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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Oriflame official cosmetics brand of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

We are proud sponsors and the official cosmetics brand of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) during 2012.

Oriflame and the WTA are the perfect match! A positive and energetic spririt is as significant for the tennis players on the tour as for our Oriflame Consultants. They all share a passion for fulfilling dreams, reaching their full potential and having fun!
So, it’s easy to see the how the WTA and Oriflame complement each other. When we sponsor the WTA, we are sponsoring so much more than women’s tennis – we are sponsoring the inner potential of every woman to be successful, beautiful, confident and happy.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Oriflame only the highest quality ingredients apply

Nature has been the defining inspiration for Oriflame for more than 40 years since it’s foundation in Sweden; where the spectacular, unspoilt beauty of Swedish nature is a distinctive hallmark of our cosmetics.
At Oriflame we love beauty products and we love creating them for you, which is why we take great care and attention to select the highest quality ingredients to use in our products.
All ingredients go through a rigorous selection process where they are carefully assessed to ensure they are safe, of the highest standard and purity, and meet the requirements of major international regulations.

The ingredients are only sourced from well established manufacturers and it’s very important to us that we only use manufacturers who comply with the Oriflame standards and policies and the ingredients meet all of our
specifications. When working with raw materials, we always ensure that their origin, purity, compliance and manufacture are assessed by our team of fully qualified experts.

Below are examples of how we ensure we select the right ingredients to create products that you’ll love as much we do:

Plant Origin
At Oriflame we respect nature and strive to find and use natural plant ingredients that have a long history of safe use. Most Oriflame “active” ingredients are of plant origin.

Animal Friendly
We never use ingredients derived from dead animals or any which cause harm or suffering to animals.

No materials containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) or their derivatives are used.

Where we use organic extracts, we ensure they are certified for organic production in accordance with the relevant national or regional official certification body.

Environmentally aware
We strive to select ingredients that have minimal impact on the environment and are renewable - and we never use ingredients derived from sensitive eco-systems or plant species

Think Oriflame, Think Quality

Nature has been the defining inspiration for Oriflame for more than 40 years since it’s foundation in Sweden; where the spectacular, unspoilt beauty of Swedish nature is a distinctive hallmark of our cosmetics.
Oriflame has a global quality standard for all 62 countries – which means that wherever the product is manufactured or sold, the same quality standard applies. We assure product quality through the way we develop our products, the ingredients we select and the way we manufacture our products.

Our manufacturing plants and suppliers are continuously audited to ensure high standards with only approved suppliers for the production of Oriflame products. Hygiene is of the utmost importance to Oriflame with all surfaces in plants being regularly tested for microbiological analysis. Only highly purified water is used in the production of all our water-containing products and even the air is specially filtered, reducing the level of pollutants and micro organisms in the incoming air, which makes sure the air inside is cleaner than outside!

Consumer safety is a priority for Oriflame, all of our ingredients and products are assessed inline with international regulatory and industry standards as well as our own strict safety standards. Safety testing is carried out under the supervision of qualified medical personnel, on consenting healthy adult volunteers (over 18 years).

It has always been our philosophy not to test our cosmetic products or ingredients on animals. Furthermore, we do not source ingredients from dead animals or sourced while causing harm to animals. Our customers can always be confident that all Oriflame products have a guarantee that they have passed the highest quality, safety and ethical standards.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

World Childhood Foundation

Every child has a right to a childhood, to security, joy, playfulness and curiosity about life. Every child has a right to grow up and develop socially and intellectually. But many children are devoid of these, their most fundamental rights.
That's why Oriflame co-founded the World Childhood Foundation. Through them we reach out to the world's most vulnerable children: street children, sexually abused children and children in institutions. Together, we promote projects for girls and young mothers - since few others do.
Oriflame supports the World Childhood Foundation in many ways. Apart from the co-founder contribution, we also sponsor a variety of Childhood’s project in the markets where we are active. Currently Oriflame gives extra support to projects benefiting children in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Poland. By choosing Oriflame, you make a difference – and you make it possible for us to contribute even more.

Learn more about projects run by the World Childhood Foundation at their website.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Making beauty wishes come true

Nature has been the defining inspiration for Oriflame for more than 40 years since it’s foundation in Sweden; where the spectacular, unspoilt beauty of Swedish nature is a distinctive hallmark of our cosmetics.
Here at Oriflame we’re very proud to be one of the world’s fastest growing cosmetic companies – we are present in 62 countries around the world and are continuously expanding our diverse range of high quality Swedish beauty products that cater for every need …there really is something for everyone at Oriflame.
Our catalogues offer women a few moments of pure beauty bliss – every turn of the page reveals an array of alluring products, from skincare and haircare to make-up and fragrance. These are carefully designed to cater for every possible taste. So if you have a particular beauty need or desire, Oriflame is guaranteed to have the answer.

For the optimum skin care regime that suits your skin type and fits in to your lifestyle, our product selection – including smooth-textured creams such as the Royal Velvet rich day cream – is tailored to give you the finest results.

Our diverse range of products even includes accessories – and we’re talking about every kind of accessory you could think off… from clutch bags to scarves and jewelry to mirrors, Oriflame offers it all. There is even a range of accessories for your home including candles and home scents, after all a beautiful person deserves a beautiful home!

And if you think beauty is only for women, think again – Oriflame has a range of products designed specifically for the modern man, from aftershaves to skincare. So when flicking through our catalogues for your next beauty treat, why not pick up a little something for your man too?

Although we love all of our existing Oriflame products, we’re not stopping here – every day we are in the process of creating more. In fact, on average we introduce 900 new products each year, so keep your eyes peeled for new goodies hitting your catalogue soon.

If you have a beauty wish, let Oriflame make it come true for you

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Where Science meets Beauty

Did you know it can take our scientists up to five years to develop your favourite skin cream? Our cosmetic products are the result of years of development and testing to ensure they live up to the quality that you expect. Our new Skin Research Institute in Stockholm is where we develop some of the unique technologies you’ll find in some of your favourite products.

Opened in June 2009, our state of the art Skin Research Institute is home our scientists dedicated to conducting groundbreaking and innovative research on human skin physiology and new active ingredients. Research projects at the Skin Research Institute nclude four specialist areas of activity:
New Ingredients: Natural and active plant ingredients are extracted and analysed to discover new innovative ingredients and technologies that deliver better results in our products.
Skin Biology: Skin cells are grown and studied in a specialised laboratory, so that the biological effects of natural extracts on the skin can be studied.
Skin Delivery: Our specialists assess how the active ingredients penetrate the skin to confirm and control their skin bioavailability.
Bio-Analytics: The effects and benefits of our products with the active ingredients are tested and validated on human skin.

The groundbreaking findings from this research are then applied and tested for up to two years at our Product Development Centre in Dublin, so that our new products not only rival those of our competitors but also can lead the industry.

Whilst the research and development stages are left to our experts, we want to share our understanding of the high quality and standards of our products. It’s through our passion for science and beauty, and our experts, that we are able to develop innovative, patented, safe and effective ingredients that you will find in your favourite Oriflame products.

Why Join Oriflame?

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