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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to sell Fragrance

Oriflame sells over 11 million bottles of fragrance each year in the world , which equates to one every 3 seconds!!

We sell affordable and unique fragrances for everyone, both men and women, at a range of price points, from our everyday fragrances to our designer brands such as demi Moore  for that special occasion!

To help you encourage your customers to try our great fragrances, we’ve put together some tried and tested selling tips with the help of our consultants
• The Oriflame catalogues  contains  scratch and sniff  fragrance strips. Try highlighting these to customers so they can try fragrances for themselves in the comfort of their own home.
• Try wearing a different oriflame fragrance each time you see your customers – take your demonstration bottle along with you so you can spray it on your customers.
• You could try spraying cotton wool balls or ribbons with a new fragrance that is being launched. Then insert these into your customer bags when you are delivering your order.
• Stock up on fragrance samples from the product news and give these to your customers with their order. Remember – customers who try, buy!
• Encourage your customer to layer her fragrance by using complementary fragranced products such as body sprays and shower gels.
• Invest in some body sprays and use them as customer treats or incentives. Your customer may go on to buy the fragrance as a result.
We often hear that customers prefer other High Street brands so we have put together the following guide so you know which Oriflame  fragrance to recommend, based on what they currently use:
Women’s Fragrance
Use the table below to get the lowdown on all of Oriflame’s
gorgeous fragrances, including
information on fragrance type, price, codes and competitive comparisons available in the market.
Keep an eye out for the new fragrances which regularly feature in Product News , an essential
resource for product information. Vial/sample offers can also be found in the Product News
, a full list of vials and samples can be found on the Business Aids leaflet


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