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Sunday, 31 March 2013

About Network Marketing

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a business concept which allows the parent multi level marketing company to market and distribute their products, or/and service, directly to the consumer by direct selling and relationship referral.
According to the WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations), direct selling is defined,  as the face-to-face marketing of products and services directly to consumers in a non permanent, retail location.
Independent, unsalaried sales Consultants represent the company and make commission based on the volume of sales. The sales consultants often build their own organisation by recruiting a downline of other independent distributors who do the same; as a result the entire organisation expands..
As a consultant you earn commission not only based on your own sales, but also on the entire sales of your downline group. The amount of rewards paid out is decided according to the company's compensation plan.

How to tell the difference between a legitimate business and a disguised pyramid scheme

Pyramid schemes seek to make money from you, however multilevel marketing companies seek to make money with you as you build your business. Before you sign up with a company, investigate carefully and ask yourself these three queations:
1. Do you risk financial loss by being involved with this company?
If the answer to this question is yes, we say “be careful.” It may be legitimate but most direct sales firms do not require any substantial investment or risk of financial loss.
2. Is the money you are going to earn primarily coming from the sale of the products or services to the ultimate consumer of those products or service?
If the answer to this question is no, and money earned is coming from some other source (e.g. recruiting or headhunting fees, inventory loading, sale of sales kits and sales aids), you then have an illegal pyramid scheme and we advise people to stay away. It is that simple.

Please note that we include in our definitions the sales to salespeople for their personal or family consumption as sales to the ultimate consumer. There is nothing unethical or illegal in compensation based on personal or family consumption, so long as the amount purchased for such personal and family consumption is reasonable and the products are reasonably priced.
3. Would you buy the company’s product if you were not a member of the sales organisation?
If the answer to that is no, you would not buy it, then why would you want to sell for a company whose product you do not think worthy of purchasing, whether for your own or family’s or friends’ usage.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Progressive - what it means for Oriflame


Nature has been the defining inspiration for Oriflame for more than 40 years since it’s foundation in Sweden; where the spectacular, unspoilt beauty of Swedish nature is a distinctive hallmark of our cosmetics.

With more than 40 years experience, over 100 scientists and state of the art R&D facilities, you can see why at Oriflame we have the experience and expertise to be so progressive.We’re constantly searching for better solutions and technologies in order to create innovative products that are consistently on-trend and meeting Consumer needs.
The research process starts with identifying “consumer insights”, meaning we need to gain a deep understanding of our target consumer’s attitudes and beliefs in order to create products that can change behaviour. Therefore, we are constantly analysing the latest beauty and cosmetic trends and communicating directly with consumers through our advanced market research techniques.

An Oriflame product’s life begins at our Skin Research Institute, where sophisticated science is used to create unique and sometimes patented technologies that give us the leading edge on our competitors. These new technologies are then passed on to the scientists in our Product Development Centre in Dublin, whose role it is to create a cosmetic formula that fits within an existing Oriflame brand or has the potential to start a new one, bring it to manufacture and enable its sales. Most importantly though their role is to create a product that you will love and enjoy using.
At Oriderm, our in house testing facility, high tech equipment is used to measure the performance of the products directly on the skin of volunteers.This allows us to see real results on real skin and provides you with the confidence what the claims you read in the catalogue really are true. Using the best of science is obviously extremely important to the creation of our products, but we also strive to apply the highest quality and ethical standards to everything we do – that’s our Swedish nature for you!

Why Join Oriflame?

High Quality Affordable Products
- Established 40 Years and Trusted
- Opportunity Open to All
- Fabulous Incentives + Recognition
- No-Obligation once Joined
- Fun + Home Based Way to Earn

How to Make Money

- Sell Products via Catalogue - Hold Beauty Demonstrations - Hold Opportunity Presentations - Build a Team of Consultants - Earn Commission

Personal Development

As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!