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Monday, 27 May 2013

Oriflame Selling tip - And the winner is..

What You Can Expect

Customers: You’ll get a lot of names and contact details.
Sales: Only a few straight up, but HUGE potential for follow-up sales and even recruits.
Costs: Around £30 plus a few Catalogues and a free gift for the salon.

Hairdressers/Beauty Salons

You could do what everyone does and just leave a few brochures in the waiting room, which is fine, but if you really want to get a lot of customers in a short time then the best way to do this is to have a drawing/raffle/sweepstakes.

While it might be a big outlay to begin with, the future potential for customers definitely makes it worth your while.

Target a small to mid-size salon (one that doesn’t sell cosmetics!) and ask the manager if they would be interested in holding a free raffle/sweepstakes for their customers and you will supply the prize. Make sure you let the manager know what’s in it for them (free entry for their customers). Because if it won’t cost the manager anything and it can boost their business, then they are more than happy to let you supply the prize.

Make the prize basket something enticing, I recommend spending about £30 worth of products or use the mystery packs and put it in a pretty basket (get from £1 shop), wrap in clear cellophane and add a pretty ribbon. Add your business card to the basket as well. You’ll also need a stack of entry forms and a box to put the entry forms into. Make the sweepstakes last no more than two weeks.

I’d also give the hairdressing salon a thank-you for letting your put the basket in the waiting area. A hand cream is great for hairdressers as they always have their hands in water and chemicals and their hands can get quite dry.

You don’t need your contact details on the actual entry form (because the customer doesn’t keep this part, you do), but it doesn’t hurt to leave some business cards and some Catalogues  in case customers want to contact you to order something as well.
Do the drawing of the winner in the salon (you could even let the manager do this). Then call and let the winner know they have won, and finally deliver the products! (Winner’s usually make excellent customers too, so make sure your business card is inside the gift basket).

Our experience of holding drawings is that you’ll probably get around 100 or so entries. Of that you find that over half are happy to have you send them a catalogue (so that’s around 50+ potential customers). These are customers that you know are already interested in your products (because they entered to try and win them).
Childcare Centres/Schools
A lot of Consultants already do fundraisers at schools, so the raffle/sweepstakes could work here if there currently is no-one else doing it too. However from my experience while you usually make a lot of money in a lump sum by doing a fundraiser at a school, the potential for continued sales is low.


Why Join Oriflame?

High Quality Affordable Products
- Established 40 Years and Trusted
- Opportunity Open to All
- Fabulous Incentives + Recognition
- No-Obligation once Joined
- Fun + Home Based Way to Earn

How to Make Money

- Sell Products via Catalogue - Hold Beauty Demonstrations - Hold Opportunity Presentations - Build a Team of Consultants - Earn Commission

Personal Development

As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!