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Monday, 27 May 2013

Flyer way with me

What You Can Expect

Customers: 1 to 2 new customers for every 5 flyers you put up
Sales: Initially small orders, but they could turn into regular customers as you build trust with them.
Costs: CHEAP! Just paper.

Are you creative? Making a Flyer can be a cost effective way to find new customers because you will only be paying for the paper and the copying (depending on how many you print up).

I’ve found that the return rate isn’t brilliant; you might only get one or two new customers from every 5 or so Flyers per campaign, but while you won’t have a huge rush of customers beating down your door I still think it’s worthwhile due to the low overheads to produce.

The two most important things to include on your Flyer is 1) a way for the customer to take your details away with them (either pull off tabs at the bottom of the Flyer, or attaching business cards to the Flyer) and 2) you’ve got to make it eye-catching to get your customers attention in the first place.

How to make your Flyer eye-catching
1. Colour — This is of course a no-brainer, but colour Flyers get noticed almost five times more than black and white ones. You can achieve colour in two ways: either using colour paper, OR white paper with colour pictures and text. Whichever you decide will depend on your resources. Some of you may have a colour printer at home; others may only have a black & white printer. If you choose the colour paper option, I prefer really BRIGHT colours to catch attention but be careful that you can still read the text that is on it

A good trick is to use the colour paper as a border and add the white paper with your message on it (as I’ve demonstrated in the example below)

2. Picture — a picture is great, but keep it simple. Try to keep it to one or two that fit the theme of the flyer. That way the customer can focus on the message and the call to action.

3. Think of a cute attention grabbing title
— Keep the title to five words or less. This guarantee’s that the customers will be able to read it quickly as she’s scanning the flyer. Most people scan before they read. You need to get her attention in three seconds or less and fewer words work best.

4. Use the word FREE somewhere on the flyer
— Nothing creates more action than the magic word FREE. People will contact you for the freebie (a low cost item to you like a sample)

5. One message per flyer — Think about the large companies advertises. It’s always only ONE message per billboard/magazine ad. You don’t want to overload with information. If you have more than one message to get out, then simply create more than one flyer!

Contact Details
You could leave your details on how to order/contact you via three methods:
1.    On the bottom of the flyer — while this is important (in case all the pull-tabs/business cards are removed), it should not be your ONLY method of leaving your details. Most customers aren’t going to go to the bother of writing down your details and then calling you. Make it easy for them by leaving something for them to take away.

2.    Pull-tabs — have your details on pieces of paper stuck to the flyer. The easiest way to do this is to cut slits in the bottom of the flyer with your details so the customer can tear off your details and take it with them.

3.    . Business Cards — attached to the side of the flyer. Business Cards are my preference since they are study and can hold a lot of information. Sometimes pull-tabs can get torn and are more easily damaged, but business cards tend to get kept more often.

Here is an example of a flyer using all my tips:


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