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Monday, 20 May 2013

How to be Interesting to generate interest in your Oriflame business

Oriflame  is a people business, whether you are a Consultant  or manager.  You are dealing with people all the time, whether it be customers or consultants .  My best advice is to “Be Yourself” however, we can all use a few tips and tricks which will help us be more interesting to others!

No one is more interested in you than YOU are.  That’s a fact, whether you’ve thought about it before or not.    So, by turning that on its head and being interested in others, you will find that people will find you interesting.

It is really important that you are genuinely interested in others, rather than just paying lip service to them.  Find out and actively listen to other people, as this will help you understand them.

Some Interesting Questions

Why not try some of these when you are getting to know your new team members:

    What your favourite Oriflame product?
    What do you like doing in your spare time?
    It’s really nice around here, how do you find living here?
    What would you like to get out of from doing Oriflame?

I know these seem quite obvious questions – but next time you are with a new team member, I encourage you to think about what you are really saying… is so easy to start talking about ourselves (our favourite topic) rather than finding out and getting to know the other person.

Top Tip:  The answers to the questions are CLUES for you – how to tailor your appointment /interview  to the individual – whether they have a large social network, what they like doing and why they are wanting to do Oriflame

How to be Interesting

Everybody strives to be interesting and well-liked in his or her life. If you feel like you are boring or dull, don't fret! Everybody has the potential to be interesting, regardless of how uneventful your life may be but joining Oriflame is your first step to meeting mew people .
1 Be educated. The more you know about what is going on in the world, the more you can contribute to conversations. Interesting people are the ones who can bring something new to a conversation and share fun facts rather than just sitting there nodding. The more you learn, the better conversationalist you will become. Read books listen to audio tapes

2 Create more stories to share.
Interesting people always seem to have a lot going on in their lives. The more you do, the more stories you will have to share with others. The best way to accumulate interesting stories is by prospecting , constantly meeting new people, and putting yourself in new and interesting situations.

Get in the habit of saying "yes" to unfamiliar opportunities that arise. If somebody invites you out to a meeting where you don't know anyone, accept the invitation. You never know when a seemingly uneventful day can turn into a crazy story!
3 If you are having a conversation with somebody, give them your undivided attention. Make eye contact, and avoid texting or talking on the phone when you are with others.
    Start to notice small details in your daily life that wouldn't normally pay attention to. Admire the architecture of the buildings when walking down the street, notice the way the wind rustles the leaves on a tree, and pay attention to the artwork in the cafe you are sitting in. Little things like these add up and make you feel more connected to the world around you.
    Learn how to listen to other people when they talk. Sometimes, people who try to be interesting end up talking too much without giving others an opportunity to talk. Despite your best efforts, though, this comes across as being self-centered. Conversations should be balanced so that each person spends equal time talking and listening.

4 Get to know new people. Expand your social circle by striking up conversations with anyone and everyone. You never know when a stranger can turn into one of your new best friend or new Manager ! Give everybody you meet a chance to show you who they are, and welcome them into your life.

    Talk to people at parties, bars, and clubs. If you see somebody interesting, then go over and talk to them. You have nothing to lose!
    Strike up a conversation with the waitress in a restaurant, cashier at the suppermarket , or driver on the bus.
    Meet friends of friends. Mutual friends are a great way to meet new people. Consider holding  a party and inviting all of your friends, and tell your friends to bring a guest or two.

5 Be open-minded. Try not to be overly judgmental or sensitive, and people will be much more inclined to spend time with you and talk to you. Remember that everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. While there's nothing wrong with engaging in a friendly debate every now and then, you should try to be open-minded and accept others' opinions, even if they differ from your own

6 Take up hobbies. Join a local sports team, pick up an instrument, or learn a new craft. Hobbies not only keep you busy and help you meet people, they also allow you to identify your skills and talents. Some of the most interesting people in the world are the ones who have a unique talent.

7 Have a unique sense of style. Being interesting isn't just about what you're like on the inside; your physical appearance can dramatically change the way you are perceived by others. In fact, before people even meet you, they will already have made a judgement about how interesting of a person you are. If you tend to follow the standard fashion trends, then try to at least put a unique spin on these conventional styles.

8 Be yourself. Remember that even though you may feel uninteresting, you are one-of-a-kind. Don't try to get attention by imitating others or pretending to be somebody you are not, because eventually the truth will come out and you will seem like a phony. Instead of hiding who you are, learn to highlight your positive attributes and downplay your negative ones.

   Put a positive spin on things when sharing aspects of your life with others. Instead of complaining about how bad your week has been going, tell the person about all of the good things that have been happening to you lately, in both the short and long term.


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