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Monday, 27 May 2013


Anybody can drop catalogues from day one and make money. Build a Customer Base and you can improve that income potential dramatically.

On average if you drop 100 catalogues you will pick up orders to the value of about £100 (£1.00 per Catalogue). This will be made up of 10 individual orders averaging £10.00 per order (within those orders there will be some @ £00.99 some @ £29.99 (or more).

WARNING – To achieve an average you need a big enough number - do not assume what happens with your first 100 catalogues is the norm. Once you have dropped several thousand catalogues you can then look back to see what is happening.

Need To Know - Yes you will lose catalogues from day one – a small percentage (about 10%) will get eaten by a dog; damaged by the letter box; binned by a grumpy householder (there is one in every road!!); lost in the empty house “For Sale” and catalogues do get wet.

Your catalogues are your tools, your shop window – they need to be replaced on an ongoing basis to ensure they maximise your income. Set aside some of your income to cover this cost.

But this is just the start – for the first 3 months or so you are building foundations. You are in a sifting period, looking to eliminate the people who do not want to see the catalogue to building a Customer Base of regular “buyers”.

Your aim should be to move on from an average of £1.00 per Catalogue to £4.00 - £5.00 per Catalogue. That way you maintain the same level of orders, but free up more time to develop your Oriflame Team.

By developing your business the “Smart” way, in time you use less catalogues to achieve the same orders, less time and leg work, but a much bigger return for your time.


Week 1 - 200 catalogues out £200 orders achieved – time involved 8 -10 hours, lost catalogues 20.

A year later - 50 catalogues to Customer Base £200 orders achieved – time involved 2 – 3 hours, lost catalogues 2/3.

You don’t have to work towards building a customer base, you could keep doing what you are doing at week one, but why - it’s hard work! The “Smart” way is to have a mind set from day one to build a long term business and in time you can achieve much more ££££ for your time.


Very simply it is a group of customers who like to by from Oriflame on a regular basis and choose YOU as their Consultant. You do not have any right to their custom, you do not own them in any shape or form – Customers choose you not the other way round.

Here is the bottom line - they choose you for a reason. Let’s look at two consultants who join at the same time, with the same number of catalogues. We will call them Mary & Louise . Through Customers eyes let’s see what they think of Mary & Louise Oriflame Business?

Here are the answers to a questionnaire completed by customers in the area:

1. From Customers in the locality Mary drops his catalogues:

Q. Do you receive a catalogue on a regular basis?
A. No not really, it seems to come around occasionally

Q. Do you buy from the catalogue when you see it?
A. Sometimes, but I am a bit wary, the last lady I bought from was a bit rude. I wanted to return something I had ordered previously – the woman told me to ring Oriflame as it was nothing to do with her.

Q. Do you know the name of that consultant?
A. No I have no Idea.

Q. Would you say you have had good service from Oriflame?
A. No not really, I like the catalogue, but the lady who calls is a bit scruffy and the last catalogue she delivered was covered in mud, I didn’t bother looking at it.

Ok - Thanks for your time.

2. From Customers in the locality louise drops his catalogues:

Q. Do you receive a catalogue on a regular basis?
A. Yes Louise calls every 4 weeks, regular as clockwork.

Q. Do you buy from the catalogue when you see it?
A. We usually do, Louise is so helpful and if she recommends something new we always try it – she showed us product x , it’s brilliant, I’ve got all my friends using it now. It makes shopping easy, there is never a problem if we want to send something back.

Q. Do you know the name of that consultant?
A. Yes, of course it’s Louise. We would never buy from anyone else, nothing is too much trouble for her.

Q. Would you say you have had good service from Oriflame?
A. Yes we really like the catalogues, very well laid out, we always look forward to seeing the catalogues.

Ok - Thanks for your time.

A year down the road for Louise his business is thriving, he is making good money from his retailing. She has started to build a team and teaching them how to build a Customer Base as well. she has nearly replaced her full time income and is very excited about the future.

A year down the road for Mary her business has not really moved on from week 1, in fact she is making less money than when he started, finding it hard to get orders. she complains that the catalogue does not work as well as it used to and what about all the other Oriflame in HER AREA.  Her Sister in law was right Oriflame doesn’t work, Mary says; “ I gave it my best shot, but I have decided to quit. Good thing really, the pub darts team starts again next week!!”

Same catalogues, same business, BUT different perceptions and mindset from people who received the catalogue from different catalogues!


Which Consultant would you like to be?


1. Repeat business - products that people want, time and time again – Oriflame Catalogue.  A shiny new catalogue pack will entice potential customers into looking – a tatty old pack will not. Do not “penny pinch” this vital part of your business – Mary did!

Introduce the benefits of different products on a regular basis – let people try with Oriflame’s no quibble money back guarantee. That’s where Louise started to pick up extra orders and got to know his Customers.

2. Reliable service – hassle free shopping, the customers need to know that you will call on a regular basis. Once you have a regular pattern – stick with it – the customer gets used to it and knows when you are calling.

This creates the sort of loyalty Louise  gets from her customers – time and effort is needed to develop this. But it pays off in the long run. Mary did not stick to a regular pattern, nobody knew when she was coming.

3. Become your Customers best friend –
in the long term what you give comes back ten fold later on. A smile, a quick how are you, use the customers name when ever you can. Make sure they know who you are – give them some labels to go in their diary. Use thank you notes with your deliveries, use product recommendation notes when dropping catalogues – they work.

All this helps to raise your profile with the Customer to the point that they are not really buying from Oriflame, they are buying from YOU.

Louise took time out to do that little bit extra, Mary didn’t. At the end of the year there is one thriving business and one that isn’t!!

How long does it take to build a customer base? The first 3 months is your sifting period, sorting the lookers, buyers from the non lookers. Depending upon the size of your Customer Base the next 9 – 12 months is the time you will need to develop the “Three keys” to building a profitable Customer Base.

Remember – the whole point of retailing is to build a Customer Base in order that you maximise your return on your time.
Start working on your Customer Base today

Why Join Oriflame?

High Quality Affordable Products
- Established 40 Years and Trusted
- Opportunity Open to All
- Fabulous Incentives + Recognition
- No-Obligation once Joined
- Fun + Home Based Way to Earn

How to Make Money

- Sell Products via Catalogue - Hold Beauty Demonstrations - Hold Opportunity Presentations - Build a Team of Consultants - Earn Commission

Personal Development

As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!