in all areas of the UK

To register, visit . The registration is a step-by-step process that is reasonably straightforward. The billing is monthly and you are only charged for the cost of clicks in that period. The stats are updated regularly, so you can keep track of which keywords are working and how many clicks you are getting.

Good Luck!!

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