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Monday, 20 May 2013

How to host an Oriflame Coffee Morning

It is a great idea to host an Oriflame Coffee Morning for your customers (and potential customers) as you can showcase Oriflame  products and have a good old chin wag  with your customers over an informal cup of coffee and cake.  I want to share with you my top tips for holding a successful Oriflame  Coffee Morning.

Getting Organised for the Oriflame  Coffee Morning

There isn’t a lot to get organised in advance, it’s just about being organised. 

Here are the key points to holding a basic Oriflame Coffee Morning:

TICK Oriflame Coffee Morning Get your venue sorted – either your own home or a friend/customers house coffee morning

TICK Oriflame  Coffee Morning  Decide on a date and time – depending on whether your customer base are daytime/evening type people.

TICK Oriflame  Coffee Morning Send out your invites well in advance – make sure you “over” invite and remind people via your facebook and text/call people the day before the event.  I tend to invite double the number I want to attend.

TICK Oriflame  Coffee Morning Place your order for a small amount of stock to display.  I find it best to concentrate on just a small range of products – perhaps skincare, jewellery, make-up or new launch products.  Think about what your customers like or may like to try.   We can advise you on what products you may want to order.

TICK Oriflame Coffee Morning 
Have Catalogues , plenty of order forms and pens on hand.  Also get some samples.

TICK Oriflame Coffee Morning  Organise really basic refreshments – tea/coffee/soft drinks and some cakes or biscuits. It doesn’t have to be fussy or elaborate.

At the Oriflame  Coffee Morning

It’s an informal get together where you are just having a chat with people – there doesn’t need to be any party games or demonstrations (unless you want to) so just be your HAPPY self.  Chances are, you will know a lot of your customers already, so it’s just like having friends around for a cuppa.
My top tips for making things run smoothly at an Oriflame  Coffee morning are:

TICK Oriflame  Coffee Morning  If you are expecting young children have a small play area set aside for them.  This will mean that mum can have a good look at the brochure and products.

TICK Oriflame Coffee Morning If you have some excess stock you could have a table where people can “buy now”

TICK Oriflame Coffee Morning Wear as many Oriflame  products as you can – this will spark conversation and interest.

TICK Oriflame Coffee Morning You could hold a fundraising raffle.

TICK Oriflame Coffee Morning Put together a “goody bag” for all attendees – use the Oriflame  plastic bags – pop in a catalogue, order form, some samples and your contact details on a “thank you” note.  Also, put in either a “Fancy Hosting Your Own Coffee Morning or Oriflame  Party” flyer and/or if you are a manager  you could put a Recruitment Flyer in too.

Hosting an Oriflame Coffee Morning is such a simple way of boosting sales, finding new customers and ultimately increasing your Oriflame  Income.  Give it a try and see how you get on with an Oriflame Coffee Morning.

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