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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to sell Fragrance

Oriflame sells over 11 million bottles of fragrance each year in the world , which equates to one every 3 seconds!!

We sell affordable and unique fragrances for everyone, both men and women, at a range of price points, from our everyday fragrances to our designer brands such as demi Moore  for that special occasion!

To help you encourage your customers to try our great fragrances, we’ve put together some tried and tested selling tips with the help of our consultants
• The Oriflame catalogues  contains  scratch and sniff  fragrance strips. Try highlighting these to customers so they can try fragrances for themselves in the comfort of their own home.
• Try wearing a different oriflame fragrance each time you see your customers – take your demonstration bottle along with you so you can spray it on your customers.
• You could try spraying cotton wool balls or ribbons with a new fragrance that is being launched. Then insert these into your customer bags when you are delivering your order.
• Stock up on fragrance samples from the product news and give these to your customers with their order. Remember – customers who try, buy!
• Encourage your customer to layer her fragrance by using complementary fragranced products such as body sprays and shower gels.
• Invest in some body sprays and use them as customer treats or incentives. Your customer may go on to buy the fragrance as a result.
We often hear that customers prefer other High Street brands so we have put together the following guide so you know which Oriflame  fragrance to recommend, based on what they currently use:
Women’s Fragrance
Use the table below to get the lowdown on all of Oriflame’s
gorgeous fragrances, including
information on fragrance type, price, codes and competitive comparisons available in the market.
Keep an eye out for the new fragrances which regularly feature in Product News , an essential
resource for product information. Vial/sample offers can also be found in the Product News
, a full list of vials and samples can be found on the Business Aids leaflet

How to sell Make-up

Despite the challenging economic situation, make-up is a great way of putting a smile on your face without spending a packet! Research tells us that when money is tight, consumers are happy to spend on a new lipstick to update their look and make themselves feel good, when perhaps they cannot afford a new outfit.

Oriflame's  make-up ranges feature innovative technology and come in stunning colours to suit all ages and budgets, so try some of these selling tips to ensure that you maximise your sales:
• Oriflame regularly offer gifts with a certain spend on cosmetics. This is a great way to encourage customers to stock up on their favourite products and get a free gift!
• If your customers aren’t sure how to apply make-up, try pointing out our great step-by-step guides in the catalogue to show your customers how to use our make-up to get the best looks! This will enhance their confidence and encourage them to experiment with new colours in the future
• Oriflame's make-up samples are a great way to introduce your customers to our fabulous lipsticks and foundations and so they are a great investment for you!
• Try link-selling to your make-up customers, so if they are buying a lipstick from you already, recommend a matching nail enamel or lip liner.
• If your customer isn’t sure which make-up product to choose, reassure her that we have a brand and product for every customer. From our Plump Pout lip gloss for added fullness, to our Giordani Gold Lipstick with real diamond powder, we’ve got a product to suit everyone!
• Don’t forget that Oriflame also sells a range of quality beauty accessories, including make-up remover and nail care products. Don’t forget to ask your customers if they need any of these!
• Don’t forget the Oriflame guarantee as well – if a customer is not confident about the shade accuracy in the brochure she can buy it to try and if there is a problem return it – you’ll find it hard to match that guarantee on the High Street.

How to sell personal care products

Oriflame sells a wide range of personal care products for her and him, as well as for your little ones! We have everything covered, from bathroom essentials such as shower gel and body sprays, through to professional hair styling products, protective suncare products and pampering treatments for when you need a boost!

Our toiletries are all of the highest quality and come at everyday prices that won’t blow the budget. Follow some of our selling tips below and watch your sales grow! Whilst the prices of the personal care products may not be the highest, they are often daily use items that need frequent replenishment so repeat purchase is all but guaranteed – and earnings for you every catalogue  Make sure to remind customers so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to order replacements.

• Look out for our great multi-buy offers and encourage your customers to stock up on bath and body essentials. Everyone needs personal care products so make the most of our promotions as a way of converting your customers to Oriflame.
• Try popping a free sample in your customer’s order as an incentive for them to try. Remember that trying leads to buying!
• If some of your customers are buying other products from us, like fragrance, try suggesting products of the same fragrance, like body sprays or shower gels.
• If your customer is buying from one of our personal care brands already, tell them about a product that goes with this, so for example if your customer is buying a shampoo from hair x , why not recommend a styling product for her hair type? Or, if she’s buying a silk  body wash from you already, why not recommend the body spray?
• If you know your customer is already buying Oriflame  personal care products for themselves, try pointing out the wide range of male toiletries we offer, or the fun children’s ranges!

Also remember, personal care items of are a great way to encourage new customers to try Oriflame. Everyone uses personal care products so they are a low-cost way of trying the brand, and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can reassure customers that they can return the product if they are not entirely satisfied.

How to sell Oriflame Skincare

Skincare is the most profitable beauty category for Oriflame 

 Skincare customers tend to be loyal to a skincare product that they are happy with and they tend to buy in sets, leading to higher average sales for you. Oriflame's skincare products are the result of extensive scientific research and innovation.
Here are some handy hints and tips from our top-performing Consultants  to help you sell Oriflame's skincare products to your customers.
• Suggest some free samples. They’re ideal for customers who would like to try our skincare. Skincare can be a big investment so trying before buying gives your customers the chance to make sure the product is right for them!

• Oriflame's skincare ranges feature high-tech claims and innovative technology, often with impressive customer trial results that speak for themselves!

• We feature skincare charts in our catalogues  to guide customers with their choice of product – by familiarising yourself with this you can help your customer choose the right product based on her skin type and her skin’s needs.

• For loyal customers who are already buying into other types of products, such as make-up or toiletries, you could make the most of the demo offers in the product news  to offer them a full-sized skincare product at a discount.

• If you use the products yourself, go ahead and tell your customers which ones work for you and which of the products you would recommend. Remember, be your own best customer!
• Ask customers if they have a separate day and night cream, reminding them of the importance of an SPF in the daytime, and a cream that replenishes during the night. You could even offer a discount if they buy both.

• Track your customers buying habits and use link selling techniques to increase your sales. If a customer has already bought an eye cream, try promoting another product in the same range. You might say, ‘I see you’ve been using the optimals  Eye Cream, have you tried the optimals Day Cream?’ You could offer samples so they can try the product themselves.

Where to find customers

There are millions of potential customers out there who are keen to try Oriflame , but don’t know how or where to find it.
To help you find customers, we’ve put together a Top 10 list of places where you could leave your catalogue – of course this is in addition to any family and friends you will be showing it too :
1. Take one to work, and ask your partner to take one too
2. Make sure there’s one in your handbag at any family or friends get together
3. Take one into your hair or beauty salon
4. Ask if you can leave one at the offices in your area
5. Take one along to your children’s clubs or sports events
6. Leave one in your local community centre
7. ‘Donate’ one to the magazine pile in your doctor’s surgery!
8. Ask if you can leave one in a local shop or café
9. Take one with you to the gym
10. Pop one in your handbag when you’re picking the children up from school – you never know who you might talk to at the school gates!
Don’t forget to put your contact details (telephone number, email) on the back of the catalogues and on your order forms, so that if a customer does want to order something they know how to contact you.

Finding new customers

Anytime is a great time to look for new Oriflame customers. Here are just a few ways to get people interested!
Put in some leg work Get out and about, and canvass your whole area – you’ll probably find people who weren’t interested before will have seen all the adverts  in magazines, and want to find out more. People’s circumstances change, so it’s always worth asking to leave a catalogue , as they might just order something.

Look for removal vans 

When you notice ‘Sold’ signs outside houses – someone new is moving into the area, so they might not have seen a Oriflame  catalogue  before. This is a great opportunity to welcome your new neighbour, and introduce them to Oriflame   at the same time. Just make sure you leave them to unpack for a week or two, or your catalogue  might get lost in the mess!

Baby joy
 Has anyone you know just had a baby? New mums may be at home a lot, and they will be really busy too, so ordering toiletries and everyday essentials from home would be useful for them, especially as they can save so much money with our great deals.

Go local

 Head to your local community centre and talk to people coming out of toddlers group or fitness classes. It’s a great way to meet new people and get chatting about what you do – don’t forget to take your Catalogues !

Remind friends and family 
Show a new catalogue to all your friends and family – it’s a good way to remind them they can order great products through you, and introduce them to any new products.

Get your hair done
Take some brochures when you visit your hairdresser – they know hundreds of people – and they’re great talkers. Ask them to spread the news about your Oriflame business!

Visiting time

 Next time you visit an elderly relative or friend in a nursing home – why not take a few brochures with you? Older people make great Oriflame customers, especially around Christmas time, as they want to buy presents for their family, but may find it a struggle going to the shops.

Workplace Make sure you always have a brochure with you at work and that you tell people you are an Oriflame Consultant. If you have a noticeboard where you can place a card let them know your contact details and when your next order is due in.

Doctor’s surgery
Leave a brochure in the doctor’s surgery with the magazines and let the receptionists know you are an Oriflame Consultant.
 Remember to put your contact details on the catalogue


Leave a brochure in the changing room or café area at the gym. Make sure the instructors know you are an Oriflame Consultant.

Always make sure you have a catalogue in your handbag – you never know when you might meet someone you can chat to and who might be interested in buying – at the school gates, at the supermarket checkout, at the bus stop – the opportunities are endless.

Wear your products 

Using a current Oriflame handbag, or wearing some of our jewellery is a great way to introduce people – even strangers – to our ranges. When people compliment you, you can tell them about your business and give them a Catalogue.

Top Tip!
Oriflame has a brilliant guarantee, which is a great selling point for new customers, who may be nervous about shopping from a Catalogue for the first time. If they’re not 100% happy with their purchase, they can return it within 90 days of delivery for a refund or exchange – even if they’ve tried it!

Increase How Much Your Customers Spend

Use samples It is a known fact that people who try are more likely to buy, so buying and distributing samples is well worth the investment. You can order as many samples as you like every - watch out for special offers in product news .
 Look for offers coming in the brochure and then order the relevant sample. You can then decide how to distribute them...
• Attach the sample to the relevant page in the catalogue
• Give a sample to every customer with their current order
• Hand out samples as you collect your Catalogue

Show demo Ever opened your Oriflame order, seen a product for the first time and thought to your self 'that looks bigger/better than I thought?' - well your customers might thing the same thing.

Choose a product every catalogue  to show your customers - it really makes a difference. Fragrance is especially good as a demonstration product. Once your customers have sampled it, the rest of the bottle is all for you. Always wear oriflame products when you visit your customers. Your personal recommendations will help to sell products.

By the way... By always knowing what is on special offer and what will be coming in future catalogues  you can give your customers an extra special service. If when you call, they do not have an order ready, tell them about any special offers - 'By the way... did you notice that xxx is on offer with buy one get one free?'

If your customer hasn't taken advantage of the special offers, say 'By the way, I see you have ordered XXX. Did you realise you could now order XXX for just £X?' If you know what products your customers use you can point out any special offers. 'By the way, did you notice XXX is on offer, with product YYY free!' If they don't already use product YYY, it might go on to become a favourite that they buy regularly.

Promote Special Offers Busy customers often do not have time to look through the whole catalogue ; they just look for what they know they need. So take time every catalogue  to get to know your catalogue. That way you will always know what special offers are available and can bring them to your customers' attention.
• Use the message box on the customer order slip
• Write a newsletter / flyer and insert into the brochure
• Choose a product of the catalogue and identify it by 'flagging' the page in the catalogue
Promote related products An excellent way to increase the amount your customers spend is to promote related products. For example;
• If they are buying a lipstick - offer them a nail enamel to match.
• When they purchase a shampoo, offer them the conditioner.
• Skincare products are made to complement each other, always recommend the full beauty routine.

How to increase your customers to order more frequently

Incentives Set your customers an incentive to encourage them to order more often. Here are some ideas;
• Free samples with every order placed
• Free gift when three orders placed in consecutive campaigns
• Give a 'star' for every order placed - collect 10 'stars' to receive a gift

Re-sell returns Our returns policy is fantastic and allows your customers to order products from the Catalogues with total confidence. To protect your earnings, try to resell perfect items rather than send them back t
 Always have a list of items available - it may even pay to offer a small discount. One Stop Selling One stop selling is where you call on each customer just once a Catalogue  You will need to order a catalogue  for EVERY potential customer, but as you can see from the 'Order additional catalogues ' option, this is really a very economical way to increase your business.

The benefits include:
• Time saving as you only call on each customer once every three weeks
• Keeps your catalogue  out for the maximum time - the longer the catalogue is out the more time a customer has to look through it thoroughly, and the more they spend
• Find new customers - by leaving the catalogue out with your customers they may show it to friends or family who do not normally see a Catalogue

• All the above will help you to increase your sales and therefore your earning opportunity
Step 1 - Drop off next Catalogue  (A) to every customer as you deliver your orders
Step 2 - Collect Catalogue (A) and order. Leave next Catalogue (B).
Step 3 - Deliver Order (A). Collect Catalogue B and order. Leave next Catalogue (C)
Step 4 - Deliver Order (B). Collect Brochure (C) and order. Leave next Catalogue (D) Order additional Catalogue The more Catalogue you have the longer you can leave them with your customers.

How to boost your sales with samples!

Giving out free samples is the best way to introduce your customers to new products, as it allows them to experience the benefits for themselves.
Trying a product for free gives customers added confidence to order a full-size product, as they have seen for themselves how well it works. This makes buying samples a great investment for you and it’s a simple, inexpensive way to increase your sales.

Why not try…?

• Popping a few samples in your handbag and giving them out to people you meet.
• Adding a few samples of products you think your customers will like when you deliver their orders.
• Giving your customers a sample when you hand them the latest brochure.
• Offering samples to new customers as an incentive to place an order
If your customer would like to treat herself to a new perfume, a fragrance sample is ideal. She can use a lipstick sample to check which shade is perfect for her, and try a skincare sample to work out what’s best for her skin type. Plan ahead and stock up on samples for new products before they are featured in the brochure. You can also build up customer interest in advance by telling them about the great products coming out.
Once you’ve left a sample with a customer ask them how they got on with it. A gentle reminder when you’re collecting your orders could generate an extra sale of a full sized product.
Remember that you can order your samples when you place your order. You will also be able to order a selection of professional business tools to help you with your business.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Become Oriflame Consultant Or Manager in Cardiff South Wales

Become an Oriflame Consultants in Cardiff

We now have team managers based in Cardiff,  South wales covering across the South wales and surrounding areas who are ready to build teams locally.  Our managers  are looking for people to become either Oriflame Consultants in Cardiff and /or Manager to come on-board and work alongside the whole team.  Support and Training will be local as well as having access to Orinet Training & Support system.

How to be an Oriflame Consultants in Cardiff

You can sell Oriflame  in a number of ways:  to your friends/family, in work, locally with neighbours or even perhaps online using the electronic brochures.  We will give you the catalogues  absolutely free so that you can try it out without having to pay anything up front.

It is fun and flexible and you choose when you work.  This means it fits perfectly around anything you are already doing.
How to get in touch to become an Oriflame  Consultants in Cardiff

If you want to become an Oriflame  Consultants in Cardiff in or South wales in general please do get in touch with us on the Right Hand Side as we can pass your details direct to our team of Oriflame Manager  close to you.  You can also give us a quick call on 0800 112 3016 and we can have an informal chat about what it involves.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon as an Oriflame  Consultants in Cardiff.


Anybody can drop catalogues from day one and make money. Build a Customer Base and you can improve that income potential dramatically.

On average if you drop 100 catalogues you will pick up orders to the value of about £100 (£1.00 per Catalogue). This will be made up of 10 individual orders averaging £10.00 per order (within those orders there will be some @ £00.99 some @ £29.99 (or more).

WARNING – To achieve an average you need a big enough number - do not assume what happens with your first 100 catalogues is the norm. Once you have dropped several thousand catalogues you can then look back to see what is happening.

Need To Know - Yes you will lose catalogues from day one – a small percentage (about 10%) will get eaten by a dog; damaged by the letter box; binned by a grumpy householder (there is one in every road!!); lost in the empty house “For Sale” and catalogues do get wet.

Your catalogues are your tools, your shop window – they need to be replaced on an ongoing basis to ensure they maximise your income. Set aside some of your income to cover this cost.

But this is just the start – for the first 3 months or so you are building foundations. You are in a sifting period, looking to eliminate the people who do not want to see the catalogue to building a Customer Base of regular “buyers”.

Your aim should be to move on from an average of £1.00 per Catalogue to £4.00 - £5.00 per Catalogue. That way you maintain the same level of orders, but free up more time to develop your Oriflame Team.

By developing your business the “Smart” way, in time you use less catalogues to achieve the same orders, less time and leg work, but a much bigger return for your time.


Week 1 - 200 catalogues out £200 orders achieved – time involved 8 -10 hours, lost catalogues 20.

A year later - 50 catalogues to Customer Base £200 orders achieved – time involved 2 – 3 hours, lost catalogues 2/3.

You don’t have to work towards building a customer base, you could keep doing what you are doing at week one, but why - it’s hard work! The “Smart” way is to have a mind set from day one to build a long term business and in time you can achieve much more ££££ for your time.


Very simply it is a group of customers who like to by from Oriflame on a regular basis and choose YOU as their Consultant. You do not have any right to their custom, you do not own them in any shape or form – Customers choose you not the other way round.

Here is the bottom line - they choose you for a reason. Let’s look at two consultants who join at the same time, with the same number of catalogues. We will call them Mary & Louise . Through Customers eyes let’s see what they think of Mary & Louise Oriflame Business?

Here are the answers to a questionnaire completed by customers in the area:

1. From Customers in the locality Mary drops his catalogues:

Q. Do you receive a catalogue on a regular basis?
A. No not really, it seems to come around occasionally

Q. Do you buy from the catalogue when you see it?
A. Sometimes, but I am a bit wary, the last lady I bought from was a bit rude. I wanted to return something I had ordered previously – the woman told me to ring Oriflame as it was nothing to do with her.

Q. Do you know the name of that consultant?
A. No I have no Idea.

Q. Would you say you have had good service from Oriflame?
A. No not really, I like the catalogue, but the lady who calls is a bit scruffy and the last catalogue she delivered was covered in mud, I didn’t bother looking at it.

Ok - Thanks for your time.

2. From Customers in the locality louise drops his catalogues:

Q. Do you receive a catalogue on a regular basis?
A. Yes Louise calls every 4 weeks, regular as clockwork.

Q. Do you buy from the catalogue when you see it?
A. We usually do, Louise is so helpful and if she recommends something new we always try it – she showed us product x , it’s brilliant, I’ve got all my friends using it now. It makes shopping easy, there is never a problem if we want to send something back.

Q. Do you know the name of that consultant?
A. Yes, of course it’s Louise. We would never buy from anyone else, nothing is too much trouble for her.

Q. Would you say you have had good service from Oriflame?
A. Yes we really like the catalogues, very well laid out, we always look forward to seeing the catalogues.

Ok - Thanks for your time.

A year down the road for Louise his business is thriving, he is making good money from his retailing. She has started to build a team and teaching them how to build a Customer Base as well. she has nearly replaced her full time income and is very excited about the future.

A year down the road for Mary her business has not really moved on from week 1, in fact she is making less money than when he started, finding it hard to get orders. she complains that the catalogue does not work as well as it used to and what about all the other Oriflame in HER AREA.  Her Sister in law was right Oriflame doesn’t work, Mary says; “ I gave it my best shot, but I have decided to quit. Good thing really, the pub darts team starts again next week!!”

Same catalogues, same business, BUT different perceptions and mindset from people who received the catalogue from different catalogues!


Which Consultant would you like to be?


1. Repeat business - products that people want, time and time again – Oriflame Catalogue.  A shiny new catalogue pack will entice potential customers into looking – a tatty old pack will not. Do not “penny pinch” this vital part of your business – Mary did!

Introduce the benefits of different products on a regular basis – let people try with Oriflame’s no quibble money back guarantee. That’s where Louise started to pick up extra orders and got to know his Customers.

2. Reliable service – hassle free shopping, the customers need to know that you will call on a regular basis. Once you have a regular pattern – stick with it – the customer gets used to it and knows when you are calling.

This creates the sort of loyalty Louise  gets from her customers – time and effort is needed to develop this. But it pays off in the long run. Mary did not stick to a regular pattern, nobody knew when she was coming.

3. Become your Customers best friend –
in the long term what you give comes back ten fold later on. A smile, a quick how are you, use the customers name when ever you can. Make sure they know who you are – give them some labels to go in their diary. Use thank you notes with your deliveries, use product recommendation notes when dropping catalogues – they work.

All this helps to raise your profile with the Customer to the point that they are not really buying from Oriflame, they are buying from YOU.

Louise took time out to do that little bit extra, Mary didn’t. At the end of the year there is one thriving business and one that isn’t!!

How long does it take to build a customer base? The first 3 months is your sifting period, sorting the lookers, buyers from the non lookers. Depending upon the size of your Customer Base the next 9 – 12 months is the time you will need to develop the “Three keys” to building a profitable Customer Base.

Remember – the whole point of retailing is to build a Customer Base in order that you maximise your return on your time.
Start working on your Customer Base today

Setting Up a Google Adwords Account for Generating Oriflame Leads

I have found the Google Adwords system to be a very useful way of producing excellent quality leads at a very reasonable price. Google Adwords uses a “pay per click” system that allows you to advertise in the sponsored links column on the right hand side of Google search engine pages.

For any advert it allows you to target specific keywords, that when searched for, brings up your advert on the right of the page.

The quality of the leads seems to be excellent compared to that of Big Advertising or similar generic web advert generated leads.

This system should be used in addition to the usual “off line” activities as a “top-up” and not by itself, just the same as the other lead generating activities.

The number of clicks you can get for your website is entirely up to you, as you personally set your daily budget and the “cost per click” value. The way the system works is the higher your “cost per click” price, the closer to the top your advert will appear.

The technique is to find a balance between getting your advert in the top 10, so it appears on the first page of any particular keyword and setting your “cost per click” price to an amount that would generate enough clicks to produce a lead within your daily budget.

As a rough guide, depending on which keywords you use, you can expect to produce about 1 lead for every 7 or 8 clicks. As a guide, some keywords that are working well for me are:

part time work, evening work, network marketing, part time job.

These are just the ones that I have been experimenting with, feel free to try out other combinations and see what results you get.

For these keywords I use a “cost per click” price of about 22p each with a daily budget of £1.50. This produces approx 1 lead a day on average.

Over a month this would generate around 30 leads and cost around £45, which could be paid for by your profit from approx 200 catalogues dropped.

The advert needs to be 3 lines, with a title and two lines of max 30 characters on each line. Something like:

Major 2nd Income
An extra income Full or Part-Time
From home in all areas of the UK

To register, visit . The registration is a step-by-step process that is reasonably straightforward. The billing is monthly and you are only charged for the cost of clicks in that period. The stats are updated regularly, so you can keep track of which keywords are working and how many clicks you are getting.

Good Luck!!

Setting your Oriflame Goals

Sometimes trying to achieve our dreams can seem like an enormous task, but I actually find that putting things down onto paper and working out the steps logically can make things seem much more attainable. There is an old saying that I think is just wonderful: “The only difference between dreams and goals is that goals have a timeline”. It makes anything seem possible then doesn’t it!

Goal example: Make £400 profit every Catalogue

Say for example that your goal was to make a profit of £400 per Catalogue. It might sound a lot, but I think it’s definitely doable (after all there are lots of other Oriflame Consultants making much more than this so there is no reason that you can’t as well!).

At a 35% commission rate that means that you will have to sell approximately £1,140 worth of Oriflame (probably slight more to take into account your costs). If the average customer spends £25, that means you are going to need around 45 or 46 customers (£1,140 / 25 = 45.6).
What do you need to do to find 45 customers?

You could try posting. Although with the strike rate of 1 customer for every 100 brochures that would mean you’d need 4,500 catalogues! YIKES — who has the time for that!

I suggest using one or more of the methods outlined in this guide. For example, you could get 6 or 7 customers from dropping at coffee shops, 20 or more customers from businesses, 10-20 from doing a sweepstake/raffle, and an extra 1 or 2 from flyers that you place around. That’s around 44 new customers (and much less work than posting over 4,000 catalogues!)

Now it’s your turn. What are your goals?



What sales level do you need to reach to achieve this goal?

£ ______________________________________

Assuming an average order of £25, how many customers do you need to reach that sales level?

£ ______________________________________

What steps can you do to increase your customer base to that level?

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________

4. ____________________________________________

5. ____________________________________________

Oriflame Fast track to success

I’ve included a quick plan built over 5 catalogues to help you fast track your way to success. You may follow the plan I’ve suggested or write your own plan based on your own personal goals. The next  post  will help you set goals of your own to help you reach your Oriflame dreams.  i hope that you have read my other blog posts

Order: 150 Catalogues, 3 hand creams, 30 lipstick samples, 30 skincare or fragrance samples
1.    Drop 10 brochures each at 3 coffee shops in your area (give hand creams to managers as thank-you’s).
2.    Visit 5-6 businesses (or however many it takes to give out 30 samples)
3.    Leave 10 Catalogues at your local HOT SPOT
4.    Leave 10 Catalogues at either a Laundromat or doctors surgery waiting room
5.    Make up 3 flyers to place on bulletin boards in your area.
6.    post approx. 50 Catalogues  (I know you are going to try this anyway so I might as well include it here)
7.     Keep the remainder of Catalogues for your current customers and friends on your contact list

Second Catalogue
Order: 200 Catalogues, 3 hand creams, 60 lipstick samples, 60 skincare or fragrance samples
1.    Drop 10 Catalogues each at the current 3 coffee shops you did last campaign and find 3 new coffee shops this campaign (give hand creams to managers at new coffee shops as thank-you’s).
2.    Visit 10-12 businesses, include the offices that you visited previously and visit some new ones. (However many it takes to give out 60 samples).
3.    Leave 10 new Catalogues at your local HOT SPOT
4.     Make up 3 new flyers to place on bulletin boards in your area.
5.     Find out if any schools or amateur groups are holding a show in the next few months.
6.    post approx. 75 brochures
7.     Keep the remainder of brochures for your current customers and friends on your contact list.

Third Catalogue
Order: 250 catalogues, 4 hand creams, 100 lipstick samples, 100 skincare or fragrance samples
1.    1.Drop 10 catalogues each at the current 6 coffee shops you did last campaign and find 4 new coffee shops this campaign (give hand creams to managers at new coffee shops as thank-you’s). Now you will have a base of 10 coffee shops stocking your catalogues.
2.    Visit businesses, including the offices that you visited previously and visit some new ones. (however many it takes to give out 100 samples)
3.    Leave 10 new catalogues at your local HOT SPOT
4.     Make up 5 new flyers to place on bulletin boards in your area.
5.    Inquire about bridal shows/expos in your area. Think about what sort of fun party you would be interested in showing.
6.     Post approx. 100 catalogues
7.     Keep the remainder of catalogues for your current customers and friends in your contact list.

Fourth Catalogue
Order: 300 catalogues, 100 lipstick samples, 100 skincare or fragrance samples, £30 worth of product for a gift basket sweepstakes
1.    Drop 10 brochures each at your coffee shops.
2.    Visit businesses, dump any business that hasn’t ordered from you yet (if they haven’t ordered after three times then move on), visit your regular offices and find new ones. (However many it takes to give out 100 samples).
3.     Leave 10 new catalogues at your local HOT SPOT
4.     Make up 5 new flyers to place on bulletin boards in your area.
5.     Approach a hair/beauty salon about holding a sweepstakes to win a hamper full of Oriflame products
6.    Post  approx. 100 catalogues
7.    Keep the remainder of catalogues for your current customers and friends in your contact list.

Fifth Catalogue
Order: 300 catalogues (or however many you need as you will have a good idea now of how many to order), 100 lipstick samples, 100 skincare or fragrance samples, £30 worth of product for a gift basket sweepstakes
1.     Drop 10 catalogues each at your coffee shops
2.     Visit businesses, dump any business that hasn’t ordered from you after three times, visit your regular offices and find new ones. (however many it takes to give out 100 samples).
3.     Leave 10 new catalogues at your local HOT SPOT
4.     Make up 5 new flyers to place on bulletin boards in your area.
5.     Do the drawing from your previous sweepstakes and drop brochures to customers that indicated on their sweepstakes form that they wanted to see a catalogues.
6.     Approach another hair/beauty salon in a different area about holding a sweepstakes to win a hamper full of Oriflame products.
7.    post approx. 100 Catalogues
8.     Keep the remainder of catalogues for your current customers and friends on your contact list.

Sixth and further Catalogues
By now you should be so busy with LOTS of customers, LOTS of orders and LOTS of profit for you! Just keep doing what you are doing and let the business grow to a level you are comfortable with.

Here comes the Oriflame Bride

What You Can Expect

Customers: Lots of friends wanting to spend money on the Bride-To-Be. Some people will go on to become regular customers.
Sales: Once off orders of at least £100 ++ per party, however if you have a table at a bridal show you’ll probably book at least 10 brides (if not more!) so your sales will be very high.

Costs: Booking a table at a Bridal show, your time and some demonstration products.
Do you know of anyone getting married? Guess what, brides LOVE to spend money on things that are going to make them beautiful for their big day. And here is your chance to show that how beautiful they can be with Oriflame products.

There are numerous ways of making money with weddings, such as offering bridal makeup; however the most effective way of increasing your sales is to host a bridal shower or hen/doe night.
The easiest way to find potential brides is to set up a table at your local bridal expo or bridal show. Make the table as pretty and fun looking as you can. White tulle makes a great tablecloth and sprinkling confetti around make it seem festive and fun. Have a big sign with ideas of fun bridal showers that you can do. Try and be creative and think about some fun party games or themes that you could offer such as:

1.    Pillow Pamper Party — Everyone gets to be pampered and relax from the stresses of life while sampling beautiful makeup and fragrances from Oriflame.

2.    Cinderella Foot Spa — Soak your cares away while being pampered at this fun and relaxing foot spa.

3.    Bridesmaids Revenge — Maids it’s your chance to makeover the bride at this fun party guaranteed to make you laugh and have a great time. (This is one is always popular for me)

Whatever theme you choose, cater the demonstration products to that theme. For example, at a foot spa, you’ll need something to soak everyone’s feet in (cheap buckets can be bought at pound shop). Have some towels on hand and of course the products you are going to use, such as Pedicure Soak (for soaking feet), nail polish and polish remover, body scrub for the feet and legs and body moisturizer etc.
The biggest way to have a successful party is to have some music playing, good food and good wine (supplied by the host). Your job is to make it FUN FUN FUN FUN! So try not to be too ‘sales’y. By all means have some catalogue and some order forms there but don’t stand up and say a spiel on every product. The orders will come easier if you make each guest (and especially the bride) feel like it’s about THEM and not YOU.
As a thank-you to the bride you can:

1. Give a gift basket made up with pampering type products, put them in a nice basket and theme it bridal by popping in a garter or something bride’ish. Tie with a cellophane and a white ribbon; OR
2. Have an empty basket full of envelopes. During the course of the party, guests can make a ‘donation’ in an envelope. At the end of the party the bride can spend all the envelope money on products that she wants.
If you are booking from a bridal show make sure you have your diary with you because you will get bookings. For every booking, give the bride or maid (whoever books you) a little thank-you bag with some samples inside. From experience, the best day to hold the parties are on Saturday afternoons because everyone is in a relaxed frame of mind, however consider your own schedule first to see what suits you the best.

Flyer way with me

What You Can Expect

Customers: 1 to 2 new customers for every 5 flyers you put up
Sales: Initially small orders, but they could turn into regular customers as you build trust with them.
Costs: CHEAP! Just paper.

Are you creative? Making a Flyer can be a cost effective way to find new customers because you will only be paying for the paper and the copying (depending on how many you print up).

I’ve found that the return rate isn’t brilliant; you might only get one or two new customers from every 5 or so Flyers per campaign, but while you won’t have a huge rush of customers beating down your door I still think it’s worthwhile due to the low overheads to produce.

The two most important things to include on your Flyer is 1) a way for the customer to take your details away with them (either pull off tabs at the bottom of the Flyer, or attaching business cards to the Flyer) and 2) you’ve got to make it eye-catching to get your customers attention in the first place.

How to make your Flyer eye-catching
1. Colour — This is of course a no-brainer, but colour Flyers get noticed almost five times more than black and white ones. You can achieve colour in two ways: either using colour paper, OR white paper with colour pictures and text. Whichever you decide will depend on your resources. Some of you may have a colour printer at home; others may only have a black & white printer. If you choose the colour paper option, I prefer really BRIGHT colours to catch attention but be careful that you can still read the text that is on it

A good trick is to use the colour paper as a border and add the white paper with your message on it (as I’ve demonstrated in the example below)

2. Picture — a picture is great, but keep it simple. Try to keep it to one or two that fit the theme of the flyer. That way the customer can focus on the message and the call to action.

3. Think of a cute attention grabbing title
— Keep the title to five words or less. This guarantee’s that the customers will be able to read it quickly as she’s scanning the flyer. Most people scan before they read. You need to get her attention in three seconds or less and fewer words work best.

4. Use the word FREE somewhere on the flyer
— Nothing creates more action than the magic word FREE. People will contact you for the freebie (a low cost item to you like a sample)

5. One message per flyer — Think about the large companies advertises. It’s always only ONE message per billboard/magazine ad. You don’t want to overload with information. If you have more than one message to get out, then simply create more than one flyer!

Contact Details
You could leave your details on how to order/contact you via three methods:
1.    On the bottom of the flyer — while this is important (in case all the pull-tabs/business cards are removed), it should not be your ONLY method of leaving your details. Most customers aren’t going to go to the bother of writing down your details and then calling you. Make it easy for them by leaving something for them to take away.

2.    Pull-tabs — have your details on pieces of paper stuck to the flyer. The easiest way to do this is to cut slits in the bottom of the flyer with your details so the customer can tear off your details and take it with them.

3.    . Business Cards — attached to the side of the flyer. Business Cards are my preference since they are study and can hold a lot of information. Sometimes pull-tabs can get torn and are more easily damaged, but business cards tend to get kept more often.

Here is an example of a flyer using all my tips:

The Receptionist is your NEW Best Friend

What You Can Expect

Customers: Around 20 new customers per 30 offices visited (avg 6 offices will order with 3-4 girls from each).

Sales: Higher orders (these girls have disposable income!).

Costs: You’ll be easily able to cover Catalogues  / samples costs with your profits.

*** This method is my favourite way to gain customers (and profits) quickly ***

You already know that I’m a fan of customers that are sitting down. And what better place to have a lot of customers in the same area (all with disposable incomes!) than those that sit at desks in the workplace
One of the quickest ways that I increased my sales was to target other businesses, in particular office buildings. What I would do is to go into an office building and say to the receptionist something like ‘Hi, I’m giving out free samples to all the girls in your office today, how many girls work here?’ She’d reply that 15 girls worked there, so I’d say ‘Great, here are your samples’ and put about 15 lipstick samples and 15 skincare samples (or whatever I was promoting that catalogue) on her desk along with 3 or 4 catalogues  (with order forms inside them of course).
I’d tell her I was coming back in three days for the catalogues as I recycled them (I would do my drops on a Monday and pick up on a Thursday). Then I’d simply say goodbye and thank her and leave! The important thing here is for her to think that you are simply giving out free gifts, not pushing for orders. Then she’ll likely go and give all the girls in the office their ‘freebies’.
When I came back on the Thursday I’d say, ‘Hi I’m here to pick up the catalogues I left on Monday’. Never ask if there are any orders, just smile and pick up your catalogues.

More often than not, I’d find that the receptionist would say as soon as I walked in, ‘Oh Suzie from Accounts loved that moisturizer! Here is her order’ or something along those lines. And if one person orders from the office it creates a snowball effect and lots of people from that same office will start ordering. Especially if you deliver their products to the office, then everyone will see what they got and want one too.
This is a very effective way of getting catalogues out there with low overheads (samples are usually more cost effective than brochures).
The office buildings in my area were typically 15 stories high with around 3 to 4 businesses on each level. If you do the math that’s around 50 businesses per building and with at least 10 girls in each office, that’s at LEAST 500 potential customers in the one building!

There’s no business like show business

What You Can Expect

Customers: Varies, but around 10-20 new customers can be expected
Sales: Medium orders
Costs:  Your makeup to use on the actors and your time
You’ve no doubt heard of other consultants giving makeovers to their customers. This follows on from that thought and instead of giving makeovers to one, you’ll be giving it to many at once (well, sort of). What I’m talking about is to volunteer your ‘services’ to do the make-up at the local school play or the local amateur society. This works even best if you can round up a few other oriflame consultants to help you.

How to do this: When you know of a play coming up in your area either at your local amateur society or school just ring the director/teacher in charge and ask if there is anyone doing the makeup for the production and if not that you’d love to help out. Most of the times they will say that they don’t have anyone doing it and are eager for you to do it for ‘free’ for them. Try and find out how many people you will need to do the makeup for so you can determine how many other Oriflame /friends to bring along to help. As a guide you should be able to do about 4 or 5 people every half an hour depending on what their makeup needs are.

The best makeup to use for theatre production is the cream or mousse makeup types of foundation, blush and eye shadows. There is no need to buy any special makeup; Oriflame’s range is perfectly suitable for stage productions. (The exception to this is if specialized makeup is needed for certain characters eg tinman in Wizard of Oz, then the theatre production/school should supply this makeup)

Some extra tips:
 Don’t bother matching foundation to skin tone exactly. Just choose a few shades darker than their normal skin tone so it gives a ‘healthy’ look on stage as the bright lights tend to wash out people if they have too pale a face makeup.
•    Use extra blush. They aren’t going on a date, they are in a play.

•     Black eyeliner is great for when you need to draw on ‘whisker’s or to colour in a ‘nose’ to portray animals for children’s productions.

•    You can’t notice natural eye shadow colours on stage so feel free to use lots of colour.
By now you are probably saying that this all sounds like fun and all, but how am I going to get any customers or make any money? Well there are two main ways of doing this:
1. Program Advertising
Ask that your name, details and phone number be included on all the programs. Something like
MAKEUP PROVIDED BY Annette Cook, Independent Oriflame Consultant (555) 5555 2345
The director/teacher in charge won’t have a problem with adding something like this to the program. If you want something bigger or flashier you might have to negotiate or pay advertising, that’s really up to you.
As a bonus, parents or friends of those in the play usually keep the programs for keepsakes, so your details will be with them for a long time.
2. Sweepstakes/Drawing
Providing a raffle/sweepstakes to everyone that attends the play is also a good idea and a great place to get customers.

Using a similar concept to the sweepstakes mentioned in the post for hair salons, everyone that buys a ticket to the show will go in the draw to win a basket full of Oriflame goodies and/or a free makeover or facial. Have the basket on display in the ticket area if possible and use the suggested sweepstakes tickets from the previous post.

Oriflame Selling tip - And the winner is..

What You Can Expect

Customers: You’ll get a lot of names and contact details.
Sales: Only a few straight up, but HUGE potential for follow-up sales and even recruits.
Costs: Around £30 plus a few Catalogues and a free gift for the salon.

Hairdressers/Beauty Salons

You could do what everyone does and just leave a few brochures in the waiting room, which is fine, but if you really want to get a lot of customers in a short time then the best way to do this is to have a drawing/raffle/sweepstakes.

While it might be a big outlay to begin with, the future potential for customers definitely makes it worth your while.

Target a small to mid-size salon (one that doesn’t sell cosmetics!) and ask the manager if they would be interested in holding a free raffle/sweepstakes for their customers and you will supply the prize. Make sure you let the manager know what’s in it for them (free entry for their customers). Because if it won’t cost the manager anything and it can boost their business, then they are more than happy to let you supply the prize.

Make the prize basket something enticing, I recommend spending about £30 worth of products or use the mystery packs and put it in a pretty basket (get from £1 shop), wrap in clear cellophane and add a pretty ribbon. Add your business card to the basket as well. You’ll also need a stack of entry forms and a box to put the entry forms into. Make the sweepstakes last no more than two weeks.

I’d also give the hairdressing salon a thank-you for letting your put the basket in the waiting area. A hand cream is great for hairdressers as they always have their hands in water and chemicals and their hands can get quite dry.

You don’t need your contact details on the actual entry form (because the customer doesn’t keep this part, you do), but it doesn’t hurt to leave some business cards and some Catalogues  in case customers want to contact you to order something as well.
Do the drawing of the winner in the salon (you could even let the manager do this). Then call and let the winner know they have won, and finally deliver the products! (Winner’s usually make excellent customers too, so make sure your business card is inside the gift basket).

Our experience of holding drawings is that you’ll probably get around 100 or so entries. Of that you find that over half are happy to have you send them a catalogue (so that’s around 50+ potential customers). These are customers that you know are already interested in your products (because they entered to try and win them).
Childcare Centres/Schools
A lot of Consultants already do fundraisers at schools, so the raffle/sweepstakes could work here if there currently is no-one else doing it too. However from my experience while you usually make a lot of money in a lump sum by doing a fundraiser at a school, the potential for continued sales is low.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sit down and enter my Oriflame shop

What You Can Expect

Customers: Average 5 new customers for every 50 Catalogues left in good areas.
Sales: Normal orders, usually averaging £10 - £30 per customer.
Costs: Reasonable. You’ll be easily able to cover Catalogues/ gift costs with your profits.

You’ve probably heard this before, but your Catalogue IS your Shop. You’re biggest challenge is to get people to open your catalogue (i.e. enter your shop).
The most effective way I’ve found to do this is to leave your brochures where people are sitting down. Coffee shops, Hairdressing salons, Launderettes, Bus or Train terminals, etc.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are particularly effective at getting new customers; people are relaxed and usually like browsing through something while they are drinking.
Small independent coffee shops are the best (rather than big chains like Starbucks). Go in and ask the manager if it’s ok to leave a few brochures near the newspapers for the customers to browse through. Give the manager a FREE thank-you gift in return (hand soap or hand cream for their toilet is usually a good gift — plus it has the added bonus that their customers will be using your products).
Not all coffee shops will let you leave brochures, but I’ve found most are fine with it as long as you ask first. Managers WANT their customers to hang in their shop for longer so they’ll buy more coffee, that’s why they provide reading material


A great place to find people sitting down waiting is the launderette. Leave a few catalogues near any seats. However this isn’t a new strategy and a lot of consultants already do this, so you might have a lot of competition but it still doesn’t hurt to leave a few anyway.

Bus or Train terminals

Leave a few catalogues on or next to the seats where people are waiting for public transport. The best time’s to do this is first thing in the morning when people
are waiting to go to work. Make sure you put them somewhere where they won’t blow away because you don’t want to get into trouble for littering.

Other places

Doctors’ offices, Dentists offices. While a lot of consultants already target these areas it doesn’t hurt to check your local surgery waiting areas to see if you might be able to leave a catalogues or two. 

The local HOT SPOT. 

This is different in every town. It’s the place in your town where everyone is always at. It could be the post office, the local shop, or even the community hall. Whatever that place is, leave a few catalogues.


Aim — To have at least FIVE Coffee Shops in your area stocking your brochures each Catalogue.
What you’ll need — 50 brochures, 5 to 10 FREE gifts.
1. Go through your local directory and find TEN coffee shops in your area (your aim is to get your brochures into FIVE coffee shops, but some coffee shops might say no, so make your hit list double the amount you need)

2. Ask the manager if you can leave 10 brochures next to the newspapers and in return you’ll give him/her (whatever gift(s) you’ve chosen) as a thank-you. (Most people love something for FREE so they are more likely to say yes, especially if it helps their business).
3. Repeat at the next coffee shop until you’ve left all 50 brochures.
4. Return every catalogue with new brochures.

Expected Outcome — From experience you usually pick up 1 to 2 customers per coffee shop each Catalogue That equals 5 to 10 new customers every catalogue!

To Post Catalogues or Not to Post?

What You Can Expect:

Customers: Average 1 new customer for every 100 Catalogue you post
Sales: Initially small orders, but they could turn into regular customers as you build trust with them.
Costs: Can be expensive due to so many catalogues to purchase.

What is posting?

Posting is when you distribute your catalogues to each house in an area by leaving your catalogue (usually in a bag so it doesn’t get ruined) into the post /letter box of your potential customer.

Other variations of posting include door hanging or leaving your Catalogue on the door handle 

This is usually the first step that many new consultants usually take thinking that you’ll get people calling you straight away to place an order

Is it worth it?

This is NOT the most efficient use of your time or your money. You are giving your Catalogues to ‘cold’ customers. You have no idea if they’ll be interested in your products or not, and many will not.

The strike rate for posting is usually about 1 customer per 100 brochures. And often it takes posting to one household up to three times to build up enough trust that people will buy from you. Although it can be very random, I have heard that some consultants do manage to get more orders from posting than this, but everyone I personally know has not had more than one or two customers from 100 catalogues.

The only time that I recommend posting  if you have a bunch of old catalogues laying around that you have no other use for, or if you’re up line or manager has given you a lot for free (then it won’t cost you anything and is therefore worth your time). Put a label on the front with something catchy to get your customers attention.

Some examples you could use:

1. Try a cute rhyme

This brochure may be old, But the products are still gold, If you’d like to try a sample, Call me, I have ample!

Examples inside of gifts galore,

Makeup, skincare, bargains and more, To see the latest specials simply shout, And I’ll rush the latest catalogue right out!

2. The Direct approach

Lucky you! You’ve got your own personal Oriflame Lady. She really wants you to be happy so call her for a FREE gift!

3. Be Friendly & Casual

Hello neighbour! I’m just up the road, if you ever run out of shower gel or need anything, just give me a call. Have a great day, [Your Name]

4. Include a tea bag in a zip lock bag on the front of the brochure

Have a cup of tea on me!

Then relax, put your feet up and browse through the Catalogue at your leisure.

(A fellow Consultant used this technique with great success by using herbal tea)


Why Join Oriflame?

High Quality Affordable Products
- Established 40 Years and Trusted
- Opportunity Open to All
- Fabulous Incentives + Recognition
- No-Obligation once Joined
- Fun + Home Based Way to Earn

How to Make Money

- Sell Products via Catalogue - Hold Beauty Demonstrations - Hold Opportunity Presentations - Build a Team of Consultants - Earn Commission

Personal Development

As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!